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To-Do Tuesday 2-13-18 | Halloween Town Pillow Finish

Hello, and Happy Tuesday, friends! This recent week was an interesting challenge for us here at home. Our washing machine decided to reject our demands upon it to clean our clothes. The Mister is a Mr. Fix-It, so after some internet research, taking the machine completely apart and discovering the problem, we ended up buying a new washing machine. And while I can reduce all of that activity to one sentence, it took much longer to do! Thankfully it happened on a visitation weekend for the kids to be with their dad, and I had just finished my two loads of laundry, so no one was inconvenienced by the small amount of down time (or in the way). I am so very grateful for a husband that is able to fix any of our issues so quickly. I am truly blessed!

Stitch ALL The Things | Halloween Town Pillow

Even with that chaos, I managed to get the a throw pillow finished from a cross stitch piece. And… I have a confession of sorts. I have debated sharing this here, on my mostly-quilting related blog, but I finally decided to go ahead and tell you all that I have a YouTube Channel that is focused on my cross stitching. If you’re not a part of the cross stitch community on social media, this may seem really strange to you. Some stitchers make what they call Flosstube vidoes. They are Youtube videos that focus on cross stitching, and some cross stitchers will also share updates on their lives, their families, and/or their other hobbies. I have been watching these videos for about a year, but just started making my own videos about a month ago. I have thoroughly enjoyed making them and participating in the Flosstube community. This pillow I made was done specifically for a tutorial to show some cross stitchers how to make a throw pillow, (for those who have no sewing experience). Anyway, it’s kind of interesting to see the person behind the name, and I thought I’d let you know about those videos in case you wanted to meet the person behind the blog! In my first video I do drop an F-Bomb, and I do mention that I have a potty mouth… But I have tried very hard to edit out any bad language and NOT use that language on any of my other videos. I have the time noted of the F Bomb in the comment section of my first video, so there are no surprises and you can avoid it, if you choose to watch it. Those videos do take up some time, which is why it seems like I’m not getting much done during the week… I am, I just have been a little shy about sharing what I was doing with you who ready my blog.

Stitch ALL The Things | Flosstube

This week I plan to get the Paradiso quilt sandwich basted, and hopefully start quilting it! I also need to finish one more house on my Santa’s Village piece, because I am going to have an epic new cross stitching start to share with you next week. It’s a Chatelaine pattern and I am over the moon excited about it! I wish you all a wonderful week!

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Baste Paradiso Quilt
  • Work on the next house in Santa’s Village

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