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To-Do Tuesday 5-14-19 | Summer’s Quickly Coming

Hello, and Happy Tuesday, friends! Last week ended up being quite busy. I made some bags, helped Callie get ready for Prom, and then enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day with her and the Mister. Last week I also did more work on Cardinal Points Sampler. I finished Page 3 and adjusted the piece on my… Continue reading To-Do Tuesday 5-14-19 | Summer’s Quickly Coming

To-Do Tuesday

To-Do Tuesday 12-25-18 | Merry Christmas!

Hello, and Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate the holiday! I apologize for not posting last week. It wasn't until THURSDAY that I realized I had completely forgotten all about To-Do Tuesday! I guess the holidays will do that to you! The last post I put up also had the new Inlinkz… Continue reading To-Do Tuesday 12-25-18 | Merry Christmas!

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To-Do Tuesday 4-17-18 | Brimfield Block Love

Hello, and happy Tuesday, friends! I got SO MUCH work done this past week! I feel 1,000 pounds lighter! I finished all of the project bags on Thursday and had them posted on Friday morning. They sold so fast my head was spinning! I was able to get invoices sent on Friday morning and start… Continue reading To-Do Tuesday 4-17-18 | Brimfield Block Love

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To-Do Tuesday 8-1-17 | July Summary

Happy Tuesday, friends! I am writing this post on Friday since we will be very busy on Sunday and Monday preparing to head back to Arizona. We actually stayed a week later here than we usually do, since the kids are older now and school shopping isn't as big of a production as it used… Continue reading To-Do Tuesday 8-1-17 | July Summary

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To-Do Tuesday 11-8-16 | Stitchy Goodness

This week was an odd one. My bad headache turned out to be some strange illness that's going around. I ended up having dull headaches all week and would get worn out and clammy with the slightest activity. I sort of felt like I was on the tail end of having the flu. So weird.… Continue reading To-Do Tuesday 11-8-16 | Stitchy Goodness

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Finished Friday | The Alpine Quilt

I am so very excited to share this week's finishes. I have more than just a quilt to share this week too. Not only am I excited for the finishes, I am so jazzed that my friend, Sarah, of Georgia Girl Quilts is hosting Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday this week. Sarah's quilts are amazing… Continue reading Finished Friday | The Alpine Quilt