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To-Do Tuesday 11-6-17 | Ready for Quilting

Hello, and Happy Tuesday, friends! It’s that time again where we see how we did last week with our goals, and plan what we want to accomplish for the week ahead. On last week’s list I had two tasks: filling the last of the bag orders and pulling fabrics for the Bargello quilt. Both of those tasks were checked off as complete!

The last of the bag orders were finished and mailed off this past week. I loved all of the fabrics I used to make these bags. I have always been fascinated by the Gorjuss girls and I loved the print used for the Gorjuss bag. I also made an Americana bag for one customer, and another customer asked for an Air Force bag (as her father served in the Air Force), and a fall themed bag. It’s easier to sew when you love the fabrics you sew with…and these were all great!

Stitch ALL The Things | Santa's Village Top Row Progress

As far as stitching goes, I finished Mrs. Claus’ Cookie Shop in the Santa’s Village series by Country Cottage Needleworks. The top row is finished, and I love it! I haven’t stitched the cookie button on it yet, and won’t until the entire series is stitched since this project is on a scroll frame. Four houses down, and eight to go!

After I finished the Cookie Shop, I wanted to start a chart I’ve had in my stash for just over a year. I am absolutely over the moon (pun intended!) with the Prairie Moon Crypt Club charts. I only became aware of these charts in the last year, so I missed out on getting them before they became Out Of Print and VERY hard to find. I was able to find three of them for not-quite outrageous prices (but very close to that), and now that the holiday season is coming up on us I decided to get the Merry XMas chart done before Christmas. I started stitching this on 32 count crystal Nocturne Lugana by Picture This Plus. I quickly remembered why I hate the crystal fabric from them… I can’t see the holes! I don’t know how they process the fabric to get the glitter, but it seems like whatever it does seals up the holes on the fabric. I found another 32 count evenweave by Fabric Flair in Smokey Blue that matches the flosses nicely and re-started stitching. I plan to work on this one until it’s finished. I have to note that the model in the picture of the chart shows the dress as being white, but the called for floss is pink. I was surprised at that, but I love the pink enough to keep it, rather than change it to a white. The fact that these flosses are Crescent Colors Belle Soie helped that decision. There was no way I was going to pay for another white floss to replace the pink I had already purchased for this chart!

Stitch ALL The Things | Sturgis Quilt Top

This week I will be working on the Sturgis quilt. I need to press it, get it basted, quilt it, and hopefully have it bound and finished by next Tuesday. I was meaning to take this weekend off resting and relaxing, but the Mister got his annual “we have too much crap and things must be cleaned and purged” feeling going on. There was no way I could sit on the couch spending the day stitching while he was working, so I decided to tackle the sewing room and clean, purge, and re-organize it. I had this on my list to do AFTER completing my holiday sewing, but now seemed as good as time as any. I worked all day on Sunday and Monday in the hobby room, and it looks so much better now. I also found that I had already pulled all of the fabrics for the Bargello quilt, they were sitting in a neat pile under a messy pile of fabric scraps. Oops. At least that task was quickly checked of my list! I really should have taken before and after pictures of the room, but it was a shameful mess and there’s no way I wanted anyone to see that! At least now I won’t be moving piles of stuff from one place to the next while I switch over to quilting. Everything now has a place, and is in its place. Oh the joy to be working in a clean and organized room!

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Press, Baste, Quilt, and Bind Sturgis quilt
  • Work on Merry Xmas stitching

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13 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 11-6-17 | Ready for Quilting

  1. Ha ha- you’re sewing room sounds like my sewing room! Hubs walked in yesterday to ask me something, stopped short, eyes wide, shook his head, and said something to the effect of maybe he should call Hoarders and schedule an intervention. Yeah… it;s THAT bad. In my defense, I do have a lot of active projects right now… (but really, I need to clean and organize immediately, if not sooner!) I bet you’re excited to be working on a quilt again- yay! And I LOVE those Gorjuss Girls too!


    1. It was such an awful mess! I had a pile about three feet high shoved onto a shelving unit that was encroaching onto Brad’s side of the unit. And that was three feet high and compressed! When I pulled it out, there was fabric EVERYWHERE! It was crazy! I laughed at the visual of Doug walking into your room! At least you have the excuse of multiple projects, I just kept throwing stuff from the bags into the same spot… over and over and over! Ridiculous.


  2. Hi Christine,
    I cannot believe how far you got on that newest cross stitch project! All finished in one week – amazing. I always love your bags. I was going to say especially the stars one, but then I have to add the leaves and planes and . . . so just all of them. HAHA The Sturgis quilt – I forgot about this quilt. I visited SD last summer and was very near Sturgis, so I am looking forward to seeing your quilt all finished. Good job on straightening the hobby room! It is always so much more fun to work in there when you can find what you need. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Hi, Roseanne! I have really been enjoying stitching on this one even though it’s only been three evenings worth of work! Some of the stitches right in the middle of her skirt need to be re-done though. They’re all wonky and so it looks patchy there… it’s driving me crazy! My husband used to live in Sturgis, so when we traveled through there so he could show me the area and I found a quilt shop with this fabric, I knew I had to get it to make a quilt for him! He’s been waiting for me to make this for 2.5 years (I think… it could be longer) now. He’s happy I’m finally getting it finished!


  3. Your stitching is beautiful as always and all the bags delightful, half the fun is all that gorgeous fabric suited to the people they’re going to. It is so easy for things to get out of place, I had a big tidy recently but find that it is difficult to keep it all in place so I guess a small tidy is in my forecast. All the best with the quilt.


    1. Thank you so much! Playing with those pretty fabrics made geting through this last week of bag making fun for me. As far as my craft room, I’m hoping to try and keep on top of it this time around… But that’s what I said the last time too! 😉


  4. Isn’t it funny sometimes when we forget that we’ve already done something, and then we discover it at a later date? As usual, the bags are gorgeous! I am really looking forward to seeing this stitching project finished – super cute!


    1. I laughed at myself when I saw that fabric pull under my messy pile! It was only after I saw it that I remembered I had picked out all the fabrics, and had even bought extra fabrics for that quilt. Now I’m ready to get to work on it.


  5. Nice bags with great fabric combos as always. I have to admit, I was not getting this new cross stitching project, until I looked closer and oh! that is a Christmas tree and the skeletons are wearing stocking hats! Clever combination. Ah yes, the Sturgis quilt, hope you have fun quilting it. I got a chuckle out of your finding the bargello fabrics already neatly ready. I was looking for an item in my sewing room and found a forgotten project – that was supposed to my DIL birthday gift. Oh well. I’ll catch up one day!


    1. Thank you! This is definitely a different kind of Christmas cross stitch pattern, but one that’s right up my alley. I did laugh at seeing my Bargello fabrics, and also felt relief at knowing the work of choosing the fabrics was already done. I even found a paper with all of my notes for which fabrics went where under the pile! I am such a goof!


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