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To- Do Tuesday 5-22-18 | BIG finishes!

Hello, and Happy Tuesday friends! This past week was a week of big finishes! I feel so accomplished, and really pleased with the work too!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a bit of time, you’ll know I’ve been working on stitching Santa’s Village, a series of patterns from Country Cottage Needleworks. I started this series on March 4th of 2017. I took a break from May to July of 2017 while I stitched Sleepy Hollow. I started this back up at the end of August of 2017, and made a goal to finish one of the buildings in the series per month. Some months I did more than that, some months I did less. It worked out that by the beginning of May of 2018 I only had about two and half buildings in the series to finish. I made it my goal to complete them during Stitch Maynia (an online stitching challenge to push yourself outside of your comfort zone for the first 18 days in May), and complete this piece. I am thrilled to say that I met that goal with about 20 minutes to spare! I finished the stitching on his piece at 11:40PM on May 18th. I still had to sew on 8 of the buttons for the top two rows, but that only took about 10 minutes the next day, so I’m calling it done as of the 18th! And I absolutely love it!

Stitch ALL The Things | Santa's Village

This series was stitched 2 over 2 on 32 count Jobelan in Lambswool from Wichelt. It took 97 days total to stitch this piece up. The finished size is around 18″ x 18″. I stitched it with all of the called for flosses with the exception of the Gentle Arts Sampler Threads in Poblano Pepper for the light green on the Candy Cane Cottage chart. The dye lot was very different, more of a mint green than an avocado green, and it would not have looked right with the other greens in the chart. I substituted one of the other light green overdyed flosses from a different chart, but I can’t remember which one now. The other changes I made were to use beads in place of french knots, to use red Petite Treasure Braid in the Christmas trees instead of the called for floss, and to use one strand of Petite Treasure Braid in Snow and one strand of DMC Blanc for the snowflakes. I’m absolutely over the moon with how this piece turned out!

Megan and her Road Trip Bag

I also finished Megan’s birthday present in time to get it mailed to her by her birthday. She wasn’t able to pick up the package on her birthday, but she did get it the next day. This is the Road Trip bag pattern from By Annie. This was a fantastic pattern. I ended up hand stitching the binding down to the bag. My machine did a fantastic job sewing the binding strips to the bag, but I knew the stitches would not be as pretty if I were to use the machine for the final binding stitching. It was a lot less stress to just stitch it down, and I think the final results are fantastic! Megan really loved it, as you can see in the picture her grandma took and sent to me. I was so excited to get it off to her I managed to record a video of it, but didn’t take any pictures at all. So I am adding the quick one minute video I put up on Instagram and YouTube here instead:

The other project I’ve been working on has been the Quilting 101 tutorial for my Flosstube videos. So, I’ve been working on a quilt although you haven’t seen pictures of it! I’m just doing a simple four patch quilt, so last week I cut out the solid pieces. I’m using two charm packs from Michael Miller’s Midnight Gems line for the printed fabric squares. I just finished sewing the top and bottom block units together on Monday afternoon. I even timed myself, and I got the units sewn in just under an hour. That was kind of fun! I was able to compress that video footage into about a minute in a time-lapse video for the series. Thank goodness, or I would have been cutting a huge amount of boring sewing video out! Hahaha!

Stitch ALL The Things | The Four Patch Quilt

This week is Josh’s graduation. We’ve been giving our furbaby, Mugsy, some medication to help with his anxiety that has been spiraling out of control. He can not be at home alone ever, or he goes into a real panicked frenzy. Our vet said that his anxiety has been exacerbated by blindness in his right eye, and she believes he is losing sight in his left as well. She prescribed Prozac as a preventative–to even him out–but since that takes about a month to settle in she also prescribed Xanax to help for immediate relief for when we all have to leave the house… Like when Josh graduates. We tested his first dose on Monday to see how he would do, and he fought it the whole afternoon. Like a three year old who refuses to take a nap. It was a bit sad to see. We have to see how he does with a slightly larger dose tomorrow, so that we know he’ll be okay when we leave for Josh’s graduation later this week.

This week I’ll be celebrating Josh’s graduation, preparing for Callie to leave to spend the summer with her dad and bonus mom, watching Mugsy closely, and working on sewing the blocks together on the four patch quilt for next week’s video. It’s going to be a busy week!

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Work on Four Patch Quilt & videos

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10 thoughts on “To- Do Tuesday 5-22-18 | BIG finishes!

  1. Hi Christine,
    Santa’s Village is done!! Woohoo! It really looks great and boy howdy, that was a project and a half. 97 days! The bag for Megan turned out fabulous as well. I hope Josh’s graduation goes well – congrats to him.
    Happy Tuesday! ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Thank you, Roseanne! Those were fun projects, and both challenging in their own right. I’m glad the Christmas Village is done now, and I love that I enjoyed it the entire time and I didn’t get burned out on it!


    1. Thank you, Lisa! I have made my cross stitching pieces into pillows, and I have pans for one of them to be part of a bag as well (I just haven’t made it yet). I also made flat folds with them so they stand up on their own and I don’t have to frame them. I’ve only framed three so far. To me it’s mostly a pain to think of framing, because I don’t really have a place to hang them all.


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