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To-Do Tuesday 6-19-18 | The Gem Patch

Hello, and Happy Tuesday, friends! Last week I had two things on my list. To finish the four patch quilt and to applique the Brimfield Block.

Stitch ALL The THings | Gem Patch quilt

I did get the four patch quilt finished and all of the videos recorded of the process. I just need to edit the last two videos, the actual quilting and then doing the binding, and get those uploaded and scheduled to post. The quilt name always comes to me during the quilting process. Gem Patch ended up being the name for this one, since the fabric line is Midnight Gems and the quilt block is the four patch. I think it works! I tried a new method of machine sewing the binding down to the back by stitching in the ditch from the front side. I was not happy with the result at all, as I used 2.25″ binding strips and it was way too big on the back side. I either need to sew the binding on the front of the quilt with a 3/8″ seam allowance, or use no larger than a 2″ binding strip. The result was bad, so I am likely to rip out the stitches and hand sew the binding down when I have some time.

Stitch ALL The Things | Batty & Friend

I didn’t get the Brimfield Block appliqued. That ended up no longer being a priority, as just sewing the block together was the point of that practice block. So I’ve removed this from my list. I may do something with it later, but it’s just not something that needs to happen now. In the evenings I ended up with some eye strain from being on the computer too much. I decided to work on some stitching instead of video editing. I managed to start and finish this cute little chart from Keslyn’s called Batty & Friend. I will be turning this into a smalls pillow.

Stitch ALL The Things | Grimes Ghost

I also started working on a new chart, Grimes Ghost, on Father’s Day. This is a fun little chart, and I’m working on the coat right now. I will be adding buttons later, so I’m not stitching those. I’ll be working on this chart until he’s finished. This week I have to finish the last thank you gift on my list and then get some house cleaning done!

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Edit, upload, and schedule last two quilting videos
  • Thank you gift sewing
  • House Cleaning

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7 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 6-19-18 | The Gem Patch

  1. I think Gem Patch is a perfect name for you quilt! Nice quilting. I don’t know if this will help you with your binding, but when I do one all by machine, I stitch the binding to the back of the quilt and then fold to to the front. On the front, I stitch just a thread or two in to catch the binding, and on the back there will be a straight line of stitching about 1/16th of an inch away from the binding. I like the look on the front and the back. Hope that makes sense. Brimfield! I’m itching to start!


    1. Thank you, Sharon! That’s normally the method I use when machine sewing the binding down. I thought I’d try something new. It didn’t turn out so well for me, but at least I can say I tried it! I’m anxious to get my De La Luna fabric in for Brimfield. Looks like it’s delayed from late June to late July now. Bummer!


  2. Hi Christine, your gem patch is really cute. That’s really too bad about your quilt’s binding. I’ve only machine bound a couple of quilts and, even with a couple of different techniques, it wasn’t worth it. Good luck with it.


  3. I agree that “Gem Patch” is a wonderful name for a wonderful quilt. Perhaps I need to make one. A young lady and her parents in my neighborhood lost her home to a fire on Father’s Day. I have been thinking I should make her a quilt in her favorite colors, but it would have to be simple. One like Gem Patch would be so perfect!


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