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To-Do Tuesday 6-5-18 | Working on Brimfield

Hello, and Happy Tuesday again, friends! I can’t believe it’s JUNE already!! I accomplished my list for last week. I assembled the four patch quilt top, but I won’t show a picture of that again this week. I also completed the tester bag pattern I was working on, but then another test pattern was posted last week and I decided to make that too. It actually was a two-birds-with-one-stone type deal for me. It gave me the chance to test another pattern AND served a purpose of being a thank you gift! I can’t show a picture of the second test pattern, but I will show a sneak peak because I love the fabric so much!

Stitch ALL The Things | Sneak Peak

I also picked the Brimfield Block EPP project back up. I love the way the outer ring of pieces look together, and would have been satisfied with sewing those without the center. In fact, I think the block would have looked spectacular on a white fabric background without the center. But I am using this as a practice block for when the Tula Pink De La Luna quilt kit arrives for this block, and as that block has the center piece included I knew I needed to put a center in this block too. I think it will still look good with this center piece included, but it would have looked GREAT without it, in this case.

Stitch ALL The Things | Brimfield Block Progress for June

This week I have more thank you sewing to do, and I need to make the backing and baste The Four Patch quilt. I’d also like to stay current on the blog this week too, so that’s on my list as well!!

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Make the backing & baste the Four Patch Quilt
  • Thank you Sewing
  • Keep current with the blog

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11 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 6-5-18 | Working on Brimfield

    1. Thank you! Mostly all of the projects feel chaotic, but I think it’s all internal… I just take day at a time and try to focus on getting one thing done that day! So far, so good!


  1. Christine, what is this new De La Luna quilt you are going to be making?? I searched online and I found the fabric line, but I don’t see any patterns on Tula’s site or on Free Spirit’s site that uses the De La Luna fabric collection with a cool block like the one you’ve shared with us today. I need to start a new quilt project like I need another 5 pounds of cellulite on my bum, but I’m REALLY digging your block and I am thinking I could use some of the older Tula Pink Queen Elizabeth fabric in place of the creepy ladies, since I’ve got Elizabeth yardage in my stash and no idea what to use it for. Thanks for hosting the linky!


    1. Hi, Rebecca! The quilt is going to be the Brimfield Awakening quilt. Basically, this block 12 times. Pink Door Fabrics was selling a quilt kit for this pattern, but they have sold out. It really is just F8’s of different prints from De La Luna and from some of the stripes and pom poms line. You can see some other great Brimfield Blocks on the Brimfield Awakening IG account that only use the De La Luna lines. After I bought the quilt kit I realized I actually like the blocks only using De La Luna a bit better. I bought extra De La Luna fabric in case I want to switch them up. You can find the pattern, templates, and papers on the Brimfield Awakening website, or on the Paper Pieces website.


  2. Hello Christine! Your Brimfield block looks great! Do you remember that I shared that I’ve been eyeing Brimfield for some time now? When I opened my email Sunday, there was a message from Paper Pieces saying some of the Brimfield Awakening collection was 20% off! I hopped on over and ordered the 3/8″ templates and pattern! They should arrive Friday! I’m so excited! I’m jumping on the Brimfield bandwagon!

    Enjoy your week of gift sewing!


    1. Thank you, Sharon! I do remember you mentioning you’ve been interested in the Brimfield Block! I saw that email too, and it was the perfect time to get the pattern, templates, and papers! Yay for a sale!! I’m so happy you are going to be making this quilt too and I can’t wait to see the fabrics you use!


  3. It would have looked spectacular on white, but I understand why you did it the way you did. That center fabric is very unusual but in a good way. I have not seen anything like it before.

    While I am here, thank you for your sweet and honest opinion comment on my blog regarding my “pieceful country” quilt that is looking a little too busy for my taste right now. I am processing it this month to decide how best to draw more attention to the blocks.

    Thanks for the linky!


    1. I really am struggling to like this with the center in the block. I keep telling myself it’s just a practice block anyway, so it doesn’t matter! I have plenty of fabric to make a quilt with and so this can be a throw-away block even. I do love your Pieceful Country quilt and how it’s coming together! You have so many fantastic blocks in there and I love your idea of giving our eyes a place to rest so we can take it all in! I can’t wait to see how you finish the top!


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