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To-Do Tuesday 3-26-19 | A Things Unseen Finish

Hello, and Happy Tuesday, friends! The days are warming up here, the sun is rising earlier and setting later. And I LOVE it! I’m feeling really productive right now, and we have been very busy. I know that the current sewing schedule I have is not sustainable for the long run, but it will work to get me through to the end of May when vacation begins for us. I will re-work a sewing schedule later in the year, but bags will be my focus until summer begins and then I plan on enjoying some vacation time and getting some quilting done! As far as this week, here is the gallery of this week’s bags (I made three of the Tula Pink De La Luna Possessed (cameo) print, and two of the Tula Pink Owl print):

As far as my stitching, I did accomplish my goal of finishing Things Unseen by Lizzie Kate. I completed the stitching on Friday night and added the buttons on Saturday morning. My husband and I wanted to take a Sunday drive and decided to go to Bullhead City as there is a JoAnns there. I went in looking for a frame, and remembered how disappointed I always am by this particular store. It always seem to feel very messy, with bolts and rolls of fabric stacked all over the floor, half of the shelves are always empty. They didn’t have a good selection of frames at all, so I will have to try my luck at Hobby Lobby on Tuesday night when my husband and I go out for date night. Hopefully I can find a frame and fully finish that off over this coming weekend!

Stitch ALL The Things | Things Unseen Finish

This week I have 11 bags cut out to work on. Two will likely be done on Saturday. My stitching this week will be to work on Traveling Stitcher by Little House Needleworks. I hope to have a finish on that by the end of the weekend, so I will have a picture of that piece next week. I hope you are all enjoying the changing of the seasons, or that it is at least starting to give signs of the seasons changing where you are. I look forward to seeing what you’ve all been working on this week!

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Sew bags
  • Stitching WIP: finish Traveling Stitcher

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6 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 3-26-19 | A Things Unseen Finish

  1. I know a lot of people like Joanne’s but I rarely go to that store – of course it is 85 miles from me but even when I am in that town it is not a place I seek out or just have to visit! Since they moved into a new building some years ago it is much better than it had been but still not my favorite place


    1. Ours is really out of the way too, and I always seem to wait long enough to forget the last disappointing visit before I decide I need to drive to JoAnns to see what they have versus what Hobby Lobby (only 10 minutes away) has. Ugh. The JoAnns in Salem, Oregon is amazing. It’s huge, has tons of fabrics, it’s clean, and the shelves are always stocked. I told Brad the next time I tell him I need to go to JoAnns in Bullhead City to remind me that it is NOT the same JoAnns as the one in Oregon!


  2. Hi Christine! You’ve been really putting your new sewing space to good use. How many bags do you hope to finish by the end of May? Just curious as to how many you make per year. I have an issue with our Joann store as well. It seems very inefficiently run. Good luck finding just the perfect frame for your beautifully finished piece. It sure didn’t seem to take you long to get it all done. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Hi, Roseanne! I hope to get 27 bags finished each month of March, April, and May. I have about 10 more to finish as gifts or as donations for charity events, and 7 that were already finished for such reasons. So about 98 from March to May. I don’t know how many I sewed before March (I don’t think many). I don’t mind pushing myself to get these done right now, but it’s only because I know it will only be until May. And I have a feeling that as much as I want to sew quilts over the summer, Brad is going to be wanting to do a lot more travel. He was living the retired life before we met and married, and then he had to settle down from running off on cruises or traveling in his RV while we finished raising the kids. Now that the youngest is graduating in May and has decided to move to her dad’s, Brad is ready to get back to a retired life. So, I have a feeling this may be the most sewing I do all year…LOL! Thank goodness cross stitching travels well, or I would really go through some crafting withdrawal.


  3. Hi Christine, You sure are putting together a lot of bags. I love the variety in fabrics you are using. Your Things Unseen is lovely. I hope you do find the right frame for it. JoAnns, I liked it better before it turned into a super store selling so much junk. The one in our town is located in a horribly planned strip mall, congested traffic keeps me away. Happy stitching as you look towards Summer!


    1. I bought a black frame at Hobby Lobby yesterday, but I’m still not 100% sure about it. I think in my mind I hoped to find a raspberry colored frame to match a color in the piece, but neither hobby store had one. I found one on eBay last night from a frame shop that might work, so I bought it to see. I can always use the black frame in another project, so it won’t be a waste of money. Hopefully the new frame will be here by next week, so I can decide which one to use and then stretch and then pin and lace my piece to some foam core and pop it in.


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