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To-Do Tuesday 9-18-18 | All The Stitching

Hello, and Happy Tuesday, friends! We had a busy week with life things to deal with cropping up here and there. I did work on four of the eight SALs I am stitching right now, so I’ll show progress on those!

Last week I started Lady of The Flag on 9/11. I got a late start in the day, so I was only able to stitch on her for a couple of hours. Nevertheless, I’m happy with her progress. I started in the middle, so I started on part of her skirt. I’ll stitch the top half first, and then I’ll work on the lower half. I am using Carrie Hankinson Reinhart’s blue conversion of this chart.

On Wednesday I also worked on Tis The Season by Blackbird Designs. You can see from my previous picture that I filled in the wing and added part of the branch.

Friday evening I added the vine and one flower on Things Unseen by Lizzie Kate. Stitching the vine made me realize I had made a spacing error on the last word on the top line, which messed up the rest of the lines stitched! So I also spent a little time unstitching as well. I will be fixing that this Thursday!

Sunday evening I pulled out my Patriotic Sampler by Jeanette Douglas and completed the big star motif on that. It was all satin and milanese stitches, so I got a lot done in a few hours! I really want to concentrate on this piece and get a finish within the next two weeks!

This week the Mister and I are still busy dealing with the radiator on his truck. Flushing it previously didn’t work as hoped, so he is in the middle of putting in a new radiator. As always, I’m just the go-fer and flashlight holder, but I like to think that’s at least a little helpful to him! I hope you all are having a wonderful week and I look forward to seeing what you’re working on!

This Weeks To-Do List:

  • Try to finish Patriotic Sampler
  • Stitch on other SALs

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5 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 9-18-18 | All The Stitching

  1. That Liberty reminds me of Lavender and Lace. I did The Bride eons ago for a friend who got married. I think I still have The Quiltermaker chart, maybe one day I will return to it.


    1. It’s Marylin Leavitt-Inblum’s daughter, Nora Corbett, who designs the Mirabilia patterns. That’s why it is so reminiscent of Lavender & Lace! Nora definitely has her mother’s talent for drawing and creating these detailed patterns!


  2. Wow! So many beautiful stitcheries in progress! I was going to ask you how you can keep them all organized until I realized I have way too many quilt projects going at once. Not that you have to many cross stitches going at the same time – I just laughed at myself when I thought “how does Christine keep them all going within one week’s time!?”


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