2 thoughts on “Lady of the Flag Day 1 Progress

    1. This isn’t my conversion. I used a conversion posted in the Stitch Maynia Facebook group by Carrie Hankinson Reinhart. If you are a member of that group you can see the post here (it includes all of her pictures as well): https://www.facebook.com/groups/StitchMaynia/permalink/1340650279394073

      If you aren’t a member, here is what she wrote for her conversion: “Here is the conversion for the dress. 3046 I used 930, 677 I used 931, 869 I used 823, 3045 I used 336, 898 used 939, 712 used 932.

      Beads mill hill 03015 ( as called for in the Flag
      03002 (2 packages), 02010 (2 packages), 02022. I used kreinik #4 braid where charted & also used petite treasure braid PB18.”

      I hope that helps you!


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