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To-Do Tuesday 11-28-17 | Post-Thanksgiving

Hello, and Happy Tuesday, friends! If you celebrated Thanksgiving last week, I hope you are recovering from your food-coma and that you enjoyed the holiday with family and/or friends!

Stitch ALL The Things | Stash Gift

I made a to-do list last week, but I didn’t really follow it. All of my plans were shoved to the side when all of these packages arrived on my doorstep. A few weeks ago a friend of mine said his wife wanted to get rid of all of her needlework stuff and he asked if I wanted it instead of them dropping it off at the thrift shop. I told him yes (of course!) and he told me that they were sending me “a couple” of packages. EIGHT big boxes showed up at my door, filled with tons of needlepoint kits, cross stitching kits, charts, flosses, fabrics, lapstands, a floor stand, needles, notions, hoops, qsnaps, and stretcher bars. And even more things I’ve forgotten by now. All of this arrived on Wednesday around 11:00am. So my entire thanksgiving prep day went out the window as I dove into all of these boxes and fawned all over my new-to-me treasures. And with this one delivery I achieved SABLE status (Stash Accumulated/Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy). I did manage to prep the turkey by 9 PM, and popped a store-bought pie in the oven while I did that, so I didn’t fail the Mister with turkey dinner!

Stitch ALL The Things | Dullahan & The Death Coach Day 5 Progress

Since most of Thanksgiving was centered around the new epic stash gift, turkey prep, turkey eating, and turkey dinner clean-up, I didn’t have much time for my crafty stuff. I still have three more fabrics to cut into strips for the bargello quilt. I did manage to get some stitching time in, and worked a few stitches on The Dullahan and The Death Coach while the Mister and I spent a day traveling to get the kids. The fabric is 32 count, so I was really struggling to see the holes and stitch while he was driving. We did get caught in a traffic jam for a little over 45 minutes, so that’s when I took the opportunity to stitch a bit.

Stitch ALL The Things | Merry Xmas Day 13 progress

After we arrived home Sunday night, I spent a few hours on Merry Xmas. I had hoped to be done with it by now, as my plans were to spend a day stitching during Thanksgiving. I’m going to try and push for a finish by the 30th, but I’m not sure if I will make it.

This weeks plans are to finish cutting the bargello fabrics, and then I have to set that aside while I sew a Christmas gift that needs to be mailed as soon as possible. I won’t be able to show pictures of that gift until after Christmas. I will also be making one last project bag as a Christmas gift for a customer this week. I said I wouldn’t take any commissioned orders, but figured I could squeeze in just the one bag for a repeat customer. But that’s the last one! (She said…repeatedly.)

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Finish cutting out bargello strips.
  • Make Project Bag
  • Secret Sewing
  • Merry Xmas Stitching – Try to finish

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20 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 11-28-17 | Post-Thanksgiving

    1. Oh, yes, there’s always so much work and so much going on! I think the less I put on my lists the better off I will be! I had my commission order cancel today, so that’s one less task to accomplish and I can get started on my holiday gift sewing!


  1. Morning Christine!
    WOWEE! What a lot of craft items that came your way! I am 100% sure that your friend is happy her supplies went to a good home. It is a win-win all the way around. Congrats on your SABLE status! I don’t know if I am there or not, and I think if you don’t know, you are. HAHA It sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving – and yes, one more bag. THE last one . . . for now. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. I would be thrilled if my stash went to someone who would enjoy it, so I really do hope she feels the same way! I am just in hog heaven over here. There were so many treasures… Mirabilia’s, Lavendar & Lace, Eva Rosenstand kits (my favorite being the Country Farm Sampler), and a couple of K’s Creation’s lapstands AND a K’s Creation floor stand! I have a Lowery stand, but I know how expensive those K’s stands are and I literally screamed when I opened THAT box. It has a bit more maneuverability than my Lowery stand, so I’m using that one now and loving it! And all of that is the tip of the stash iceberg! I’m just thrilled to pieces! I have no idea if I’ve reached SABLE with my quilting stuff, but like you said, if you don’t know…you are! Too true! Hahahaha! The customer cancelled her bag order today, and while it was slightly disappointing that I had just purchased extra Flex Foam (at a higher price than usual) because I ran out, I’m relieved at the same time that I can dive right into my secret sewing. Things happen for a reason, and it may very well be that I just didn’t need that extra work on my plate this season!


    1. So much stuff! It took me three days to go through it all, and I kept finding little treasures throughout. Now I just need to find a place to put it all, and all the places were filled after my recent organization/cleanup. This will be interesting!


    1. Oh, it was so wonderful! It took me three days to go through everything, and I’d probably still be sitting there sifting through it all if I didn’t have other work to do! Such a blessing to have been given! And how fun it would have been to go through it with someone else who would have enjoyed it as much as I!


  2. Hope you find some treasures in all those boxes! That is a really good friend to gift you with all the possibilities! Good thing you had a carefree Thanksgiving planned!


    1. I found so many treasures! They are amazing people; so very kind and generous. I said many times to Brad over Thanksgiving weekend, “Thank goodness it’s just you and me… I don’t want to put all of this stuff away!” It was spread out all over the living room for three days! LOL!!


  3. Congratulations with your haul! What fun! I love your Merry Xmas stitching project! Last night we saw the movie “Coco” about Dia de los Muertos and it was fantastic! Then, today, I get to see your lovely project! 🙂 Thank you for sharing!


    1. Thank you! I am definitely thankful for that stash… I don’t think that feeling will be going away anytime soon! And, thank goodness I had my stitching in the car when we hit that traffic jam. Time went by quickly for me, but for the driver…not so much! LOL!


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