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To-Do Tuesday 10-3-17 | October

Stitch ALL The Things | Potions Bag Set

Hello, friends. It’s October already. I can’t believe it. I am about two weeks away from being done with all current bag orders, and that means I can see some quilting time in sight. Super happy about that, as Christmas will soon be here and I have three quilts to have finished by then. I’ll be temporarily disabling the order form on the website at the end of October, and won’t be accepting any orders until January of 2018. If I keep taking orders, I will never get to my Christmas sewing. Or get it finished, anyway. That’s not an acceptable outcome for me this year.

As far as last week’s list goes, I completed four bag orders. I love the zip top pouches, and especially the Sugar Skulls print. Also, it’s a good thing I love the Potions print so much, since I made three bag sets from that print last week, and have one more to make from that print this week.

I had one customer ask for a Potions Bag, some Grime Guards and an ORT container. If you aren’t sure what an ORT container/jar is, here’s a great post by The Stitching Corner that explains it well: ORT Jars. I looked up a tutorial online and was able to make a simple ORT container in matching fabric. I hope she likes it!

This recent week of sewing was definitely October themed. I’m ready for Halloween now! This bag was made from the last of bit of this beautiful fall fabric. Just looking at this bag makes me want to go bake a Pumpkin pie!

This week I have two more project bag orders, and then I had a request from my cousin to make three Hyacinth bags for her as Christmas gifts. I am not sure how long each bag will take to make, I’m estimating 3 days per bag. So I’ll probably only have one finished by the time next week rolls around.

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Complete two project bag orders
  • Begin sewing Hyacinth Bags

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17 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 10-3-17 | October

  1. Hi Christine,
    You really got a lot accomplished last week! I love that potion fabric – so cute! And that fall bag!! WOW – the colors in that are just fabulous and you matched them so well. I will check out your link for the ORT jar. I’ve never heard of them before – apparently I live in a cave and don’t get out much. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Hi, Roseanne! I hadn’t heard of ORT containers until the past year or so myself, once I joined a Facebook cross stitching Group. I always throw my threads away, because I have so many thread trimmings/ends/tails all over the place anyway! I have seen a lot of people save their cross stitching trimmings and put them in an ornament ball so they can have a reminder of the flosses they used during their stitching year. It’s a fun idea, but with me having thread all over the place from sewing AND from cross stitching, the last thing I need is a ball of it hanging from my Christmas tree too… Hahaha!!


      1. HAHAHAHA! I agree! It does look cool, in theory . . . but we save SO much as quilters, don’t you think. That one inch piece MIGHT be needed again . . . ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. You sure have had another week of great sewing. I do hope you show your version of the ORT container. And the Hyacinth Bags too! Is that the pattern by Sew Sweetness?


    1. Thank you, Sharon! The picture in this post that shows the little triangle container (inside the squares) actually is the ORT container! I didn’t take a picture of it close up, so it’s hard to see the sides. Because it is fabric, it folds up flat, so I like the idea of taking a little trash container that you can fold up and throw into your project bag!


  3. ORTS, I once made a bag with a hen on a nest, as the front pocket, and used all the thread ends under some wash-away, stitched them in place, and it was one way to use them up. Her nest was very multi-coloured!!


  4. Those sugar skulls and potions bottles are awesome! As per usual, you have been so busy. And three quilts by Christmas? You’re going to be even more busy! (But I think you might have 1 of the tops already completed, right? That helps!) I was not familiar with ORT jars, very cool.


    1. Thank you! I’m not sure that I actually will got all three quilts done by Christmas, but one top is already done so it may be possible! I didn’t really know about ORT jars until a year or so ago. Saving my snipped thread ends isn’t something I am keen ondoing because of Mugsy and the fact that my sewing already has thread all over the place. Other people like to save them and stuff them into a clear glass ornament to see all of the floss they used on their projects during the year. I think it’s an interesting idea, but again… Not for me.


  5. Wow, what great bags! The fabrics you offer are unique and wonderful so I am not surprised you have a lot of orders. I hope you get back to quilting soon.


    1. Thank you! I’ve enjoyed making the bags, but I am definitely ready to get back to my quilting. I’m about 10 days away from pulling out my quilting fabrics…Woo Hoo!


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