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To-Do Tuesday 4-9-19 | Ready for the Retreat!

Happy Tuesday, friends! This past week we had a bit of a crazy roller coaster ride. My youngest daughter ended up with some urgent dental work and had a really big abscess from an old root canal that had cracked. She has a really high tolerance for pain, so she didn’t notice an issue until the abscess became very large and caused some pain. The doctor told us that her tolerance worked against her as the infection has been there so long it had damaged a dime-sized portion of her jaw bone. She had her tooth extracted on Friday and all of the infection and bad bone removed. They put a temporary bridge in while that heals and then they can put in a permanent bridge in a few weeks. It was a pretty intense week, to say the least!

I did end up getting some bags sewn. The gallery above are bags that I made for the retreat I will be attending in Phoenix this coming weekend. Two are for an auction event that will be benefiting Hospice of the Valley. The rest are gifts for stitchy friends I will finally be meeting in person. I loved the Alexander Henry Frida print so much I had to show the back! The hostess of the retreat loves Frida Kahlo so that bag is for her. I’m so excited to get to meet some of my online friends in real life and spend the weekend enjoying a hobby we love…cross stitching!

Part of the retreat includes a “Stitch and Give” exchange. I finished a pattern last week called the Traveling Stitcher. Last Tuesday I completed the accompanying Needlebook pattern. I worked on creating an organizer book of sorts for a cross stitch kit to correspond with the Traveling Stitcher piece. I added a pattern, the flosses and fabric and a few of my favorite stitchy essentials. Needles, a Snag Nab-It, a Needle Minder, Scissors (I sewed a magnet under the fabric beneath scissor holder to be sure they won’t be flung out when the book is opened), a needle threader and cutter. The clear vinyl zip pocket is also a slip pocket. I wanted the Traveling Stitcher piece to be sewn down as a pocket under the outer flap, but it was too large. So I made it into a slip pocket and put it on the back. Kind of odd, but I didn’t give myself time to make a prototype of this, so it is what it is.

This week I’ll be getting two more bags sewn for friends (possibly a third if there’s time) and then packing up for the retreat on Wednesday afternoon and choosing my projects to take. I may be late getting to all of your posts this week, but I will hope to get to them all by no later than next Monday! Have a great week!

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Sew bags

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5 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 4-9-19 | Ready for the Retreat!

  1. Hi Christine! Have a great time at your retreat. I know you will, and it sure is nice to meet online friends in person and deliver a {{hug}}. It’s amazing the friendships that can be formed without ever meeting in person. Your organizer is quite clever and handy, and I’m certain whoever receives it will find it so useful. What a cool idea for keeping everything together and handy for on-the-go stitching anywhere. Happy Tuesday, friend. ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. love that travel stitchery bag — ouch for your daughter that must have hurt! yes you wait too long to go to the doctor or dentist and it is usually bad


  3. OH. MY. WORD. One mama to another — I feel for you and your little girl, Christine!! I hope she’s feeling better now. My oldest son is scheduled to get four wisdom teeth extracted next Tuesday — two of them impacted. We will be stocking up on popsicles and ice cream, which are his favorite food groups anyway… ;-). Your travel stitching bag is exquisite and I’m intrigued by the fancy handles on those embroidery scissors, too. You are a busy lady; have fun at your retreat!


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