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To-Do Tuesday 2-12-19 | A Sewing Room In The Making

Hello, and Happy Tuesday, friends! Well, this past week ended up being rather busy and quite productive! I sewed four bags last week. Another Frog Prince bag (but in a larger size), and then three bags that I’ve made in the past. I won’t show the Frog Prince, but I will share the other three bags since it’s been a while.

Santa’s Village is an oldie, but a goodie! I always love making this bag! This cream Fall Leaves print is so pretty. I love the orange leaf binding print. I’m always so happy to make any bag that represents our military and service members. This Air Force bag is a great bag!

I was planning on sewing the bags starting today, Monday, but I had a feeling that our weekend of painting Josh’s old room would change our plans. And I wasn’t wrong! The Mister cleaned the carpet four times, and this is the best we could get it. I told him it was fine, because pretty soon it was going to be covered in crafty scraps anyway! LOL!! We painted the room on Saturday and I LOVE how it turned out! That meant that the next step was an IKEA shopping trip! Since we are both get-it-done type people, I told Brad I wanted to finish this week’s sewing on Sunday so I could focus on setting up and moving the sewing room throughout this week. So Sunday was sewing up the Fall Leaves and Air Force bag (shown above).

IKEA Haul!!

We woke up Monday morning and headed for our nearest IKEA store… In Las Vegas, NV. It’s a three hour trip there, and we arrived a few minutes before they opened. I was well prepared with a list detailing all the package dimensions, weights, and locations of the products within the store. Brad needed to make sure we could fit everything in the truck, so we decided to shop for it ourselves rather than ordering it online and picking it up. Believe it or not, I stuck to the list and didn’t buy one extra thing! That list was so helpful we completed our shopping and had the truck loaded and tied down in an hour and forty-five minutes! For real!

Mulig Shelves

Once we got home I expected to just drop everything off in the room, but the Mister still had some energy. We ended up setting up two Mulig shelving units and he tucked them into each side of my closet.

Stitch ALL The Things | IKEA Alex/Linnmon desk set

After that, we set to work assembling the Alex drawers. I expected these to be a nightmare to put together, but these were pretty easy once we identified all the parts! We ended up with a great assembly line method and got the drawers done rather quickly. After that we put the legs on the Linnmon corner table and set the other end of that on one half of an Alex drawer. Then we took a 47.5″ Linnmon table and set that on the other half of one Alex and the second Alex drawers. So now my table is done! We still have two Billy bookcases to assemble tomorrow, as well as a 3 x 4 Kallax cube shelf system and then the IKEA furniture is done!

I still have a few other pieces of furniture to order online, but with these basics set up I am going to start moving all of my stuff into the room. I think that will be the hardest part for me! Organizing all the crafty supplies! So that is what this week will be all about. I hope to have a finished room to show you next week!

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Set up new sewing room!

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10 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 2-12-19 | A Sewing Room In The Making

  1. Hi Christine! How exciting getting to put your sewing room in shape. I love those two units for your closet. They will hold a lot yet they are a nice compact size. Have fun going through all of your supplies. I cannot wait to see more photos next week. ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. Oh Christine it is so fun watching you put this room together. We are moving the end of March and I need to put together a sewing room too. So I am watching closely.


  3. You will have a very nice space when finished. My son recently moved out and I now his old room so I know your excitement. Prior I had a 10×10 room with no window..


  4. such a great looking set up – like you say the carpet will be covered up in no time – you have an energetic husband – wish mine was!


  5. Your sewing room looks AWESOME and I love how you designed it all with IKEA storage and knocked it out practically in a single day!! WOW!! I am looking forward to seeing the rest of your room come together.


  6. I’m so excited for you, and the paint color is so good! Love your IKEA furniture… I’ve never been able to get out of IKEA in under two hours, and leaving with lots more than on a list! I won’t be able to link up any more as I don’t trust having to give out a password just to link up… sorry about that. I will have lots less visitors between not linking up and the g+ followers going away. Sad.LeeAnna at not afraid of color


  7. Congrats on a new sewing space! I raided our “local” (also 3 hours away) IKEA to outfit my craft room. Our rooms look to be similar in size so I’m hoping I’ll get some ideas from your new digs! (You can tour mine here:

    Are you going to cut out your desk to drop your sewing machine? I’ve seen some cool tutorials that would have been a lot cheaper than buying a special table!


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