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To-Do Tuesday 2-6-18 | Finishing All The Things

Stitch ALL The Things | Cross Stitch Finishes

Hello, and Happy Tuesday, friends! Another week has passed and I am getting my Sewjo back! Woo Hoo!! I decided to get off my duff and finally get some of my cross stitching pieces fully finished off. I had plans to make mounted flat folds out of two of them, frame four, and make pillows out of three of them. I didn’t get all of them finished, but I did get quite a few pieces done and I’m thrilled with the results!

Stitch ALL The Things | Stitchrovia I Love You So Very Much

Out of the pieces I wanted framed, I only finished two. I couldn’t find the right size frames at Hobby Lobby for two of them, so I will have to order frames online. I did find the perfect frame for the I Love You So Very Much piece (pattern by Stitchrovia). I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to get everything straight in the frame, but it was a lot easier to do than I thought! I cut a piece of acid-free foam core the same size as the glass in the frame, used some Alene’s Tacky Glue to spray the foam core, and then placed a piece of batting on the glue side and trimmed it down to the edges of the foam core. Then I placed the stitched piece on top and used pins to keep it in place while I flipped it over and placed some Stitchery tape down. Then I just pulled the fabric around and pressed it onto the tape. It held everything perfectly in place! I popped it into the frame, put the backing on and called it done. I didn’t put the glass back in, so I will have to be careful to keep it from getting dusty. Especially living in Arizona!

Stitch ALL The Things | Mushrooms Grow In Poop

The second framed piece was a cross stitch chart I started and finished this week. I wanted to join a Mushroom stitch along that was happening over on Instagram, but I don’t exactly like mushrooms. I saw this chart on Etsy and I knew it would be perfect for me! It was a fun quick stitch, and I found the frame at Hobby Lobby when I was looking for supplies for my other finishes. I prepared this one the same way as I did with the I Love You piece, except the foam core was way too thick to fit it all in the frame when I was done. I should have seen that coming! I pulled it all apart (pulling that fabric up from the Stitchery Tape was not easy… that stuff is sticky!), and used acid-free mat board instead. It was a tight fit putting the backing in the frame, but I was able to get it on!

I finished two of the three pillows. I want to do a video tutorial for my Flosstube channel on how to make the third pillow for fellow cross stitchers, so I plan on sewing that pillow this coming week. I had some trouble with the trim on the Halloween Town pillow. I was trying to get the pom-poms to not overlap in the corners, and so I trimmed them at the very ends. BIG mistake! All of my corners were completely empty. I should have known that was going to happen, but my brain just didn’t see that far ahead. There was no way I was going to rip it all out and sew it over again, so I decided to make tassels out of floss and sew them on. I love it better this way!!

For two of the pieces I decided I wanted to do them as mounted flat-folds. I figure I can set them up anywhere around the house during Halloween time this way. I just don’t have room to frame everything. I used a tutorial that Vonna Pfeiffer, The Twisted Stitcher, filmed and made these while watching her video. The stitched pieces are a little wonky here and there, but I’m really happy with how they all turned out!

Whew! That was a lot of crafting this past week, and I feel so happy to have been able to create as I wanted too… And also to have some cross stitch pieces Fully Finished Off (FFO’d)! This week I have one more pillow to make, I need to research a place to buy frames from at a reasonable price, and I would like to get one of my finished quilt tops basted and ready to quilt! Yep, I’m ready to get some quilty finishes done too! I hope you all have had a wonderful week. I can’t wait to see what you’ve been crafting!

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Sew Pillow/Tutorial
  • Research Frames online
  • Get Paradiso Quilt Top basted and ready to quilt

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18 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 2-6-18 | Finishing All The Things

  1. What wonderful finishes! I got a chuckle out of your not liking mushrooms. A guy tried to freak me out once by saying,”If you knew how mushrooms were grown, you won’t eat them.” Ha! I grew up on a farm, and if he knew how the veggie gardens were fertilized (or what fertilizer was ‘made’ from) I guess he wouldn’t be eating vegetables! I love how you finished the pillows and flat folds. The trims are a nice touch. I’d have no idea that the green tassels were added to fix a mistake, if you hadn’t pointed it out. What a good week you had!


    1. That’s too funny! I read somewhere once that you weren’t supposed to wash off mushrooms before using them… Just gently brush them off. I remember thinking to myself…”Uh…NOPE! I know where mushrooms grow!” I’m fine with all of the fertilizers and such, as long as I can wash my fruits and veggies off! Hahahaha!!


  2. Hi Christine,
    Great job on getting all those FFOs finished! That has to feel great and I’m happy to hear you may have your sewjo back too. Looking forward to seeing what’s up next. ~smile~ Roseanne


  3. Sewjo. I love that. What would you call it for crochet? I haven’t crocheted since October. I’m not feeling it. I have two projects that need to be completed. I am, however, purging my house and cracking the whip on the “men” in the house. CLEAN! CLEAN! CLEAN! Get rid of crap! That’s where I’m at.


    1. Well, I think crochet is a needleart, and it has stitches… so I’d refer to it as your stitchybug, just like in cross stitch! Your stitchybug has left the building and that little sh*t needs to find his way back home! Hahaha! I get that way with the purging and cleaning too! Right now Brad is doing that with the garages!


  4. I love how you finished your stitching! You inspire me to stitch more, just hard when I teach 4th grade full time! Longing for retirement!!! Two more years!!!!


  5. FFO’s sound so much better than WIP’s and so on. We need to be positive about our work, and value the process even if it takes time to figure out. And Christine, I love the mushrooms! Someone close to me hates the P word. Hates. It’s enough to make me go back to cross stitching just to make one for him. All beautiful finishes! You should be so proud of your progress.


    1. I do like saying I have FFO’s more than WIPs, for sure! That little mushroom chart has claimed a piece of my heart; I just love it so much! Strange how sometimes a little craft can bring such enjoyment!


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