The Petrillo Bag and Greenbacks Wallet #2

Petrillo Bag and Greenbacks #2 Wallet

Petrillo Bag and Greenbacks #2 Wallet

I’ve been so excited to make one of Sara Lawson’s (Sew Sweetness) patterns.  I have several of her patterns (plus her new book!), and finally had the opportunity to get one sewn up this past week.  Mister’s granddaughter celebrated her 18th birthday, so I figured The Petrillo Bag and a matching wallet would be nice (with some cash in the wallet of course… you can’t give someone an empty wallet, that totally sucks!).

Let me just start by saying that Sara’s patterns are AWESOME-SAUCE.  Having said that, it’s important to note that I can’t seem to help deciding to do a brand new pattern mere days before a gift is due.  Somehow the “Hey, why don’t you do a trial run and see if this will work out ok” thought process doesn’t make it through my head.  So, with five days before the birthday (which is A LOT of time, given my history) I started the bag.  Then promptly lost two days of sewing time because of kidlet errands.  *sigh*  It’s always the way, no?!  Anyway, I managed to squeeze an hour or two within those two days to get the fabrics ironed, starched, cut, and interfacings fused on.  Thank. Goodness.

Greenbacks Wallet #2

Greenbacks Wallet #2

Despite thinking I was going to have to nix making the wallet due to the lost time, Sara’s patterns come together so nicely, and her instructions are so clear, that I ended up finishing both the bag and the wallet the day before the birthday… which happened to be on Thanksgiving Day.  And then I promptly fell in love with them both.  Naturally.  Of course when I think of Sara’s patterns, I automatically think of Tula Pink fabric.  They just go together so perfectly!  I used some of my Acacia stash and was so proud until I stood back and really looked at the bag and wallet.  From the perspective of an 18 year old.  I also had added Polka-dots.  Yes, I did.  And what I found to be adorable I realized an 18-year-old who has no idea about Tula Pink fabric might think her step-gramma had gone a little goofy.  And I was glad that I stashed some cash in the wallet.  You know what I mean? (Although, frankly, I think everyone should fall in love with Tula Pink fabric, because it’s made of Awesome-Sauce too!)

Inside of Greenbacks Wallet #2

Inside of Greenbacks Wallet #2

I guess I needn’t have worried.  I got to see Mister’s granddaughter last night.  She asked me if I actually made the bag.  She said it didn’t look like a handmade bag (despite the awesome “handmade” hardware I bought from Emmaline Bags and placed on the bag front).  She thought I made the wallet, and since the fabrics all matched, she still wasn’t sure if I bought the bag or not.  BEST. COMPLIMENT. EVER.  Also, she thought the Raccoons were Foxes.  And I was told that made her smile because, “What does the fox say?”  (I have no idea.  Apparently I have to google some Danish band to find out.)

LOVE! Emmaline Bags "handmade" Hardware

LOVE! Emmaline Bags “handmade” Hardware

During the process of making the bag, I discovered that Sew Mama Sew is having a Sew Sweetness Bag contest!  And, since I made the bag within the time frame I’m linking up over there.  You should go check out the other bags entered… WOW!!!  

The Petrillo Bag Front

The Petrillo Bag Front


The Petrillo Bag Back

The Petrillo Bag Back

Inside.  The padded pocket is on the opposite side of the zippered side.

Inside. The padded pocket is on the opposite side of the zippered side.

Do you like to sew bags?

 Have you made a Sew Sweetness Pattern?

Modern Quilt Guild Member Spotlight

I'm a Member!

If you’re stopping by from The Modern Quilt Guild… Welcome!!

I just started this blog a little over a week ago, made one post and promptly became so busy I haven’t had time to write another.  I sorta had to make time for it today because out of the blue I noticed I had a ton of new Instagram followers and then I started getting FB friend requests.  And that’s when I checked my email and noticed that my Member Spotlight was posted over on The MQG website.  How awesome is that?!

Anyway, I’m super glad you stopped by!  I’m sorry there aren’t more posts here yet, but I’ve really been focused on finished up some sewing projects for Christmas.  I’ve been thinking about squeezing in a quick post since I started the blog last week, but just couldn’t find the time or energy.  If you read my first post, you probably won’t be surprised to find that in the middle of sewing all of my Christmas gifts I ended up starting another project for Mister’s granddaughter’s birthday (on Thanksgiving!). Since she hasn’t received it yet, I’m not able to post pictures.  Now that her present is done, I’ve got some time to write up the post and it should be on the website on Friday!

I’ve totally enjoyed The MQG community.  What an honor to be featured, and to be encouraged inspired by so many of the members there.

Are you a member of The MQG?  

Do you enjoy Modern Quilting, Traditional Quilting or a little bit of both?  

A New Blog. I Has One!

**Disclaimer: I should note that I just typed the above title while wearing my “I am silently correcting your grammar” t-shirt.  And, I totally corrected my grammar.  Inside my head.  And I left the cutesy title.  I am still leaving the cutesy title.  In fact, I am telling myself repeatedly to forget all about the cutesy, bad grammar title.**

It took me TWO DAYS using Gimp to create this image that a child could draw better with broken crayons!

Hey!  I have a new sewing blog.  This is it (obviously, since you’re here).  I know what you’re thinking.  Something along the lines of, “Oh, NO!! I’m totally gonna miss you spamming my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr feeds all at once as you post progress on your sewing stuff that I don’t give a crap about.”

I know, it’s totally gonna depress you that I decided to put all of my sewing projects in one central place where I can talk at length (or not) about them.  But, not to worry!  I will most likely still spam all of your feeds at once AND write a blog post about it too.  BONUS!!!

I’m pretty bad about starting several projects, or getting supplies to start several projects, right in the middle of a current project.  So, while in the middle of trying to finish the very last two blocks of the Skillbuilder BOM, I decided to set up this blog…  Because I saw a post where a talented sewing blogger I follow (sweetest person ever!) had a coupon code for getting some sewing labels printed.  And I have been thinking about getting sewing labels for a while.  But… I couldn’t order the sewing labels without a “store name”.  While this blog is certainly not a store, I did need a name.  And all the awesome names were taken.  Particularly “Red’s Threads”.  So, after some consultation with a group of punny friends (seriously… this group of people come up with the BEST puns ever), I decided on Red’s Needles & Threads.  Because I’m always using a needle of some sort (machine or hand sewing!) and I’m covered in threads.  Like, out-to-dinner or to-the-grocery-store covered in threads. All. The. Time.  So, the name fits. Also, you notice the sewing ADD issue that led to the blogs creation?  Yeah, my posts will probably be random like that.  Forewarned is, well… probably fore-annoyed in this case.

(I also just now realized I haven’t ordered the sewing labels yet.  I also like to use the ellipses… A lot…  Forewarned and all…)

I’ll be adding some posts in the next few weeks to highlight some of my past projects.  I’ve linked up pictures of them under the Completed Projects! page tab.

Do you like to sew? What are you working on?  

Do you have a blog?  I’d love it if you would leave a post sharing the link with me!