To-Do Tuesday 8-6-19 | An Announcement!

Hello, and Happy Tuesday, friends! Over the past few months I have been contemplating my blog and whether it was something I wanted to keep maintaining. I do like having a website up that has my finishes posted as a reference for myself, but my blogging has taken a serious dive for the past year or two. I’ve come to a decision recently that I’ll be shutting down my blog at the end of August. I may move everything back to a WordPress.com website as opposed to self-hosting so I still have a place where my finishes are posted, but I will not be doing any further blogging after August 28th.

So, what does that mean for To-Do Tuesday? I know this is just a small little link up, but I think some people like having that one post during the week where we can see what we have accomplished, and what we would like to accomplish. I’ve been emailing with one particular blogger about them taking over the link-up and hosting it on their blog every week. And, of course, making it their own! I have sent the details about what it would entail, and am currently waiting to see if this is something they would like to take on. If so, I will be sure to update you all by next week so you will know where to continue linking up! But if the link-up is something that doesn’t work for them, then the last link-up I will be hosting for To-Do Tuesday will be on August 26th and I will wish you all farewells then!

As far as last week and my list, I had a HUGE finish! I was able to get the Sew Sweetness Bye Bye Love bag [affiliate link] finished for my friend’s birthday! In fact, I finished this bag literally 9 minutes before we had to leave for the party! Isn’t that always the way?! I didn’t have time to give it a good pressing, or take good pictures, but at least I remembered to grab a few shots before I threw it in a gift bag, and ran off to the party!

Bye Bye Love Front

The Fabrics I found at Hobby Lobby. The brown exterior fabric has a beautiful Rose Gold metallic swirl. I was able to locate some amazing rose gold hardware from Sallie Tomato. She also had 3 yards of a beautiful brown zipper tape with rose gold teeth that could not have been a more perfect match! It came with 9 zipper pulls, so I was able to use two pulls to make the bag opening a double zipper. I also used the same zipper for the bag zippered pocket on the exterior of the bag.

Bye Bye Love Back

I made a few modifications to the pattern. I used brown glitter vinyl as the accent fabric, and added it to the bottom of the bag. I put some purse feet on the bag as well, but completely forgot to take a picture. I used some strap tabs from a recent youtube tutorial Sara posted that included a pdf document of different strap tab templates. I chose not to fold over the handles and sew them together to make rounded handles. I just felt like my machine would not have handled that thickness well. Another modification was to include an inside zippered pocket. My friend absolutely loved her bag, and I am so thrilled I was able to get it done just in time!

Bye Bye Love Lining

This week I have to get some bags sewn to sell. so that will be my focus. I’m hoping to get six bags done.

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Sewing: Make six Project Bags for sale

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9 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 8-6-19 | An Announcement!

  1. I’ve enjoyed your blog and your creations I’ll be sad to see it go. However, I do understand. To everything there is a season and your blogging season has passed, it happens. However, while it was here it was wonderful and enjoyed by many. All the best for the future – may it be wonderful, exciting and even, yes, filled with as much sewing and quilting as your heart desires.


  2. Sorry to hear you are leaving blogging, will you share your WordPress site so we can still see your creations? And if the other option falls through I would be happy to host.


  3. Sorry to hear you won’t be blogging much longer though I do understand. While I really enjoy blogging, the readership is certainly far less than it used to be! All the best to you in the future. Will you keep in touch by interacting with other blogs maybe???

    This bag is just amazing. You put thought into every detail and it shows. What a fantastic gift for your friend.


  4. It’s been fun through the years to see your creations here at Stitch All the Things. Thanks so much for hosting To-Do Tuesday, I’ve enjoyed linking up with you, and getting to know some of the others through this link-up. Might be seeing you on Instagram? And hope you enjoy all the changes in your life! Keep stitching!


  5. I have enjoyed your writing, and wish you the best in all your endeavors. If you ever start up another blog, I’ll certainly subscribe!


  6. Your bag is stunning, Christine. I was kind of AWOL from the Internet for the last couple of weeks, getting my oldest ready to move into his freshman dorm at college (and randomly bursting into tears in the middle of Bed Bath & Beyond). I am sad to hear that you’re planning to completely discontinue blogging. After passing off the To-Do Tuesday linky to others, you would eliminate the deadline pressure for yourself and there is no law that says you can’t just post every 3 months or every 6 months or just whenever you felt you had something to share. I feel like the circle of quilters and makers who have been participating in the linky are like a little virtual guild, supporting and encouraging one another. I hope that continues, and I hope you don’t drop out completely because we would all miss you!


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