Featherweight LED

Singer Featherweight 221 LED
 LED replacement bulb for your Singer Featherweight 221, 301 and MANY more vintage sewing machines!
(If you’re looking for the screw-base LED for modern machines, click HERE instead.)

      (If you need an LED for a white FW 221, click HERE instead.)

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[This is Brad, commonly known on this website as “Mister”.  I asked my wife if she’d let me hijack a page or two on her website so I could share about LED’s I found for Featherweights and other vintage machines.]

*******************9/9/2016:  News Flash!*******************

The manufacturer has produced a new FW bulb for me, and increased the number of chips in the standard FW bulbs to 72.  There are now 8 rows of 9 LED chips, instead of 8 rows of 8 LED chips.  These chips are also slightly smaller in size, so the bulb is the same overall size, but can now run even cooler and generate even more light than the old 64 LED!  I  measured the light at my workstation, and the new bulb is much brighter than the old (which was twice as bright as the incandescent that it replaces.  As soon as I can, I will replace the pictures below with new ones.
These bulbs cost more to produce, but I am NOT increasing the price at all.


***************************10/15/2017:  Addendum****************************

After some time and a little confusion, I think I need to explain a little more about this new bulb.  These new 72 LED bulbs use a different LED chip (a “4014” instead of a “3014” type), so they are actually BRIGHTER than even the 104 LED chip for the white featherweights.  People have purchased the 104 LED bulbs in the past for machines other than the white Featherweight 221 simply because 104 of something is brighter than 64 of something.  Simple math.  But that is no longer the case with the new chips being so much brighter than the old chips, and the 104 LED remains only available with the 3014 chips. 

So to sum up, the 72 LED chip is a brighter, less-expensive choice than the 104 LED bulb for ALL machines EXCEPT the white Featherweight (221K7) that needs a bulb with the base modified to fit its deeper socket.  


There are two MAJOR benefits to replacing your standard 15 watt incandescent light bulb with an LED:

  • The LED is much brighter.  As you can see in the examples shown below, the “Cool-White” LED bulb showed 1,420 Lux (measurement of light) while the standard, clear 15 watt bulb measured only 850 Lux.  The Cool-White LED bulb is also a brighter white light, rather than the yellowish glow produced by the incandescent bulb.  There are 64 tiny LEDs in these bulbs, so they generate a more diffused light than LED bulbs that only contain 18-30 LEDs.  If you do want to keep the yellowish glow, this bulb is also available in “Warm-White” for the same price.  It will look a lot like the original bulb, with only 850 Lux of brightnes, but it will not get hot.  Just tell me in the order form that you want a “warm-white” (or just say yellow) bulb instead.  I recommend the Cool-White so you see brighter light and truer colors, but a few folks have told me they find the white difficult, so I make these available too.
  • These bulbs use only 2.6 watts of power, which results in a LOT less heat being generated than using the standard 15 watt bulb. No more burnt fingers from touching the bulb!

This is a replacement bulb at a very reasonable price.  When I went looking for one for my wife, I could not find one below $30!   I am selling these bulbs at a cost of $10 each or 2 for $18, including free shipping in the US.  Any additional bulbs in the same order are just $8 each.  I had to add that because I discovered some folks wanted these to use as presents for their friends!

Payment is accepted via PayPal only.

The bulb we are selling DOES fit into the Singer Model 301, which has a slightly deeper socket than the 221.   

Bulb in a Singer 301

Bulb in a Singer 301

The bulbs fit many other machines.  A lovely lady named Judy MacLeod sent me a group of pictures of some of her machines with the 2 types of bulbs to share.  Click on the model name which will open up a new window and show you the difference between an incandescent bulb and this LED.  Singer 15, Singer 99, Singer 201,  Singer 306, and even Pfaff 1221, 1222, 1471 and a Pfaff Hobby 1042.   I have also received notes from customers that the bulb fits into Bernina Record 730 and Bernina 807 …as well as a Singer 15-91.

I also personally know they fit a Singer 401A and 404 (and that should mean the rest of the 401 and 500 series).  I  also have a Kenmore Rotary (Model 95 – Vintage 1948) that the bulb fits. There are many other vintage machines that use this push-in style bulb with 2 contacts on the bottom.   As folks report other machines to me, I’ll add them.  Some Vintage Singers (like a 99K or a 185) had more than one type of socket available.  If they use a large screw-base bulb (5/8″ in diameter), please send me an Email message as I am also able to provide those bulbs.  Still the same price!

Important:  The white Singer 221K7 models have an extra ring at the end of their sockets.  Due to this ring, these bulbs are UNABLE to be inserted far enough to allow the bulbs to twist and lock into place on WHITE 221Ks.  If you have a White 221K7 and would like an LED,  I do now have a different bulb that will fit your machine!  The factory made them differently and there is no ridge to prevent it from fitting into the socket.  This bulb is a little more expensive due to the fact that it has 104 LEDs (making it a little warmer as well as brighter).  It can be used on ANY of the machines, but is NECESSARY only for the white 221K models.

                      See the 104 LED Bulb HERE!!

If you wish to order, please use the contact form below to send a request.  Simply enter your name, your PayPal email, your ZIP code, and choose how many bulbs you would like.  If more than 4, please note in the comment form the total number of bulbs you would like to order. You may also use the comment form if you have questions before ordering.

Communication is very important to me, and when you fill out the form requesting bulb(s) I will respond as quickly as possible (from Brad@stitchallthethings.com OR wa7qok@hotmail.com) and confirm your order.  There is no Paypal button, because I will request payment only when I have checked to make sure that I have your LED order in my hand, EACH bulb has been tested, and the is ready for me to ship to you.  I will send you an email instead of a Paypal request if there is going to be any delay, but normally I will have plenty in stock.


PLEASE NOTE: If you have a Juno, AOL, or Yahoo email, please allow emails from “stitchallthethings.com” and check your Spam/Junk folders for our reply. We consistently have issues with Juno rejecting our emails or sending them to Spam/Junk. Thank you!

99 thoughts on “Featherweight LED

    1. Brad just sent you a response via email. I’ll also respond here, in case anyone else has the same question.

      The total for three would be $10 for the first bulb, and then $8 each for the second and third bulb. Your total would be $26 shipped.

    1. I’m sorry to say that we don’t have that machine to test and see what kind of bulb it takes. If you’d like to take a picture of the bulb laying next to a ruler so we could see the type of bulb and size, we may be able to give you a better answer.

    2. Patricia,
      I have a 15K and when I receive my bulbs, then I will try one to see if it fits.
      My initial impression is that they will fit just fine. The light socket is the same bayonet socket as 66, 99, 201, 221, 400 series, etc.

    3. Patricia,
      I am glad to say that the bulbs fit into my Singer 15K without any problems.
      Sorry for the late response.

    1. PayPal is very easy to join, and provides a much more secure way of paying for things on the internet. You can even buy postage at USPS through PayPal! All you have to do is go to http://www.paypal.com and click the “sign up” button on the top right-hand side of your screen. It is free to you to send money.

      They securely take your credit card and/or bank information so you don’t have to share it with folks you don’t know (like us!). When paying through PayPal they also offer you Buyer Protection to help you not get cheated. You can view more about PayPal Securities and Protections HERE.

  1. I have a few different Singer machines and I’d love to shift to LED when I clean them up. I have a 99, 15-91 and a 66-16. Have you been able to test the bulb or at least compare in these other machines? Will you offer LED options for these machines in the future?

    1. Brad tests every bulb in a 221. We have had customers tell us that these bulbs fit the 222s, the 201-2, and with a little filing down of the terminals, they reportedly fit into a 221K. We do not have the Singer 99, 15-91 or 66-16 machines, so we do not know whether these bulbs will fit them. It all depends on the depth of their sockets…whether they are similar to the 221 or the 301. We are waiting for customers to try them in the other models and let us know if they fit.

      Because of this, we asked the manufacturer to produce a bulb that has a slightly deeper base, and are hoping it will resolve the issue by having 1 bulb that fits all the machines. A sample of that bulb has been produced and it is en route to us. I hope to have it by November 3rd and will then try it in our 301. We are working on this and will hopefully have an answer shortly!

    2. Bulb to fit the 301 would likely fit the 222, which if I understand correctly requires a deeper base or trimming the socket.

    3. The 222 and black 221 use the same base. The problem character is the White 221k, which does seem to use the 301 depth socket. We’ve had mixed comments as to the white 221k, with some customers saying it fits fine in their machine and another sending pictures showing that it will not fit. We have worked with the manufacturer to create a different bulb base that will fit all these referenced machines and the sample is in the mail. Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon!


    4. So, the one listed above will NOT work for my white 221, correct? But you are working on finding a solution?

    5. Staci,

      At this point, I’m going to say that you are correct and they will not work for your white 221. We’ve had mixed responses to this, with most people saying they will fit (albeit the LED is a bit tight to fit in the socket), and yesterday we had one person email us photos showing that it would NOT fit in hers, as her socket seemed to be like the 301 machine.

      Yes, we have been working on resolving this with the manufacturer and we expect to have a sample bulb with a redesigned base from them by Monday to test. I will update you here with the results.

    6. Hi, Staci! We received the new style bulbs today and they work great!! They fit the 301 with room to spare, and since that has the deep socket like the white 221, we are positive they will fit that machine as well.

  2. Hi Christine,
    So glad to have found your site! I’m working toward offering workshops in my small quilt/fabric shop for those who want to learn more about vintage sewing machines: cleaning, maintaining and using treadles will be my first goal. Knowing where to get light bulbs reasonably is a great advantage. I’ll be in touch with you after the first of the year.

    Be well~ and happy~


    1. Hi, Terry! I’m so glad you stopped by the website. Brad shared with me he has corresponded with you, and we both look forward to hearing from you again. We’re excited to be expanding the different types of bulbs even!

      Happy sewing! ~Christine

    1. We are so glad you like them! Please do share away, and remember we have both kinds of bulbs now… the FW bayonet base bulb and the screw bulbs. We can even get either bulb in 220V versions, too.

  3. has anyone tried this bulb on a Pfaff 7570 or 1473? I have both as well as the featherweight, The Pfaff bulb sure looks a lot like the featherweight one. I’m pleased you have LED bulbs as I am totally off the grid and every little bit helps (won’t talk about the burns) Thank you.

    1. Hi: This is Brad. We know the bulb fits a Pfaff Hobby 1042, and when I looked at the online manuals for both the Pfaff Creative 7570 and the Creative 1473, they both describe the same 15 watt bayonet-based bulb. Looking elsewhere online, I see the 7570 and the 1473 are listed as taking the same replacement bulb. I could not find a connection between the 1042 and the others, but I would be very surprised if they did not fit both of these models.

    1. Yes, they will fit. The only machine with any difficulty is the White 221K7. It has an extra ring around its socket. This bulb will fit nicely into the tan FWs!

    1. We would be very happy if you shared the link. I started out just telling a few friends last September, and there was a huge response…so I started carrying more of the bulbs and most of the time, I have the bulbs on hand and I don’t have to make folks wait at all any more. I have several different kinds of bulbs, even 220 volt versions. It is just a little hobby to keep me busy while Christine “stitches all the things” and it is a lot of fun!

  4. A new Featherweight quilting group is starting next week at Fabrics and Friends Quilt Shop in Roanoke, IN. I am co-leading the group and plan on sharing the information about the LED bulbs. Do you sell other accessories for the Featherweight?

    1. Hi Sharon! I would love for you to share the information about the LEDs…including that I finally have a bulb we had specifically designed for the White FWs! But the bulbs are the only items I normally stock and sell. I have FW bulbs in both 110 volt and 220 volt, cool white and warm white (yellow). I also carry the screw base bulbs in 3 sizes for folks who have machines other than FWs and like the cooler, brighter light. Thank you for asking!!!!

    1. Hi Kirsten:
      I just checked the US Postal Service website. There seems to be 2 ways to ship to Norway: First Class International (it just says delivery time varies) for $9.45 USD, or Priority Mail International in a flat rate international Small box (6-10 days delivery) for $24.75. If you wish 2 of the standard 64 LED bulbs that fit most machines (except the white 221K7 Singer FW), they would be $16 added to the postage…

      So to answer your question, 2 bulbs would be either $25.45 for 1st class, or $40.75 for a Priority box. If you need them for the 221K7 featherweight, it would be $1 more for each bulb. I would also note that I can fit a lot more bulbs (up to 35) into that Flat Rate Priority box, in case you wanted to get some for others and have them share the postage costs.

  5. This is brilliant Brad (& Christine)! Our family actively uses our Singer 221, 301, 15-91, 401, and 500 machines, so you can see why I am excited to learn about your LED bulbs. Well the 401, maybe not so active, so we’re hoping to sell or donate that one.

    1. So glad you found us! Brad said he’ll be sending the order out today. I hope you are able to find a good home for your 401! 🙂


    1. Yes, this bulb will fit a Singer 222 (I am envious!!!).
      But the only caution is to note that if you are using one with a 220 volt motor (as most were) with a converter to 110 volts, then both the motor and the light bulb will still be 220 volts. So you would need a 220 volt LED in that case. If the motor is or was changed to a 110 motor (no converter), then the light bulb will also be 110. I have the bulb in 220 volt versions also at the very same price. If you order one and need the 220 volt version, please just note that in the comment section.

    2. Thanks, Brad! I will take a look at my machine and then will place an order for the appropriate one. 🙂

  6. I ordered LED bulbs from Brad & Christine for my featherweights. They arrived in record time and I’m so pleased with them. The difference in the light produced is amazing, not to mention how “cool” they are. I will no longer worry about leaving the light on until the paint on the light housing is damaged. I will definitely be ordering from “stitch all the things” again should I be lucky enough to acquire another featherweight. Thanks for great service!

    1. Thank you so much! We are very happy that you like the bulbs. Good hunting on your next Featherweight! It’s great when you can find those treasures for a good deal! ~Brad & Christine

  7. My husband surprised me with a bulb for my Featherweight. It came yesterday and is wonderful. Love the cute pin, too. Thanks!

    1. We’re glad you like both the bulb and the little pin. I’ve been having a lot of fun shipping the bulbs worldwide and making folks’ sewing a little brighter! Enjoy!
      ~Brad & Christine

  8. The LED bulb works great in my Pfaff 1467 and is not nearly as hot as the regular bulbs. I was almost afraid the reg. bulb would burn a hole into the plastic of the machine and would never leave the light on when I left even for a short time. The white light is very good for my aging eyes, so I am very happy. The LED will also fit into my vintage Kenmore 148.121.
    Thank you for the fast service, it was very much appreciated. There were no problems or extra charges with customs at the border. Thank you so much.

    1. I’m so glad they arrived safely and easily to Canada! You are so right about the old bulbs melting or discoloring plastic parts! I have tried to convert everything in the house, sewing room and RV to LEDs wherever I can. Enjoy, and thanks for letting us know they arrived and fit properly!

  9. Success using this bulb in my vintage Bernina 730 series (aka the Record)!!! It’s great not burning myself every time I get too close to the left side of the machine!!

  10. I would like to order 3 led bulbs but need to know postage cost to Canada and what is the amount if mailed to an address in the United States. Also do you have the thread stand for the 221, spool pin spring and motor lubricant. Thank you for any info.

    1. Hi Dina:
      Thank you for asking! Postage to Canada (and everywhere else I have shipped internationally so far) for up to 3 bulbs (2.0 ounces) is $7.00. Thus three of the 64 LED bulbs would be $31, including shipping. If you have a US address I can ship to, the cost would be as shown on the webpage, $10 for the first bulb, and $8 for any additional in the same order…so $26 for an order of 3 of the 64 LED bulbs.

      If you need the 104 LED bulbs (mandatory only for the White Featherweight, and optional for any other machine), those bulbs are $1 more each. We generally don’t sell anything other than LED bulbs, sorry!

    1. We are so glad you found us too! Brad said he received your order and did send a PayPal request to you. Have a wonderful evening! ~Christine & Brad

  11. I have a Bernina 930 and aging eyes that need more light! This Bernina uses replacement Bernina bulb 326007141 which is the same as for the Bernina 730….so I assume your bulb would fit my machine? If yes I would like to order two

    1. Hi Paula:
      Yes, I do have a Bernina 930 on my list of machines from customers who have told me the 64 LED push-in bulb will fit (like the Featherweights). I’ll skip my usual step of sending an email acknowledgment, and just go to the next step of sending you a Paypal request for $18 for 2 bulbs at your address! We do have them in stock and ready to send…and I always run to the post office if it is still open when I get a payment. Thanks!!!

    1. That’s the nifty thing about Paypal. Once someone pays, it just gives me a link to click to “Print Shipping Label” and it does so, with the address you have selected as your shipping address with them. So no transposing numbers or typos for me! Thanks, and the label is already printed and the package will go to the post office this afternoon!

  12. I am using one of my 221 led bulbs in my 301- it fits and works but I’m not sure the magnifying cover works correctly with the shorter bulb. seems to be causing some shadows on thew bed of the machine. Do you think there is any hope for getting a longer led for the 301a??????

    1. Hi Sara: I think you are using the 64 LED bulb in your 301. The 301 (and even your 221s) can use either the shorter 64 LED bulb or the longer 104 LED bulb. The 104 LED bulb was designed specifically for the white featherweight because of its longer socket, but it will also fit the other machines that take the 64LED. Many folks with 301s have told me that they like to remove their glass lens completely in the slant needle machines (301, 301A, 401A, 404, etc) and leave it out to allow the light to disburse over an even wider area than before. They do this with either the 64 LED or the 104 LED bulbs. You might like to try simply taking the lens out and see if that is to your liking and removes the shadowing. If you’d like, you could choose to try one of the longer, brighter, warmer and more expensive (by $1) 104 LED bulbs.
      Hope that helps!

    1. Hi Ruby: The higher-numbered Berninas take a 6-8 volt small bayonet-base bulb with a single terminal on the bottom. The manufacturer makes this bulb in a 12 volt version, and sent me one sample which I sent off to a person with a Pfaff 2056 which looks to be the same size and am awaiting the verdict as to whether it fits. The manufacturer assures me that he CAN make this same 12 volt bulb in a 6 volt version for the newer Berninas, but I first have to assure him they will fit before they set up the new circuitry. As you can see in the attached picture, there is a white ring at the end of the base that is slightly larger around than the old glass bulb. I don’t know if this would pose a problem in the Bernina or not. What do you think?
      6 volt LED
      6 volt LED (2)

  13. i have a Bernina 1130 that uses 2 small bulbs that are not very bright. Does the company make bulbs for these machines?

    1. Hi Ermelinda:
      I am still struggling to find a customer who buys a bulb that we do stock, and who has a newer Bernina that takes the little 6 volt bulb. The manufacturer makes a 12 volt bulb in that size already and has sent me a single sample. I think the bulb might physically fit into a Bernina 1130, but I am not sure. The manufacturer wants me to tell him for sure that it will fit before he has the engineer make a revised design for the 6-8 volt circuit used by the Bernina.
      I have been trying to find a bulb customer and include this one sample in their order for free, in ordr to learn if it will fit. It lights fine with 12 volts, but as it is, the sample bulb will not light in the Bernina’s 6 volt circuit. I responded to a post yesterday with a picture of the bulb to a question concerning a Bernina 1031. Alas, the person with the Pfaff 2056 never would agree to take the sample, so I did not send it to her and I still have it. I’ll post one of the pictures here again. I am worried that the white ring might interfere with placing it in properly…but I have no Bernina to test!
      12 volt sample bulb

  14. Brad, Thank You for the GREAT service! I have put these LED bulbs in my Singer 221, 15-91, 201-2 and 201k3, 301, 401A, 319W and plan on trying one out in my 628 T&S. Replacing the old bulbs with theses LEDs will become a new standard practice in my refurbishing process!

    1. WE appreciate the kind comments, Scott! They sure do make a difference in lighting and heat! We’ll be here when you need more!!!

  15. Looking for a bulb for Pfaff stretch & jeans 6120 and also one for a Janome 6260. I would love to have better lighting without using an additional lamp.

    1. Hi, Karen. Those are two machines we don’t have any experience with. If you can either remove the bulb and send a picture or just describe it (maybe you can find its description in your manials), we may be able to help. I think we have ALL 110 volt bulbs but none of the 6 or 12 volt bulbs some manufacturers are now using. Please let us know what you find.

      Christine & Brad

  16. Hi Brad and Christine – I ordered a Featherweight LED bulb from you a few weeks ago – haven’t been sewing and when I tried to install it – it won’t work. Once it’s in, if I push on it, it makes contact and lights just fine, but if I let go, it goes off. Can you help me sort this out? I have a Black 221, 1952ish model. I love the light and want to get my machine humming bathed in bright light! PS – I LOVE the sweet little pin you tucked in and the protective button!

    1. Hi, Kathleen! We were traveling today and so I apologize for not responding sooner. Once you pushed the bulb in, did you twist it to seat it into place? The two pins on the side slide into grooves inside the light housing. There is a spring inside the housing that, once compressed, lets you twist the bulb and lock it into place. It doesn’t take a lot of force, just a gentle push, and a slight twist. If this does not help you please let me know and we’ll troubleshoot this further with you! -Christine

    1. Hi:
      I am sure you are probably correct that this bulb will work, and we do have a few of them in 220-240 volts, leftover from when we used to send the bulbs worldwide. I am assuming from your message that you are in the UK. About a year ago, the postal service raised the minimum postage to send a bulb to about $15USD, so it became very cost-prohibitive to send bulbs outside the US and so we limited our sales to US addresses only.

      If you have a friend in the US who mails you packages and could slip this bulb into a packet for you, I would be happy to send a bulb to any US address you can provide (simple to add another shipping address to your Paypal account). I have sent a few bulbs around the world in this manner. Paypal charges me a currency exchange fee, but I don’t pass it on to the purchaser. The price for the 220 volt bulbs is the same as the 110 volt bulbs.

      Please just let us know if we can help. You can email us directly at brad@stitchallthethings.com if you like!

  17. Hi, My friend has the bulb from SewLite. Is this a generic of that bulb or is it made by SewLite? I am looking to purchase a couple of them as gifts for Christmas for 221 featherweights.

    1. Hi Kate:
      I don’t have any idea what bulb SewLite is selling, so I have no idea what it is or how it would compare. I think some of the companies sell bulbs with 9 to 64 LED chips. Our bulbs have either 72 or 104 LED chips which smooths out the light. Our bulbs are in use in literally thousands of FWs (and other machines), and each year we do get orders to use them as gifts for friends or “stocking stuffers.”

  18. Brad,
    Thank you for such a quick response. I guess I am not sure what I would still need. Above you talk about a white featherweight. My featherweight is from the 40’s and is black. So I guess I would not get the 104, correct? How many Lumens does your bulb have. I guess the information is talking in different terms and I don’t know the difference. Are these bulbs manufactured in China or the USA? Just curious. The SewLite is manufactured in the USA.

    STL-SF221 SewLITE™ HD LED Singer Featherweight 221 / 222 Bulb

    SewLITE LED bulb Replacement for Singer Featherweight 221 & 222 sewing machines. 400 Lumens Limited Lifetime Warranty. Made in USA.


    1. I searched for this bulb by that number on Amazon. It is nothing like the bulbs we sell. This STL-SF221 is not a bulb shape, but rather a round flat 12LED disk wired to a socket for $33.94. Here is the link to the Amazon item: https://www.amazon.com/New-2015-Singer-Featherweight-Bulb/dp/B00QMJEHXO
      If you examine the pictures, you can find the one that shows it is a flat disk with a socket attached to it. It has 12 LEDs rather than 72 LEDs in 8 rows. It is not a bulb that we would want to sell even at our $10 price, much less over $30. Our bulbs are made by a manufacturer in China who we consider our friend, and as I state elsewhere, we test each bulb before we ship them just to make sure they have not been damaged in shipment.

      Yes, the black featherweights can use either the 72 LED bulbs or the 104 LEDs. The 72 LED is lower cost than the 104LED as it does not need to be machined like the 104. The chips used in the 72LED are actually slightly brighter than the chips used in the 104s. Above are pictures where I’ve measured the LUX for the 64 LED. The 72LED is even brighter. I do not have a “LUMEN” measurement to give you, we measured the differences between the incandescent and LED bulbs in LUX. Here is an article on the difference: http://www.differencebetween.com/difference-between-lux-and-vs-lumen/

      I hope that helps you, but the bottom line is that our bulbs are a traditional style for $10, and the bulb you note is a very different style for over 3 times the price…and I suspect not as bright.

  19. Hi Brad,
    I have a Bernina 1030 and a Pfaff 1222e. I would be happy to be your bulb guinea pig and test these machines. It would be nice if I could return the bulbs if they do not work, but if I can’t that’s not a deal breaker. I REALLY need brighter lights! I spent 15 minutes the other day trying to line up a button and the needle! I could have done it by hand faster ; -P


    1. I just found these bulb dimensions for the series that includes the Bernina 1020 1030 1031 1080 1090 1100 1113 1120 1130 1230 1260 1530. Maybe they will help?

      Base Diameter ¨C 11/32″
      Overall Length ¨C 1 & 1/8″ Glass Width ¨C 3/8″
      Generic Sewing Machine Light Bulb # 3055000 (6-8 Volts, 3 Watts, 0.15 Amps, Push-in Turn & Lock)

      Here is the Pfaff 1222 info: Pfaff 1222 1222E 1229 130 1371 1467 1469

      Base Diameter ¨C 19/32″
      Overall Length ¨C 2 & 3/16″ Bulb Width ¨C 13/16¡±
      Alternate Part Numbers Include – 70-251600-31/000, R22x57, 2PCW.

      I also have an Elna SU, but this bulb seems very large in comparison to the other machines: Series – 500 Electronic, Air Electronic 38, 39, 58, 59, 68, 69, Carina Jubilee 45, 46, 500, 55, 56, 65, 66, Lotus 14, 22, 24, 32, 34, 35, 36, 52, Star 11, 13, 21, 23, 31 , 33, 41, 43, 62, 64, 72, 74, Stella 17, 27, 37, 57, SU, Supermatic, TSP

      # 444100
      Base Diameter – 9/16″
      Overall Length – 2 & 9/16″

      And it occurs to me that my mom is still sewing on her old singer. Maybe she could use the bulbs if they do not work for me!

    2. Hi Stacy:
      I think you are commenting based on the February discussion about the 6 and 12 volt bulbs. I’m not sure what the numbers are in your reply, but the push and twist small bulbs for 6 or 12 volts are bases that are 9mm in diameter, Bayonet style (pins are at an even height on each side) and have a Single terminal on the bottom.

      Ermelinda (comments above) found some 6 volt bulbs online, and my having changed computers means that I lost the link. We did not pursue selling the low voltage bulbs because we found it would be too difficult to make sure the bulbs would be the right ones and postage is terrible to ship the wrong things. For example, the Bernina above took 2 BA9S 6-volt bulbs, but it required 2 DIFFERENT style bulbs to fit. One stuck out too far and impeded the closure of the plastic cover over the needle area so a short single-LED bulb was required, while the other one needed to be larger to be able to insert into the machine and a 5-LED bulb was necessary.

      My best suggestion is to do some online searching, starting by looking for BA9S bulbs, in either 6 or 12 volts, whichever your manual says you require, and then carefully check to see if they will fit in each position you need. The key is to search by the bulb’s official name, a BA9S, and then be sure you choose the right voltage as the 6 and 12 volt bulbs look alike.

      The “Featherweight bulb” (used in many, many machines) has Dual terminals on the bottom and is much larger. Some folks refer to it as 9/16″, but it is officially a 15mm base. Thus it becomes a BA15D.

      The other two bulbs normally used in sewing machines are: 1. the 12mm screw base, also called a 7/16″ or candelabra base, but officially, it is an E12 Screw; and 2. the 17mm screw base, also called a 5/8″ screw base…officially an E17 Screw.

      The BA15D bulbs are 110 OR 220 volts (we have both). The E12 or E17 bulbs are all 110 volts only. For some reason, the standard 220 volt screw base in use in Europe or Australia is an E14 bulb! Even a Brother PQ1500S, sold around the world, has an E12 socket for the US and an E14 socket for Europe/Australia! I learned that the hard way, but did make a friend in Australia!

      I hope I gave you enough information to find the right LED for your Bernina. I’d love it if you come back and tell us where you find bulbs so we can share with others!


    1. We’re so glad you found us! Your bulb order is on it’s way to you already. Thanks very much, and we hope you have a Happy New Year!
      ~Brad & Christine

    1. We are really sorry Brenda, but we only ship to the US since the major postage price increase to Canada (and other countries) that they imposed a bit over a year ago. We do have many Canadian customers who live near the border and maintain US mail addresses they can use as shipping addresses for Paypal. I don’t know if that is helpful to you or not.

    1. Hi Nancy! I found the Janome Coverpro 1000CP manual online, and it shows that your Coverpro needs the standard featherweight bulb, a 15 watt, 15mm push-and-twist bulb! So you are on the right page to make an order. We are on a short trip and will be back on Sunday, so if you order, I will acknowledge the order but won’t ask for the Paypal payment until we get back. We do have the bulbs in stock and ready to ship…as soon as we get home. Thanks for the question!

  20. Hi do you have an led that would fit a bernina 807 minimatic. And do you have an led that would fit an elna su (both vintsge machines)

    1. Hi Lesley! Good news, the standard bulb we call the Featherweight bulb will fit your Bernina 807 as well! I looked it up in the Bernina 807 manual online, and it is a 15mm “Push-and-Twist” bayonet-base bulb with 2 terminals on the bottom. We do have them in stock and ready to send. Thanks for asking!

    2. Hi, Lesley! I’m sorry Brad and I both missed your asking about a bulb for the Elna SU. It takes the same bayonet base bulb as your Bernina and the Featherweights. I hope that helps, and sorry for the delay!

    1. Hi, Belinda! Unfortunately, we no longer ship internationally as the postage costs have become outrageously high. I’m truly sorry.


    1. Hi Regena:
      Usually the Singer 185 machines take a 5/8″ screw base (17mm). If you check your bulb, it should either be this 5/8″ screw base or possibly a 15mm “push and twist” bayonet-base bulb. Good news is that we have both of those bulbs in stock, and at the same price, $10 for 1 and $18 for 2 (shipped to the US). Please let us know what you have and what you’d like. I’m betting on the 5/8″ screw-base, which is much larger than the modern 7/16″ screw base bulbs that most Brother machines take.

  21. I love how fast I received them, and how nice these bulbs are. they are everything you say they are. I will buy again Thank You

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