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To-Do Tuesday 2-19-19 | Finding My Focus

Hello, and happy Tuesday, friends! This past week I was very productive sewing up bags and I feel like I am finding my focus again with getting work done. I had a head start on cutting bags from the week before, and went straight to interfacing and sewing them up during the week. I managed to get 11 bags done! Three were gifts, and the others were claimed almost as soon as I posted them on my Instagram Destash account. I am just going to put up a gallery of the bags completed. I made two of the Beach clear vinyl front bags, but I am only posting one picture.

I think I have found a good plan for the week. On Mondays I will cut out the bags for the week, typically nine bags, along with the interfacings. On Tuesdays, I will fuse all the interfacings to the fabrics. If I get done with that early, then I will start quilting the fabric to the foam interfacing for the clear vinyl front bags. Then on Wednesday through Friday it will be my goal to complete three bags per day and have them listed by the evening. I think that will be a good plan, and my fingers are crossed it will work out like I hope.

As far as my stitching goes, this week I will be working on finishing my Things Unseen by Lizzie Kate stitching. It’s very close to a finish, so an achievable goal for me to reach! I forgot to take a picture of my stopping point on Flowers of the Holy Night. I will show that in next week’s post.

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Sew bags
  • Stitching WIP: finish Things Unseen

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14 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 2-19-19 | Finding My Focus

  1. Hi Christine! You are back on a roll with making bags. Don’t let it stress you out like last (?? or was it two years ago??) year. Hmm, I’m thinking it was two years ago when you had to make bag after bag right before the holidays. Anyway, they all turned out great and I’m with Amber on liking the first bag with the cars on it. The beach bags are so cute, too. Happy Tuesday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. You are so right about that! It was about a year and a half ago that I stopped. Normally, I would plan on making about 5 to 6 bags a week, but my daughter’s plans for after she graduates high school changed dramatically recently. She will be going to move to CA with her dad for her schooling and she is leaving the morning after graduation. That means Brad is ready to start doing some traveling. Since the time I thought I had to sew was reduced by a couple of months, I’m trying to get as much done between now and the end of May. I figure I probably will start to have a little burnout by then, but then I will end up with months of vacation time from it too. We are planning on going back up to Oregon, so I can bring my sewing machine and still sew bags if I want, but my focus is actually going to change to quilting! I have about three patterns I really want to make, so I’m looking forward to setting aside the bags for a bit and get back to making quilts. Yay!


  2. The bags are wonderful! And I love Lizzie Kate!! I have long been away from my stitchery, I have too many things that need framing to continue stitching more. LOL


    1. Thank you! Lizzie Kate patterns are just the best! I want to get to stitching A Good Marriage sometime soon, but I’ve got so many projects started already that I really need to get some finishes in first. And then the framing…Ugh. I’ll just think about that later…LOL!!


  3. Your bags look amazing and your productivity level is out of this world. If I had just an ounce of your kind of focus, my son’s graduation quilt would be already finished instead of hanging over my head like the Grim Reaper!


    1. I had to laugh at the Grim Reaper comment. I’ve got a project like that too, and it’s getting close to needing to be done ASAP. Time just goes by way too fast!


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