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To-Do Tuesday 4-17-18 | Brimfield Block Love

Hello, and happy Tuesday, friends! I got SO MUCH work done this past week! I feel 1,000 pounds lighter! I finished all of the project bags on Thursday and had them posted on Friday morning. They sold so fast my head was spinning! I was able to get invoices sent on Friday morning and start packing them up. Everyone paid their invoices so fast that I was able to get all but two in the mail by Friday evening! The last two went out on Saturday morning. It was great to be able to move those so quickly. And it took me by surprise too, as I didn’t expect them to sell so fast!

Stitch ALL The Things | Quilting 101 Series

After those bags were out, I spent Saturday cleaning up the hobby room, and then I sat down to write a plan for a Quilting 101 series on my Flosstube channel (YouTube videos about cross stitching). There are quite a few stitchers who have expressed interest in learning some basic quilting, so I thought I would share some of what I know there. By no means am I a great quilter, but I figure if I can make videos that seem fun, are informative, and I can be accessible for questions, then maybe it may help others love this hobby as much as we do! I was able to come up with a rough outline, and I recorded the intro video and uploaded it today. The plan is to end up making a simple four-patch quilt. I am excited to share this hobby with stitchers; my fingers are crossed that I can succeed in helping people learn to quilt!

Stitch ALL The Things | Censored Mermaild Tales Part 1 Cold Rock

My evening time was spent stitching, and I started a new stitch along offered by Peacock & Fig called Mermaid Tales. It is a humorous and snarky four-part series. I finished the first part called “Cold Rock”, and I am attaching a censored picture of it here. I’m sure you can figure out what it says under the white papers!

Tula Pink Brimfield Quilt – Picture by Pink Door Fabrics

I have to share with you all… I have completely fallen in love with the Brimfield Block, an English Paper Pieced block. Pink Door Fabrics posted a picture on Instagram of a quilt top made of the Brimfield Awakening quilt in the Tula Pink De La Luna line, and I was done for (their picture is posted above). I preordered the quilt kit, and then ended up ordering the quilt pattern, templates, and papers. I am so excited to get working on this quilt! The fabric line won’t ship to shops until June, so I won’t get the quilt kit for a couple of months. This is going to give me some time to play with this block and some other fabrics. I also plan to do an EPP series on Flosstube for our stitchy friends as well. I think this is the kind of quilt that would be right up a stitchers alley… Hand stitching!!

Stitch ALL The Things | Brimfield Block Paper Piecing Set

This week I will be continuing to work on and record parts of the Quilting 101 series. I will also be stitching on my Santa’s Village WIP. I am in the middle of stitching the Santa’s Sleighworks cottage, so I hope to have a finished picture of that to show next week. I am also excited about doing some EPP quilting, so I plan on finding fabrics to test out the Brimfield block with this week. Fun times ahead! I look forward to reading what you are all up to as well!

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Work on the Quilting 101 series.
  • Find fabrics for the Brimfield Block.
  • Finish Santa’s Sleighworks in Santa’s Village stitching WIP.

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16 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 4-17-18 | Brimfield Block Love

  1. nice to see another interested in Brimfield Awakening. I will be spending time this week tackling the out of control scrap boxes (at least one of them that is)


  2. It is wonderful that you had such an accomplished week. It sure feels great doesn’t it. Selling all those bags really added to your great week. I wish you another great and productive week.


  3. Hi Christine,
    How great that your bags sold so quickly. That is a great outlet for you, should you need to make some money for something special. I had to chuckle over your mermaid – cute pattern, too. ~smile~ Roseanne


  4. Wow! How exciting that your bags got snatched up so quickly! Brimfield – I keep going to their site and dreaming of jumping in, but I have so many other projects going … I’m looking forward to seeing yours underway this summer!


    1. It was quite a whirlwind and a surprising day getting all of those sold! I have just become completely obsessed with the Brimfield block. I’m sure it’s going to become a classic block, so when some of your other projects wind down you’ll be able to jump on the Brimfield wagon then!


  5. How much do you list your large project bags for, when you sell them? We are planning on making some for a quilt show fundraiser, and are trying to figure out a selling price. All the funds go to the camp that we raise money for.


    1. Hi, Cheryl! Normally I charge $40 for the large bag. I actually use the homemade goods calculation of cost of materials x3 to get the price. I hope that helps you for the fund raiser!


    1. The next part released on the first of May and I could not stop laughing! As soon as I finish Santa’s Village I’m getting that stitched up! I can’t wait to share it!


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