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To-Do Tuesday 7-25-17 | Ghostly Encounters Stitching

Hello, my fellow To-Doers/Have-Doners! (Yep, I’m being my usual goofy self!)

Stitch ALL The Things | Ghoul Tidings Finish

I did finish Ghoul Tidings by Plum Street Samplers after posting last week. There were a few errors in the chart with the top border, but other than that, this was a quick, fun stitch. I used a piece of linen that I picked up on one of our thrift shop trips, but it turned out to be 26 count and not 28 count. I didn’t really like the bigger count fabric, but it worked for this piece. Instead of using the called for Gentle Arts Sampler Threads, I used DMC according to the chart’s listed conversion. The colors are bolder and do not have the variegation that the model in the chart does, but that’s okay. I love the way it looks! I started this one on 7/11/17 and finished on 7/17/17, with 7 evenings of stitching. I intend to fully finish this off into a pillow when we return to Arizona.

Stitch ALL The Things | Ghostly Encounters Progress

This week had me starting Ghostly Encounters by Stitches Through Time. This piece is a fun little chart using only three colors: two DMC (310 and 921) and one Weeks Dye Works in Snowflake. There are also a few beads, and they really make the eyes on the creatures here pop! I have two tombstones and the border left to stitch, and then this will be done. I should have a finish in the next couple of days.

Stitch ALL The Things | More Goodwill Finds

The Mister and I are wrapping up our summer, so we have been busy doing little things here and there to finish up our current work on the house. We also did our usual thrift store shopping, and he found me a split rod scroll frame (I’ll be cutting the rods down to about 18″), and this sweet Amazing Grace chart. It’s one of my favorite hymns, so I plan on stitching this one in the future. I’m going to miss these thrift shops up here, there are a lot of crafters in this area!

Confession time!

I have to admit, I am not excited to get home to Arizona and back to sewing bags. This summer break has made me realize just how much of my own projects I pushed aside, and that makes me sad. I had intended on making a quilt for my son’s birthday (he has asked me for one for over two years!). I ordered fabric but couldn’t start it due to the commissions workload I accepted. I finished a quilt top for Brad and got the backing and batting cut to size in December of 2016, and never had time to baste it, quilt it, and bind it. It’s still sitting folded up on my table. I wanted to sew a new purse for me, but didn’t have time for that either. I have several other things listed that I wanted to get done, but I just keep putting them to the back of my to-do list. The Mister and I are heading home in one week, so when I get back I will be completing orders I committed to before we left and then I will no longer be taking commissioned work. I may sew some bags later and put them up for sale, but it will be after I can get caught up on projects I had on my January 2017 list. I have felt such a relief after making that decision, that the dread of returning to Arizona has lessened greatly! This also means that you may be seeing some quilting again here on the blog. To that I say: YIPPEEEEEEE!!!!

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Finish Ghostly Encounters
  • Pack for Arizona

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12 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 7-25-17 | Ghostly Encounters Stitching

    1. Thank you! He will be very happy to finally have his own quilt. He’s the only one in the family I haven’t made one for yet. I have no excuse for it! He loves the ocean, so I chose to make a bargello quilt, Surf Song from Twist and Turn Bargello Quilts by Eileen Wright. I even bought all of the fabrics I needed & was ready to cut them out when I was seriously side-tracked by project bag making. I’m looking forward to getting that one done for him by Christmas. I think he’ll love it!


  1. Hi Christine,
    OMG – I have that Amazing Grace cross stitch framed and hanging in my house. We used to own a cross stitch/framing shop and that was one we made for the store. I would share a photo but cannot do so on your blog. If I think of it, I’ll take a picture of it and send it to you. It is one of my favorite hymns as well. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. I love this Amazing Grace chart! The sad thing was I did some online searching to see what the chart was worth. I found the chart only available on Etsy for $24, which seemed a little high, but it’s obviously out of print, so I understand the cost. The sad part was that I also saw another etsy shop selling this actually stitched up and framed (no glass) for $12! How sad, someone did all of that work and it probably was given away in an estate sale and now it’s being resold for only $12. There was something just so wrong with that. I have someone in mind to make this for, and I think they’ll love it!


      1. I’m glad you are making this for them – it’s nice to make it for someone that will love it. $12 for a finished/framed piece. WOW that is sad. Very sad. I’ll send that picture to you in your email. ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. All your stitchings are fabulous, whether cross stitch, bags, or quilts! I’m so happy for you that you have found peace in your decision to let go of the commission work and focus on your quilts! Sounds like 2 men in your life will be happy to have their quilts completed!


    1. Thank you! I’m definitely happy with my decision and can’t wait to get back to quilt making! I was just looking at the picture of the bargello quilt this morning, and all of the fabrics I ordered to complete it, and my fingers starting itching to get to work! I have about a month or two of bag making before I can get to that, but at least I know I have made it possible to complete by Christmas!


  3. I cannot believe it’s almost time for you guys to head back to AZ! I feel like you just got to OR. I”m glad you feel good about your decision regarding commissioned work. I’m also excited to see more quilts from you!


    1. Apparently I was not quite caffeinated enough to type out my entire name when I posted my comment this morning. (insert eye roll emoji here).


    2. I am very surprised by how fast this summer has passed. I’m not ready to go back to Arizona at all. I am excited to get back to quilting though. I just re-read my 2017 Plans post and felt really bummed that I’ve not done anything on the list except for making the Sleepy Hollow chart. My cross stitching plans have pretty much been on track, but the quilting, hand bags, and apparel sewing went right out the window. I’m hoping to salvage the last quarter of the year and at least finish Brad’s quilt and make Josh’s quilt!

      Oh, and I laughed when the notification email came in from “S”. You’ve been commenting long enough you have the right to abbreviate to S. LOL!!!


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