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To-Do Tuesday 6-12-18 | Sew Many Projects

Hello, and Happy Tuesday, friends! I’m so glad you all join me during the week to share the projects you are working on, and showing the progress you have made!

Stitch ALL The Things | Grime Guard

This recent week was filled with a variety of different projects. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed from it all, and I’ve already finished most of the work! I made some grime guards as a gift for a friend. These are part of a project bag I also made on Monday. Unfortunately, I was in such a hurry to mail the package off I completely forgot to take a picture of everything. As you can probably tell I am loving this fabric; I’m using it for everything!

While making the grime guards I also made a video tutorial of the process. So I spent some time editing that and adding it to my YouTube channel. There are quite a few stitchers who are getting their own sewing machines, or who have their own sewing machines, and who want to start making things themselves. I hope this tutorial is helpful to them!

Stitch ALL The Things | Four Patch Quilt

I also finished editing and uploaded a video on getting the backing cut and pressed and the backing sewn together for The Four Patch quilt. I ended up also recording the video showing how I basted it using Sharon Schamber’s method of using boards and thread basting. That was probably five hours worth of videos recorded this weekend! I’ll be editing the basting video this week and adding that to the beginning quilt series I am making for the Flosstube channel. So now the Four Patch quilt is basted and ready for quilting this week too!

Stitch ALL The Things | Brimfield EPP

This week was packed with all sorts of projects. I also finished assembling the Brimfield EPP block. I need to applique it down to fabric this week. I did a video reviewing the pattern and the block for those stitchers who were interested in buying this pattern and weren’t sure if they should order one blocks worth of pieces and re-use them, or buy an entire quilt’s worth of papers. I’ll be editing that video as soon as I get this posted, and hopefully that video will have time to save and then upload tonight so it will be live tomorrow.

Stitch ALL The Things | Peace On Earth SAL

In other news, Sarah (of Quilt Moderne) and I have decided to host a Stitch Along! We both fell in love with this Peace on Earth pattern from Cottage Garden Samplings. It was originally only found in the Winter 2015 issue of the now out-of-print Cross-Stitch & Needlework magazine. However, Cottage Garden Samplings released a PDF version of the same pattern, along with a different colorway (fabric AND flosses!) in an Etsy shop! This pattern is fantastic! We have the SAL scheduled to start on September 1st. That will give everyone plenty of time to choose their fabrics and flosses and get ready to stitch. It also gives us time to have a finish before Christmas. We will be giving away two digital patterns and one magazine copy between now and September first. The giveaways will be happening on our flosstube channels, one giveaway per month. You can find Sarah’s Flosstube channel HERE and mine you can find HERE.

Stitch ALL The Things | Peace on Earth Fabric & Flosses

Sarah and I thought that we should each pick a different colorway for our SAL, and I agreed. She was nice enough to let me pick first (because she liked both). I liked the blue-green-grey fabric a tiny bit more than the natural color fabric, so I chose that one. I already bought my fabric and flosses! The Smoke Blue fabric from Zweigart wasn’t the called for fabric, but it is a fantastic color! The camera really does not do it justice. The flosses are absolutely beautiful too. Is it September yet?!

The next week or two is going to be crazy busy for me. Josh agreed to head to the Navy Recruit Training Center early, and so they’ve told us that could be anytime between this Friday, the 16th, and the 30th. The day after he goes, we head to Oregon. The quilt series is not finished, so I have to get that finished and recorded before we go. So, that means getting that completely done this week. It really doesn’t seem like I’m going to have time to get it finished. I’m just going to be putting my head down and getting to work! What gets done, is what gets done!

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Finish the quilt and videos recorded
  • Applique Brimfield Block

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8 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 6-12-18 | Sew Many Projects

  1. Hi Christine! Wow, lots of stuff accomplished for the week and lots of stuff upcoming. Good luck to Josh! I hope that goes well for him (and you). I love the fabric you selected for Peace on Earth – it looks close enough to the original and it will be beautiful.
    Happy Tuesday! ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Thank you, Roseanne! I know it’s hard to get a decent match looking at colors on a computer screen and having to order fabrics online… I feel like I hit the jackpot with choosing this fabric. It turned out to be so perfect!


  2. Hi Christine, I haven’t popped over here for a while – wow, you are such a busy person!! I love your SAL plans. I am not much of an embroiderer (is that a word) but the pattern is lovely. Hope all is well!


    1. Hello!!! I’m so glad you had a moment to pop over! I certainly didn’t mean to have to get this all done at one time! Josh’s timetable moving up ended up moving my projects up as well!


  3. I was going to ask if there was a pattern for your grime guards. You posted the video before I could ask. Great! I’ve saved it to Pinterest, since I don’t have the time right now. Thanks!


    1. Hi, Cheryl! I really should have written the instructions out. I’m sorry I didn’t have time to do that! Once Josh is on his way and I’ve caught up with the current projects I will likely go back and add one!


  4. WOW, you are a busy lady!! Although I’m mystified by the grime guards and can’t figure out what they are used for. I thought they were fabric photo frames at first??


    1. Hi, Rebecca! I certainly didn’t mean to have to get this all done at once! Josh’s date moving up earlier prompted me to get going on these projects right away. The grime guards cover Q-Snap frames that cross stitchers/needleworkers use to hold their fabrics. The grime guards keep the edges of the fabrics clean as we work on the project. I really should have put some fabric on the Q-Snap, but I was rushing to get the pictures done! LOL!!


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