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To-Do Tuesday 4-3-18 | Nevermore Raven Pillow Finish

Hello, and Happy Tuesday, friends! I hope you had a wonderful Easter, if you celebrate the holiday! Otherwise I hope you had a wonderful weekend! This past week did not turn out as expected. Mid-week a table base showed up that my husband ordered for me. He noticed my back giving me problems after the recent cutting session, so he found a table that will raise and lower via a hand crank and purchased it from Amazon. A small issue was that it didn’t come with a table top.

Stitch ALL The Things | CO-Z Standing Desk Frame

The timing wasn’t the best for getting this table in, as I had piles of project bags spread everywhere. But the Mister did what he usually does and went gung-ho to get this table done and ready for me to use! He went to Home Depot and found a gorgeous piece of oak plywood and oak trim and cut it down to a size we determined would work best for the space, 30″ x 60″.

Stitch ALL The Things | Oak table top

After he sanded the edges he used Danish Oil to bring out the natural wood grain and protect the table top. I put a piece of the raw plywood on it for reference, because the beautiful golden color was not coming through on camera.

Stitch ALL The Things | oak table top finished with Danish Oil

Since the table was long enough to have my cutting mat and some extra room to spare, I asked the Mister to cut one of the left over pieces of oak plywood to 23″ x 29″ so I could make a pressing board to sit on the table too. I ran out to hobby lobby to buy some fabric for it, and covered it as soon as I got home. He took the longer pressing board we had previously made off of the old ironing board frame, and that is now standing on end beside the table (not pictured). So if I need to press longer pieces of yardage I can take the small pressing board and cutting mat off of the table and set the longer board on it to use.

Stitch ALL The Things | Finished cutting and pressing table

This table also has rollers on the back side of the table, so it is moveable as well. You just lift up the front and then roll it around. It really is working out perfectly for my needs!

Stitch ALL The Things | Nevermore Raven Pillow front

Since my sewing routine was a bit off, I ended up fully finishing off my stitched Nevermore Raven piece. I used some Nevermore fabric by Michael Miller to complete this project. That fabric was made for this piece! I fussy cut the back right out of the middle of the yardage I had. I knew I needed to have the word “Nevermore” and the raven on this pillow!

Stitch ALL The Things | Nevermore Raven Pillow Back

I’ve completely finished three project bags and all of the rest are quilted and ready to assemble. This weeks plan is to have them finished by Friday, have a video posted by Saturday and hopefully start putting them up on my Instagram for sale by Saturday evening or Sunday. I wish you all a happy and productive week!

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Sew Sugar Skull Girls and Skulls & Roses Project Bags.

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26 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 4-3-18 | Nevermore Raven Pillow Finish

  1. I have that table – we got it when we were redoing the sewing room last year – I love it. I did have the rollers on mine at first but at the lowest setting the rollers made the table too high as I use mine for both cutting and using the sewing machine – it is an investment I will never regret.


  2. Hi Christine!
    How nice of DH to order that adjustable table for you! And to put that beautiful piece of oak on top of the frame – it is just gorgeous. He’s a keeper, that’s for sure. ~smile~ Roseanne


  3. Christine,
    You must luv your hubby alot! What a sweetheart. I would love a table like this for sewing, but would like to cut a hole in it for my sewing machine to sit flush with the table top. Did your hubby see anything like that in his shopping experience?


    1. I do; I just adore him! We haven’t run across a table like this that has an insert for the sewing machine, but I’ve run across a couple of great tutorials online for cutting an insert into a table. You can find them HERE and HERE. When I get my final craft area figured out, I’ll be using those tutorials to make an insert into a table for my machine too. Or, I should say, the Mister will be using them to make the insert into a table…LOL!


  4. You seem to have had a busy and productive week but that table is really the icing on the cake, what a beautiful and useful addition! I love my gate-leg cutting table, you will find yourself wondering how you managed without it. Ergonomics are so important!


    1. The days have definitely been full! This table is just so wonderful! I am so grateful he put this all together for me. You’re right, I have no idea how I was making do with that little desk top before this!


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