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To-Do Tuesday 10-23-18 | Plotting and Planning

Stitch ALL The Things | fabric pulls

Hello, and Happy Tuesday, friends! This past week had me waiting on some supplies so I couldn’t get to sewing as quickly as I hoped. I received what I was waiting for on Saturday, so today I started doing some planning for some barter sewing I am going to be doing. I was sent some fabric to make project bags out of, but I still needed to pick some coordinating prints for the linings. I haven’t quite decided which fabrics I will be using to line the bags yet, but I will know by the time I start cutting on Tuesday.

Stitch ALL The Things | BBD Madeira fabric

I also was sent some of this amazing, and out of print, Blackbird Designs for Moda Madeira fabric in this sampler print. I’ve been asked to make a cover for a cross stitching scroll rod frame and I am excited for the challenge of making something new without a pattern. I’ll be using invisible magnets to secure the cover around the scroll rods, and I intend to have two separate magnet placements on the cover as this particular scroll rod frame is adjustable in height. When I get back into sewing, apparently I jump in with both feet!

Stitch ALL The Things | Chatelaine Designs Poison Garden WIP 10-21-18

This past week I worked on my Poison Garden cross stitch project by Chatelaine Designs. This pattern is very large, and I’ve made a small amount of progress in the middle. This pattern is full of specialty stitches, metallics, silks, beads, silk lame braids, and silk perle threads. It is a challenge to just read the pattern, but each new element I add makes me stare in awe at how beautiful this is. I love every single stitch. This is definitely a long-term project for me, and I am putting this away for a while so I don’t get burned out on it.

Stitch ALL The Things | Santa's Village framed by Jill Rensel

Last week I also received my Santa’s Village piece I finished stitching earlier this year. I had it framed by Jill Rensel and we chose a red lacquer frame for this piece. I decided against mats, since the stitching is already 18″ square in size, and because I think the piece is already busy enough. I just wanted a frame to really enhance the stitching, and I think we accomplished that! The downside is that I don’t get to have the custom painted mats that they are famous for, but I think I chose right to omit them this time.

I hope you are all having a wonderful October, and I look forward to reading what you have all been working on!

This Weeks To-Do List:

  • Sew two, possibly three, project bags
  • Sew two accessory packs
  • Sew a scroll rod frame cover

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10 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 10-23-18 | Plotting and Planning

  1. Hi Christine! Wow, I just LOVE that red frame. It really brings out the red in the stitching, especially the berries at the bottom of each row in with the holly. You must be tickled pick with it! Your selection of fabrics for the bags you need to make look so fun! And I can’t wait to see how you make the cover for the scroll rod frame. Have a wonderful stitching week! ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Thank you, Roseanne! I think the red was a great choice, and I am LOVING it! I’ve got my Sleepy Hollow hanging right now for Halloween, but as soon as Halloween is over I am taking that down and putting this one up in its place for the holiday season! I don’t normally get Christmas decorations out until after Thanksgiving, but I’m excited to keep this one out a little longer than usual! LOL!!


  2. The red frame looks great. That stitching didn’t need anything else. I have a couple more project bags to make for family. After 6 of mine went in the silent auction (family reunion) I had requests for a couple more of them. I tend to use the same fabric on both sides of the back quilted piece.


    1. Thank you, Cheryl! I’m really glad I chose to go with a red frame. I’m glad I’m finally feeling like sewing again, otherwise this would feel like such a chore. I’m doing more of the lined zip-top pouch style bags, and these are always fun to sew!


  3. I love the fabrics chosen for the project bags, both for the bags themselves and the linings. Also, the red frame is perfect without a mat. I love the colors in your Poison Garden piece, too.


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