Cross Stitch Journal and Tracking Worksheets

Hello, friends! I’ve recently been looking into finding free cross stitching journal printables online. Alas, there really wasn’t anything out there that I found useful to me. So I spent a lot of time this past weekend creating worksheets in Excel. I thought I’d share them here, since perhaps there are some other people out there like me that would like to find free printables!

Stitch ALL The Things | Free Cross Stitch Tracking Worksheets

Before I get to the worksheets I created, I wanted to note that if you want to track your progress and inventories digitally, there are two products I would recommend for that. First is the XStitch app. You can find it for IOS and Android phones, but I think the cost is either $1.99 or $2.99 for the app. It comes preloaded with thousands of chart designers and fabric manufacturers, but you need to input the charts and fabrics manually. The flosses are all preloaded and you simply note the amount of each floss you have. The only downside is that you have to purchase photo credits if you want to include photos in the Charts section, but the workaround to that issue is to put all of your chart inventory in the Journal. The Journal section uses photos stored on your device. I put everything in the journal section, and nothing in the charts.

The second product I would recommend is the new Stitchingly website. This website tracks EVERYTHING. It will track the progress on your project and give you the percentage finished. It includes data for 2018 SALs, flosses, fabrics, just…everything. The website is free too! I’m a paper and pen kind of gal, so while I signed up for it I’m not sure how much I will stick with digital tracking.

Now, onto the worksheets… I am keeping these worksheets as an Excel document. This way you can customize each sheet with the colors and items that best suit your needs.

**NOTE: Pages Updated as of 5-10-19 to exclude any dates**

You can download the worksheet excel worksheet here: Cross Stitch Tracking Worksheets

or download and save it from Google Drive HERE.

If you prefer to have a PDF copy, you can download that here: Cross Stitch Tracking Worksheets

Here are screenshots of the documents included:

When I set up my journal, I made tabbed sections for each of the tracking sheets. I also made monthly tabs and for each month I printed out a monthly calendar (free printable can be found HERE). On the back side of the calendar I printed the Monthly Stitching Plan sheet. Then I printed out a Monthly WIP tracking sheet for each month, making sure to edit the page to have the month I was working on and correct amount of days. The calendar website also has a free weekly printable, so you could print out weekly sheets to go with your journal if you’d like.

I hope these sheets are helpful to you! Happy stitching!