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To-Do Tuesday 8-20-18 | Who Pressed Fast Forward On 2018?

Hello, and Happy Tuesday again, friends! Does this year feel like it’s stuck on fast forward speed to you too? Shouldn’t it still be around February?!

Stitch ALL The Things | 2019 Mazda Miata Grand Touring RF

My husband and I had another crazy busy week. We sold my car, sold the pick-up truck my son was using, and then we bought us a sporty new car! We’ve been talking about doing this for a while, but didn’t have plans to actually purchase a car until the summer of 2019. Turns out, the car we were looking for (Mazda Miata MX5 Grand Touring Retractable Fastback) just put out the new 2019 model with huge improvements to the engine. My husband and I decided to drive to Las Vegas on Saturday to sit in it to see if it would be comfortable. Of course, that also meant a test drive. My husband had been emailing back and forth with the dealership on price, and they gave him a good one, but he had little faith they would actually stick with that number and not try to add anything on. Within 30 minutes of being there and trying out the car, they were bringing us paperwork with the actual agreed-upon price. My husband’s mouth literally dropped open when they told him, “The price we gave you is the out the door price we agreed on. We’re not changing anything.” So an hour and a half later, we were out the door with keys to a brand new car! Since we had just sold my car, this one ends up being my car. But I rarely drive anywhere. And the Mister LOVES to drive. So he will likely drive it the most when we go out together, but I may make some excuses to go out into town by myself more often than I normally would. Haha!

Stitch ALL The Things | Lizzie Kate Things Unseen Progress

I didn’t have much time to stitch since last week. I did start Things Unseen on my Birthday and worked on that for two days. My progress wasn’t too bad on that! This week there are no crafty plans. It’s all about getting ready to watch Josh graduate from bootcamp! The Navy Pass-In-Review graduation ceremony is this Friday, and I am so excited to see him! I will share pictures next week. I will take a small stitchy project, as there will be some waiting in airports on our way back. I just haven’t identified which one that will be yet. I hope you all are surviving the heat of this summer! Or all the rain, if you are having a wet summer like some are!

This Weeks To-Do List:

  • Watch Josh Graduate!

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10 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 8-20-18 | Who Pressed Fast Forward On 2018?

  1. Hi Christine! What a cute car!! It just sounds so zippy and fast – the name alone, Miata, makes me think of whipping around the countryside in Italy or the mountains in Switzerland. And it’s graduation time already! That means you’ll be in my neck of the woods. It is supposed to be nice on Friday – cooler and less humid finally. I’ll send my regards as I drive by at 5:30am. Have lots of fun and safe travels. ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. Yay a new car! I have one too bit am older new one. I am pretty short abs feel like I am sitting in a hole in these newer cars. We’re took my son used car shopping for a Toyota 4 runner. I fell in love with them because I can see out. I came home with one as well as him.

    Enjoy Josh’s graduation.


  3. Oh my, I suffer from the “need for speed” and could have loads of fun in your new car. It beautiful. I have a zippy little Camaro myself that we purchased after my son learned to drive and had his own vehicle. 6 years later, I still smile driving down the road. Thank you for the linky party.


  4. My college roommate had a Miata (close to the same color!) and we had lots of fun in that car. Looks like they’re still just as zippy and fun!


  5. Vroom vroom! I love sporty cars, but my tallish frame and replacement hip would not like the daily in and out! But I can dream of one day owning a Bumble Bee Camaro!! Hubster says he is buying that or a Mustang next year, we will see.


  6. Neat car! My husband is always pointing out Miata’s and Corvette’s to me. Enjoy Josh’s accomplishment this weekend! Way to go Josh! Thank him for his service to our country!


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