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To-Do Tuesday 10-31-17 | A Sleepy Hollow Halloween

Stitch ALL The Things | Sleepy Hollow Framed by Rensel Studios
Image from Rensel Studios

Hello, and Happy Tuesday, friends! Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year, though you wouldn’t know it by looking at my house this year. I was just too tired to take out the decorations. However, I did receive Sleepy Hollow back from Jill Rensel and Crew and that more than made up for the lack of other decorations!

Stitch ALL The Things | Sleepy Hollow Frame Choice
Image from Rensel Studios

Working with Jill and Amber was amazing. Their process was very easy, and after I picked out the mats and frame I liked best from the set of three options they sent me, I left the rest up to them… Including their special art work touches. I have to say, I actually requested a different frame than this one, but once I saw the skulls and the spiderwebs on this frame, along with the bone border, I knew this was the frame for this piece. The mats are a black suede, Night Sky tapestry, and Trail Brown regular mat. The flames look like they are chalked on, and they are just amazing. The whole piece framed ended up being 24″ wide by 30″ tall. I absolutely love it, and have it hanging in the living room. This piece is going to be hung year-round. No way am I putting this away after Halloween is over. I should note, these pictures just do NOT do this piece justice, it really needs to be seen in real life.

Stitch ALL The Things | Sleepy Hollow Framed by Rensel Studio Upper Right Corner

I wanted to show the close up of the flames art work done by Rensel Studio. Above is the upper right corner

Stitch ALL The Things | Sleepy Hollow Framed by Rensel Studios Lower Left Corrner

The lower left corner. Absolutely amazing!

Stitch ALL The Things | Sleepy Hollow Framed by Rensel Studios Size Comparison

To give an idea of the size of the skulls, I placed a quarter on the frame. This frame was bigger than I expected, but it’s perfect and I love it!

I finally finished the final Hyacinth Bag and sent the set of three off to my cousin. She ordered them from me for Christmas presents for her girls, I hope they (and she!) love them! Now that those are done, I have started on the last few orders I received last week. I finished an order on Monday for a set of 5 grime guards. I happened to make this same set a month or so ago for another customer. I love these fabrics, and they really do make great holiday themed grime guards!

Stitch ALL The Things | Grime Guard Set

This week I pulled out Santa’s Village to try and get back in the stitching mood. It definitely worked! This picture is three days’ progress on Mrs. Claus’ Cookie Shop. I should have this house finished in three more days, and then the top row of Santa’s Village is done! That will be four houses down, and eight to go. I just love stitching on this one, and especially now that the holidays are coming up!

Stitch ALL The Things | Mrs. Claus' Cookie Shop Progress

This week I will be finishing the last three bag orders before I start my quilting and holiday sewing. Did you read that?! This is the LAST WEEK for bags this year!! I am ready to get going on my quilts! Woo Hoo!!

I can’t wait to see what you’ve all been working on this week. I appreciate you all linking up every week with me and helping me stay focused on my list and my goals for the week. It’s always a joy to see what you all are working on, and your goals for the week!

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Work last four commissioned orders
  • Pull Fabrics for Bargello Quilt

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12 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 10-31-17 | A Sleepy Hollow Halloween

  1. Hi Christine,
    So it is all finished just in time for Halloween! YAY! I used to own a cross stitch and framing shop, and picking out the mats/frame was always my favorite part. Some people had a complete vision for their project, and others had NO idea what to pick. It was a good outlet for my creativity, and your framers did a fabulous job. Just the mats they picked to highlight the stitching is great – and that frame!! Perfecto. I love all the bags but those little kitties are the sweetest. I’m glad you are feeling better now. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. I was so happy they were able to get it finished and back to me before Halloween; the timing was perfect! I am terrible with figuring out mats and frames, so I was more than happy to leave this in the hands of people who love doing just that, and know what they’re doing! I am definitely feeling better! The Mister and I realized we caught some kind of weird bug that made us both feel really down. Achy, weak, clammy, buzzy heads and all coming in waves. We’d feel perfectly fine one moment, and then the next moment we’d feel all that weird stuff. Not bad enough to need to stay laying down or resting all day, but just enough to feel sluggish and blah. Thank goodness it’s finally passed. Now I know why I was struggling so hard the last two weeks creatively!


    1. Thank you! I was blown away when I received it. It was actually funny, my husband and youngest daughter were home when it arrived, and the box it came in was HUGE. We start going through the process of carefully opening it up, only to find it buried in layers of cardboard and paper. We could have dropped the box from a second story window and had no damage, it was so well wrapped. After we finally got it out of the cardboard, we all three just stared at it for several minutes. It was so much better than we expected, and it was the first time my husband said to me, “That was worth every penny you spent.” Until that moment he couldn’t understand why anyone would invest several hundred dollars to have something framed. I told him not to worry, I wasn’t sending them every piece to frame, just the special ones. He was very relieved…LOL!!!


  2. Wow! Your Sleepy Hollow matting and framing is perfection! What an amazing frame to go with your stitchery! Love your bags and guards too. Hope your last week of filling orders goes smoothly!


    1. Thank you!! I absolutely love how it turned out. They definitely brought my stitching from the ordinary level to the epic level…Hahaha!! So far all is well with the orders. I can’t tell you how excited I am to put the sit-down long arm machine back to work when I quilt the Mister’s motorcycle quilt next week. Woo Hoo!!


  3. Yea! Sleepy Hollow looks so beautiful! Wow! That framing is amazing! I’m in awe of the beauty of the completed project! Bags are done for the year – and you get to get started on the fun stuff! Congratulations!


  4. The Sleepy Hollow is absolutely fantastic! When I used to cross stitch, I loved having a sueded mat to set off the texture of the stitching. I didn’t get as much done as I hoped this week…including having time to blog! Enjoy your Christmas sewing!


  5. Beyond gorgeous! I wouldn’t take it down either. That frame, the chalking, everything compliments your stitching to perfection.


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