Quilts 2012 – 2013

* * * 2013 Quilts * * *

Broken Herringbone

Broken Herringbone Quilt.  I haven’t officially named this quilt yet.  It’s for Mister, and it’s jewel-toned, but “Mister’s Jewel’s” just isn’t quite appropriate, knowwhatimean (jellybean)?  Way fun quilt to make. Click HERE for the blog post.

Kim's Quilt Front
Kim’s Quilt Front
Back of Kim's Quilt/The Sugar Block Club
Back of Kim’s Quilt/The Sugar Block Club

2013 Sugar Block Club quilt. Given to granddaughter, Kim, as a Christmas gift. Quilting was straight lines, 4″ apart both horizontally and vertically. Blog post HERE.

Ashley's Quilt - The Skillbuilder BOM
Ashley’s Quilt – The Skillbuilder BOM
Back of Ashley's Quilt/The Skillbuilder BOM
Back of Ashley’s Quilt/The Skillbuilder BOM

2013 Skill Builder BOM quilt. Given to granddaughter, Ashley, as a Christmas gift. Each block was quilted as they were completed.  The blocks were assembled with a binding method posted on the Pile O’ Fabric blog. Blog post HERE.

Jill's Quilt - Among The Stars
Jill’s Quilt – Among The Stars
Jill's Quilt Back/Among The Stars quilt
Jill’s Quilt Back/Among The Stars quilt

Among The Stars BOM quilt.  Given to Mister’s Daughter-in-law, Jill, as a Christmas gift. I free motion quilted this in a meander pattern.  It was my second quilt doing this.  The green border was quilted in a simple back & forth pattern in a matching thread and the red border was a meander in red thread. Blog post HERE.

9-Patch Quilt for Brian
The Secret Garden 9-Patch Quilt for Brian
Brian Quilt Back
Brian Quilt Back

The Secret Garden quilt. Given to Mister’s son, Brian, as a Christmas gift. This was my very first time free motion quilting an entire (and big, for me!) quilt.  I just did a basic meander with green Aurifil thread. Blog post HERE.

* * * 2012 Quilts * * *

First Quilt
First Quilt

My very first quilt.  So I named it “First Quilt”.  Totally original, right?!

I made this with the MSQC tutorial Double Slice Layer Cake.  I used a Heart Of A Nation by Windham Fabrics layer cake.  Backing was muslin, and quilting was Stitch-in-the-Ditch.  Completed May 9, 2012.

Major lesson learned with this quilt: Square up the freakin’ blocks!!

Martha's Rose
Martha’s Rose

Martha’s Rose. This is the second quilt I made and it was for Mister’s mother’s 92nd birthday in July of 2012.  A standard Square-in-a-Square (perfect for my second quilt, no?).  Made using an American Banner Rose by Minick & Simpson for Moda layer cake. Quilting was 1/4″ echo of the seams lines on both sides. Completed July 9th, 2012.  

Christmas Joy
Christmas Joy

Christmas Joy.  This third quilt was made as a 2012 Christmas present for the Mister’s sister and her husband.  Had fun making pinwheels!  This was made out of Kate Spain’s line, “Joy”. I did a wide crosshatch quilting on this. Completed November 30, 3012

4 thoughts on “Quilts 2012 – 2013

  1. Had to laugh at the “lesson learned” comment re: your first quilt. I too learned that lesson making my first quilt last year…..an”X’s” and “O’s” design…needless to say some of my points were off. I have since pieced a quilt with chevron stripes with perfectly matched points. Lesson learned. ;-D


    1. Ah, yes! That particular block I sewed leaves you with no seams to match when you sew them together and it wasn’t until I started sewing the rows to each other that I realized my mistake. Too funny (but not then!). I’ve not tried a Chevron quilt yet… Nicely done!


  2. I just love the Heart of a Nation fabrics and made my DS2 a quilt a few years ago. I also bought the fabric from the Missouri Star quilt co. I’m trying to find another layer cake to make a quilt for my friend and that’s how I found your quilt. It’s lovely and it’s great to see how somebody else has used the fabric.


    1. These fabrics are really beautiful! I hope you can find another layer cake. It’s amazing to me how difficult it can be to find fabric sometimes. My husband still loves this quilt the best too… He is an Eagle and so the eagles in the fabric and the colors really appeal to him. I’ll always love it because it was my first quilt fabric purchase and my first quilt… So many mistakes in it, but so much learned at the same time!

      I wish you luck with your search!


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