Vintage Quilt Revival: Week 2 Blocks

Finally got my blocks done this week for the Vintage Quilt Revival.  I got them finished just under the wire! Whew!

I worked on a quilting plan for my challenge project this week and got the quilt top marked up for it.  I decided to finish my VQR blocks today, rather than starting the quilting on the challenge quilt and getting behind on these blocks.

Classic Mosaic block

Classic Mosaic block

These blocks are lot of fun to make.  I am loving the Modern Solids 2 fabrics, and especially using the grey in the blocks. My husband even says, “Oh… That’s a nice one!” with every single block I make.  

Window Pane block

Window Pane block

Really enjoying this block-along, and glad I’m able to keep up with the two-blocks-per-week pace!

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Vintage Quilt Revival Block Along

Sunday Stash #3: I’m a Winner!

I have had quite an exciting two weeks.  I didn’t realize that Alyssa Lichner of Pile O’ Fabric was doing a drawing for all of the finished Skillbuilder quilts from last year’s Skillbuilder BOM.  I was reading emails, got an email notification of a new blog post over at Pile O’ Fabric and clicked over to read the post. Imagine my surprise when I got to the bottom of the post and saw that I had won a giveaway for linking up my finished quilt!  I sent my address to her and within two days had my prize.  A beautiful Roll-Up of the Kona Summer colors.

WM Winning jelly roll

Thank you, Alyssa.  For the free class last year, for the amount of detail and the hard work you put into your classes, for being available and responding to questions, and for the wonderful prize!

I also won the drawing for submitting my Double Z block in the Vintage Quilt Revival block along that Sukie is hosting. To think I almost put off doing those blocks! All this winning is wonderful craziness!  The prize was two-fold.  First, I received a gorgeous aqua/coral/green bundle of 12 FQ’s (AMAZINGLY GENEROUS!!) from The Intrepid Thread.  Julie’s online shop is my absolute favorite on the internet.  In fact, about 99% of my fabric is purchased online (the quilt shops around here just love batiks and not modern fabric…ugh).  What I love about Julie’s shop (besides Julie’s fantastic customer service, her awesome prices, the frequent sales) is that every package includes a handwritten note from Julie or one of the girls in the shop.  Also included with every package are two charm sized pieces of fabric.  Plus, it’s all wrapped up in tissue and tied with fabric.  Thank you so much for this bundle, Julie. It is so gorgeous!!

A Gorgeous Bundle From The Intrepid Thread

A Gorgeous Bundle From The Intrepid Thread

The second part of the prize was from Interweave, and was a Pay-It-Forward prize.  Since we are required to have the book to participate in the Vintage Quilt Revival block along, Interweave offered an additional copy of the book to be sent to a family member or friend.  I have a good friend here in town who has been quilting and she loves sewing and quilting books like I do.  So I know she’ll be happy with this book!

Big thanks again to Alyssa at Pile O’Fabric.  Also to Sukie of Sukie — Don’t you know who I am?, Julie of The Intrepid Thread, and Interweave. You are all so generous!

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The Modern InstaBee 2014

Quite an amazing thing has happened on Instagram the last few days.  IG users @brazenlisa @lisaquiltslikeaboss & @jessicaquilter decided to start a Modern Bee on Instagram and it exploded!  Within a few days’ time they have managed to organize 10 Hives with 12 quilters in each hive.

Modern Insta Bee

By the time I found out about it and asked to get in on the fun, I was assigned to Hive 8. I found out who my bee-mates were yesterday.  I’ve been having a lot of fun getting to know a bit about them as we introduce ourselves and get organized.  Some amazing ladies are in our hive, and we have a range of newer quilters to very experienced quilters; and those who’ve participated in a Bee before and those who haven’t (like me!).  I’m in an extremely friendly group of Hive members, and I am SO excited to be participating in this with them.

All of us are using the book Modern Bee  by Lindsay Conner for our quilt choice.  I should be getting my book Monday or Tuesday, and I’m scheduled to be Queen Bee in November. Since this is my first bee, I’m super excited and nervous at the same time.  I don’t want to mess up!  Eeek!

instabee hive8

One of our Bee-mates has already created a blog button for us.  I love it!  I’ll be putting it in the side bar, and it will link to Tagboard which will show any #moderninstabee2014hive8 tags on the internet.  That way you can see what our bee is working on.  If you’re on Instagram, you can follow along with our bee using the aforementioned hashtag or along with the entire bee as a whole by searching the hashtag #moderninstabee2014. It’s gonna be awesome… so be sure to follow along!!

Have you seen all this activity on Instagram?  Did you sign up?

If so, which Hive were you assigned?

Skillbuilder BOM 2014


Last year I participated in the Skill Builder BOM by Alyssa Lichner of Pile O’ Fabric.  I learned so much, and had so much fun creating the quilt last year, that when I discovered Alyssa was doing another Skill Builder BOM for 2014 I signed up right away!

Final Skill Builder Fabric Pull

Final Skill Builder Fabric Pull

Alyssa is a great teacher, and started us off with lessons in color theory, and choosing our own color scheme (if we wanted to do something different than the colors she chose for the BOM).  I enjoyed this process a lot.  I am trying to stretch myself in this area, since I am not very good with colors. I took the time to select the colors I liked, and then I printed the coloring sheet and spent quite a bit of time painstakingly coloring it in.

My coloring sheet looks a lot more vibrant in real life!

My coloring sheet looks a lot more vibrant in real life!

I wanted to get my MQG Riley Blake challenge project finished before doing any of my January BOM’s.  I decided yesterday that I had some time to get the two January blocks done, and still finish my challenge project on time.  I started making the blocks yesterday and finished today.

Ruler Block

Ruler Block

The ruler block was a lot of fun to make.  The Kona Charcoal fabric was not in my original plan for the ruler markings, but I wanted the ruler to actually look like a ruler.  I think adding the Charcoal was a good choice.  Although Mister asked me if I was making piano keys… Hmmmm.

Thread Spools Block

Thread Spools Block

I have a feeling this block is going to be my very favorite of the whole quilt.  I LOVE Aurifil thread, and I was so excited that Alyssa included a block that looks like Aurifil thread spools!  I sew exclusively with Aurifil, and sewed these blocks up with #2021 in 50 wt.  I chose the Kona Glacier to mimic the look of the Aurifil 40 wt green spool. I know its not the same color of green, but those Aurifil spools are unmistakable and I’m sure this block of spools won’t be confused with any other brand!  I enjoyed trying to make the variegated thread look, and the freedom to not have to sew the lines perfectly straight in order to mimic the winding of the thread on the spool.

Well, now that I’m caught up on the Skill Builder blocks, all I have left to do is my Sugar Block Club for January (almost finished!), and then I’ll get back to work on the Challenge quilt.  I’ll make January’s Bag of the Month in February sometime.

If you’re interested in participating in the Skill Builder BOM 2014, just click the button in the sidebar or at the top of this post.  Once you have signed up for the class, the content is there for you forever and you can work at your own pace!  It’s still early enough that you can catch up in a jiffy too!