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To-Do Tuesday 5-14-19 | Summer’s Quickly Coming

Hello, and Happy Tuesday, friends! Last week ended up being quite busy. I made some bags, helped Callie get ready for Prom, and then enjoyed a wonderful Mother’s Day with her and the Mister.

Last week I also did more work on Cardinal Points Sampler. I finished Page 3 and adjusted the piece on my scroll rods so I could start page 4. I’ll continue working on that this week.

On Sunday I discovered the perfect pattern to make a computer bag for Callie. It is the recently released Marina Unisex Crossbody Bag from Bagstock. Callie asked for a computer bag for her laptop before she left after graduation next week. It was the perfect width and depth, but I needed to add two inches in height to the pattern to accomodate the length of her laptop. She chose the cork and the metallic dragonfly print by Benartex for her bag. I cut all the pieces out on Sunday. I interfaced all the pieces on Monday and started sewing it together. I got the exterior bag parts assembled on Monday, but still need to assemble the lining and sew it all together.

This week I’ll be finishing her bag and sewing at least two more project bags. Then I will be cleaning up my room and deciding what supplies to take with me when we go to Oregon for the summer. It will be quite a lot, but the Mister tells me we have room so I will be loading up the motorhome! And yes, the sewing machine is definitely coming along for the ride!

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Sewing: Callie Computer Bag
  • Sewing: Project Bags
  • Stitching: Cardinal Points

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11 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 5-14-19 | Summer’s Quickly Coming

  1. Hi Christine! Callie looks so beautiful for prom. I hope she had a fabulous time – we had Prom here too. It sounds like you had a great Mother’s Day, spending time with your girl. Oregon for the summer sounds wonderful, and I’d say take everything you can with you as long as you have the thumbs up! That bag looks wonderful – those fabric choices are cool. I can’t wait to see it finished. How fab that you can customize it for her laptop. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Thank you! She had a lovely time with her friends. They got a little bored in the evening and she came home early. I was super proud that she chose to come home, rather than ask to go to her friends house since she said they were planning on partying. I told her that I could see how that was a tough choice to make, since it seems to be the time of year when all the kids decide they’re old enough to make “adult” decisions, but that her coming home instead was a responsible, mature decision. She said she just didn’t want me to find out and be disappointed in her choice. I’d call that a parenting win right there!


      1. {{Hugs}} Good job! You gave her all the tools to make a good decision, and she used them. That’s a HUGE parenting win right there!! ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. are you traveling the whole summer in a motorhome? what kind do you have – much larger than ours if you are bringing your sewing machine and have plenty of room LOL — your daughter is so pretty and that is a nice bag you are making her!


    1. Hi, Karen! We won’t be in the motorhome all summer. We’ll be driving it up to Oregon and staying at our house there for most of the summer. So basically I have a bunch of room to transport the materials and machine up there, but certainly not to keep everything in it if we were to travel around especially since it’s only a 36′ Class A. I have brought my sewing machine and supplies and fabrics before, but when I do I have to really pick and choose what I want to work on and make the best use of space possible.


  3. I hope Callie had a wonderful time at prom! They grow up SO FAST, don’t they? I’m curious about the scroll rods you’re using for your cross stitch project. I’ve never seen them before and can’t figure out how you hold it so you can stitch without the rods rolling away like a roll of toilet paper thrown by a toddler?? Your stitching is GORGEOUS, by the way.


    1. She had a great time at prom! They grown up way too fast! The scroll rods I have are split in half, and one side has tacks nailed through from the top to the middle. The other side has holes for the tacks to fit into. So they essentially tack the fabric in place. Once I roll them up to the correct position, the end bars are split into two as well and have holes on each end to hold the rods. They have a screw and wing nut that you tighten and once they are tight enough it holds the rods in place. I laughed out loud at the roll of toilet paper thrown by a toddler visual. Been there, done that! Hahahahaha!


  4. Callie is so beautiful! What a lovely dress! Than you for explaining your process in making the computer bag! I’ve started planning projects out in steps as well. You will have a busy week, but then you get to relax! Sounds awesome!


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