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To-Do Tuesday 7-16-19 | Finding My Sewing Groove

Hello, and Happy Tuesday, friends! Last week my main goal was to finish testing a bag pattern for Sew Sweetness. I made all three sizes of the bag pattern, and I have to tell you… I LOVE it! I can not wait for the pattern release so I can share this bag with you all. It is super handy and as soon as I finished emailing my pictures and tester notes, I put the bags to work! I should be able to share pictures soon as all tester notes were due by Monday the 15th and she plans on having this pattern available before the end of the month!

Having enjoyed the challenge of a new pattern (and a bit of a complex one at that!), it was nice to get back to work on Monday by making a project bag. I would like to get at least three done this week. I had one almost finished by Monday, but needed to get some grocery shopping done in the late afternoon. So I still have the binding to add onto the one pictured above. I will be making another bag out of the same Alexander Henry Nocturna print along with the Tula Pink Lazy Stripes accent print in red. The third bag will be the wedge shaped zip top pouch and that will be made out of the Blackbird Designs/Moda Sampler print (it’s an OOP fabric). I’ve had this bag cut out and ready to sew for months and I really want to get it done! I’ll be sewing it on my vintage Singer 301. I’d like to know if this vintage machine can handle bag making as well as my Brother PQ1500S (it should!) and if it does I will be leaving this machine here when we go back to AZ in the fall. That way I don’t have to lug the Brother machine back and forth from one state to the other. I’ll let you all know how it works!

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Sewing: Two Nocturna Project Bags
  • Sewing: Sampler Project Bag – Test 301 Machine

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11 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 7-16-19 | Finding My Sewing Groove

  1. Hi Christine! I can hardly wait to see your bag. What wonderful comments and what a great tester you make! You may have lost me with the complex part . . . but I haven’t made a bag in years so they would all be complex to me. HAHA! ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. I’m super excited to share them. At least then I’ll be able to explain what I mean by “complex”. It’s really not, but when you look at the pattern at first it is head-scratching worthy. Then as you just do the steps there comes the “ah-ha!” moment and it all just clicks together so easily. But not at first…LOL!


  2. Bags are great projects for showcasing amazing prints like that one. Looking forward to learning more about the finished bag!


    1. I haven’t gotten to making the bag like I hoped. I know these machines are the workhorse predecessors of the current straight stitch machines, so I think it should handle the bag making fine. I just want to make sure that it will handle the top stitching as nicely as the PQ1500 does. Especially on some of the bulkier parts of the bag. Testing out some of the more intensive byAnnie patterns will be my second test for it! I ordered the A Place For Everything Pattern yesterday (, so I’ll see how that goes soon!


  3. I too am looking forward to seeing your new bags. And learning what that complex part is. But I do know what you mean about an “ah-ha” moment as mentioned in your above reply. Happy sewing this week, Christine! Hope that 301 does the job for you!


    1. It seems to be a head-scratcher when you first read the pattern, but it definitely becomes clearer as you follow the instructions exactly and understand how it all works out. I was hoping for a release by now, but haven’t heard anything yet. Bummer! Hopefully before the 1st of August!


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