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If you’re looking for the Featherweight/301 Bayonet-Base LED, click HERE instead.

This is Brad and I’ve hijacked another page on my wife’s blog. I convinced  a manufacturer to make an LED bulb to fit my wife’s Brother PQ1500S and her Brother XL-3750.  As it turns out, these two Brother machines use a pretty standard home machine screw-based bulb (110 Volt, 15 Watts, 7/16″ screw), so the replacement LED (2.6 watts) will also fit many more machines as well!

*********************** 10/15/2017 Update**************************************

Just a little note that the earlier 64 LED bulbs have all been replaced by 72 LED bulbs.  They are brighter and cooler as they use “4014” LED chips instead of the original “3014” chips.  The manufacturer charges a little more, but I have NOT increased the price to you, however. 

Please be sure to let me know in your comments whether you need the 7/16″ screw base or the 5/8″ screw base.  Usually, if you mention your machine’s model, I will know.  The exception is the Singer 99 series.  Some use the 5/8″ screw base and some use the Featherweight-type bayonet base. 


Here is a comparison of the light readings.  1190 vs 1590 Lux, and more of a true color for your fabric with the cool white LED.

I was searching for a bulb to fit the Brother PQ1500S, but if your sewing machine takes a 110V/15W 7/16″ screw-base bulb, this LED may fit your machine also.  The important thing to note is that the LED is about 2″ long, which is a scant 1/4″ LONGER than the incandescent bulb that originally came with the Brother machines (it is almost 1-3/4″ long).  So you will have to check to make sure your specific machine has that extra 1/4″ clearance to accommodate the longer LED bulb.

If you’d like to see the bulb compatibility list that is based on the screw-base,  CLICK HERE.

I am able to sell these bulbs at the same price as the Featherweight bulbs!   The bulbs are $10 each or 2 for $18, including free shipping in the US.  Any additional bulbs are just $8 each. There are also a few older machines, like the Singer 99K, that could be ordered with a light socket that takes a larger 5/8″ screw base.  I also have those available at the same price.  Please email me for availability if you need one (

Payment is accepted via PayPal only.

If you wish to order, please use the contact form below to send a request.  Simply enter your name, your PayPal email, your ZIP Code, and choose how many bulbs you would like.  If more than 4, please note in the comment form the total number of bulbs you would like to order. You may also use the comment form if you have questions before ordering.

Communication is very important to me, and when you fill out the form requesting bulb(s) I will respond (from OR and confirm your order.  Payment will be requested via PayPal only when your LED order is in hand, has been tested, and ready for me to ship to you.

PLEASE BE SURE YOU DON’T Have some sort of spam filter on that prevents you from receiving emails from  I have a couple of recent orders where my emails just bounce back when I try to respond.  That leaves you wondering if I didn’t get your order, and it leaves me unable to contact you.  For example, “” apparently uses spam filters to reject all my emails.

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25 thoughts on “Screw Base LED

  1. When will bulbs be available for other machines? I have a Husqvarna 500 and a Singer Slant-o-Matic 500 (plus other machines not listed)

    1. Hi Margaret: It is my understanding that the Husqvarna 500 (and a lot of other models) take a very small push-in 12 volt bulb, like this:
      12 Volt Push In Bulb
      I think it would be very hard for the manufacturer to get all of the required electronics inside such a small bulb, and still have room for many LED chips. Since it is a 12 volt bulb, I would suggest you might go to an Auto Supply store and see if they have a bulb to your liking.

      But for the Singers, they use a push-and-twist bulb. The other LED link HERE will take you to the page where the “push-in” LEDs are available. They fit most of the vintage singers, including Singer 15-91, 66-16, 99K, 201, 221, 222, 301, 401, 401A, 403, 403A, 404, 500, 503, 503A. It likely fits many more, but I don’t have all of them to test the fit.

  2. I have singer 185 and that light bulb is burning hot. it is a screw in with a socket bigger than a candelabra but smaller than a regular light bulb. I think it’s called and intermediate base.But, it is a cone shaped, rather deep holder

    1. Hi Regena! Your Singer 185 takes a 5/8″ screw base. I know some 99Ks also take that, but it seems to be pretty rarely used in sewing machines. As a funny side note, my Whirlpool Range hood takes the same bulb! You are in luck in that I always do keep a few of them on hand, AND they are the same price as most of the other bulbs. The easiest way to order it is to use the screw-base order form, and then note in the comment section that you need a 5/8″ screw bulb instead of the smaller 7/16″ bulb.

  3. The bulbs I ordered arrived yesterday. I installed one in my Husky 1717 (Good luck finding that machine online), that got WAY too hot with the incandescent bulb. These LED bulbs work like a charm: bright and cool to the touch. I promptly called the other two people I know who sew and told them to hop on the LED bandwagon next time they have a bulb burn out.

    -Joseph A.

    1. That’s great! Thank you for letting us know about that machine, Brad will add it to the list. We are so happy these worked out for you. We also appreciate you spreading the word!

      Brad & Christine

  4. Let me know if and when a similar bulb might be available for my Janome 11000. I had to have the lights replaced at $100.00 – wayyyyyyyyyyy to much for light bulbs!

    1. We sure agree with you, Ann! I downloaded the Janome 11000 manual and on page 102 they rather definitively state: “This machine equipped with LED sewing light, which
      will not burn out and does not need to be replaced.” Clearly, they must be wrong! I suspect that Janome has some proprietary light bulb in the machine (there is no picture of it in the manual). Our Juki has a similar internal LED. I’m sorry, but it isn’t likely we would be able to find a replacement light (unless you had the old light and I could send it to the manufacturer to see if they could duplicate it.)
      I think I would complain to Janome that their manual (advertizing) is incorrect. Normally, LED lights have an expected lifespan of 50,000 hours plus, which Janome apparently considers “will not burn out”. So if you had to replace yours, I would encourage you to discuss the matter with them and have them make you a happy customer. 50,000 hours of sewing is equivalent to 8 hours a day, 365 days a year, for over 17 years. It really seems that you had a manufacturer’s defect and they really should take care of you. $100 one way or the other can either make for a lot of good will or a lot of hard feelings!!!

  5. I just received my LED bulb today installed it immediately in my Babylock BLCS-2 cover stitch machine. It is wonderful!!! I love the clear pure color and the perfect brightness of the LED bulb. I feel like I have a new machine even though it is about 8 months old. Thank you so much for making this light bulb available to us and your quick service was excellent!

    1. Thanks for letting us know you received the LED, Yvonne! USPS must have been very quick! We really enjoy getting these lights out to folks to help get cooler yet brighter light on machines! They really are amazing…and we’re so glad you are happy!!!!

  6. I received my order today, the bulb was perfect for the Singer 99K. It screwed right in without having buy an adapter. You are the best the price is great and you ship it right out without it costing an arm and leg much better than other sites. I’ll have to keep buying the wife more machines so I can order more bulbs
    Thank You

    1. We’re so glad you are happy!
      I’m working on a couple of new bulbs for the 6 volt Bernina models, as well as a 12 volt for a particular Pfaff (both are 9mm Bayonet bases with a single terminal on the bottom). I’d really like to be able to get an LED identified for the Juki TL-98E. The incandescent bulbs for the Juki are generally $20! Way too high!!!
      Hope you can find more sewing machines for your wife (LOL), and I haven’t forgotten about your request for a warm-white 5/8″ screw base. I expect to have that in about 14 days for you!

  7. Was very hopeful when I found this website, but now my hopes are dashed! No LED replacement for the Pfaff 130. It’s a workhorse but the barrel shaped bulb holder gets very HOT! Any hope for this bulb to be added in the future?

    1. Hi Gail:
      Undash your hopes! I had a person buy a bulb for a Pfaff 130 a few weeks ago. They told me it took a 5/8″ screw base. Although this page is for the more common 7/16″ screw bulbs, we DO have the 5/8″ screw base bulbs in stock at the same price. Since we don’t have a Pfaff 130 to see for ourselves, please just take your old bulb out and verify the size. If it is a 5/8″, you can use the order form on this page and just note in the comments that you need the 5/8″ screw!

  8. Have an older kenmore (sears) serger with bayonnet bulb, and an 25+ yr old Elna Serger with screw in bulb…… would your bulbs fit these older sergers?

    1. Hi Lee-Ann:
      From what I can learn online, the Pfaff 130 does NOT take either of the two screw-base bulbs (the 5/8″ or the 7/16″). It appears to need the bayonet-base “push-in-and-twist” bulb, same as the Singer Featherweights. We do have them in stock and ready to send, if you’d like to place an order. Recently we have changed from the 64LED bulb to a brighter 72LED bulb…but the price did not go up…still $10/1 and $8 for additional in the same order, just like the two screw-base bulbs. Thanks for your interest!!!

    1. Hi again, Lee-Ann. So, if you have the 14mm European base, does that mean your machine is 220-240 volts? We do have folks in the US who use voltage converters for European machines they have imported, and their light bulb (like the motor) needs the higher voltage bulb. The Brother PQ1500S machines sold in Europe and “Down Under” also use that 14mm screw base instead of the 12mm screw base used in the US machines, so I am familiar with this base. I actually have one bulb in stock, in 220 volts. If you are in the US, I can send it to you and the price is the same as most other bulbs, $10. We no longer ship internationally, as the postage has gotten prohibitive, so I haven’t kept a large stock of these onhand. Just let us know if this is what you need!
      If you are outside the US, sometimes I can arrange direct shipment from the manufacturer, but that usually takes 2-3 weeks. Alternately, if you have friend in the US who routinely post things to you, I could send them the bulb to include and they could forward it to you. I have done that a few times as well!

  9. its a 120v. I bought one, not the same you have, for my singer 301 from someone else a while ago and just got around to putting it in my machine. i am really disappointed because the light it casts is yellow and white stripes and i cant use it. Is this common?

    1. Hi Lee-ann: I don’t know of anyone who manufactures a 14mm screw base in 120 volts, only 220-240 volts. For 120 voltage, we have 12mm and 15mm screw bases (7/16″ and 5/8″), and then the 15mm Bayonet-base bulbs like your 301 takes. Bulbs do have “color temperature” that can vary from warm white (yellowish and about 2600K) to cool white (pure white and about 6000K). We sell mostly cool white, but every now and then someone asks for warm white so we keep a few on hand. It is much cooler to the touch than the original incandescent, but they don’t give off much more light. Sounds like you may have gotten a warm white. The “striping” you note can come from low voltage, or just a smaller number of LEDs in the chips so that you can actually see what is usually 8 rows of lights. Everyone’s eyes are different, but a decent light bulb with 64+ LED chips should not cause striping unless you stare directly at the bulb.

    1. Hi Sue: We only carry the 110 and 220 volt bulbs (usually fit the earlier Berninas, like a 930), but I have had Bernina customers before and one nice lady found bulbs at this online dealer. It is my understanding that you need a 6 volt bulb for your 1230. Here is a link. Be sure you choose the “Cool 6500K” white option, and then select the “6V AC/DC”. When you do that, the “32 degree” choice will be automatically selected for you. Anyway, the lady that found these was quite happy with them. I’m happy to pass along her finding!

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