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To Do Tuesday 6-6-17 | The Finish That Wasn’t

Hello, friends! The Mister just kindly reminded me that it was Monday evening and asked if I had written my blog post for Tuesday. Um…Nope! Time always seems to go by so quickly when we are here, and I lose track of the days without having the kids’ schedule to follow. At least he was paying attention, so I won’t be scrambling in the morning to get something written and posted. Thank you, Mister!

Stitch ALL The Things | I Cross Stitch

While we were traveling to Oregon I spent the time in the car working on my I Cross Stitch So I Don’t Kill People WIP. I wasn’t quite finished by the time we made it to Salem, but was having such fun that I decided to spend a few extra nights working on it so I could have a finish. I happened to pack another kitted chart for travel in case I made good progress on this one, so I didn’t feel bad about pushing to a finish. On the last evening of working on this, I was so close to being done when I realized that the entire right hand side was off by one stitch to the right, and one stitch too high. I started the top corner round motif wrong, so the rest was off too.

Stitch ALL The Things | I Cross Stitch

I was so mad that I just put all of my stitching away for two days. I finally quit pouting, grabbed my embroidery scissors and started snipping all of the little X’s. Yes, I used scissors despite the rule of “take out your stitching using the same tool with which you stitched it”. I was careful with the scissors and, quite frankly, too irritated at having to rip everything out to be bothered with patiently and gently pulling all of the threads back out with my needle. After having cleaned up the fabric from loose threads and fluff, I folded it and put it away. At this point I have at least two days worth of stitching left on it, and that will fill my travel days back home at the end of summer.

Stitch ALL The Things | Ships Manor Mystery Halloween Town SAL

After putting away I Cross Stitch, I pulled out my Ship’s Manor Halloween Mystery Town Stitch Along (SAL). Parts 1 and 2 had been released, and I have been working on this one trying to catch up before part 3 releases on the 7th. I was hoping to get the house finished before writing this post, but my fingers weren’t nimble enough to accomplish that. I am still happy that I’ve got maybe an hour’s worth of stitching left and then this will be ready for Part 3. I don’t think I’ll start the third part right away though, as I have been itching to get back to work on Sleepy Hollow. I’ve just got the border and the quote left to do on that one, but it’s going to take some time since the border is quite detailed and has beading on it as well.

That’s it for my stitching this week. As far as the house goes, I’ve been chasing Daddy Long Legs down, and we’ve been cleaning up the flower beds here and trimming up the raspberry bushes. This week I’ll be digging out the ridiculous Calla Lillies (that I can NOT stand AT ALL) in the hopes that eventually, someday, maybe, they’ll go away. I hope you are all enjoying the beginning of summer time! I can’t wait to read what ya’ll have been up to!

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Catch up on Ship’s Manor SAL
  • Dig up the Calla Lillies

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8 thoughts on “To Do Tuesday 6-6-17 | The Finish That Wasn’t

  1. Hi Christine,
    Ugg, one stitch off in cross stitch. At this point, it is a good thing it has been put away or you might have just crumpled it up and threw it away. I love to do cross stitch too, but I have been way behind in my project. Hmm, maybe you have motivated me to get that out . . . and write about it so it stays on my radar. ~smile~


    1. I was so close to just wanting to scrap it, so that’s why it is sitting safely in a drawer! LOL!! At least it’s ready for me to start stitching on again at a later date! I’d love to see your stitching WIP!


  2. Once again, for me, you have proven that cross stitching takes way more patience than I have! I hope you enjoy the project when you pull it out to work on traveling back to AZ. We got to keep our stitching happy, don’t we!?


    1. Stitching definitely tests my patience (which I have so little of anyway). I have to take a breath, sometimes wait a few days, rip out the mistake, and then set it aside for another bit of time. Otherwise I get so mad at the piece I want to throw it away! It’s pretty much the same method I use when I make a big mistake in quilting! LOL!!!


  3. Oh man, having to take out stitches that close to being finished sucks! I totally understand! Both pieces look great, though! I am glad you’re enjoying your time in Oregon!


    1. Oh, I was so pissed! But it’s just stitching and it’s supposed to make me happy… so I had to pull up my big girl britches and make it right! I am LOVING the weather up here right now! I can’t believe how amazing it’s been! The kids are arriving on Sunday, just as the rain comes too. How perfect! LOL!! They’ll be here a week though, so I think later next week is supposed to be nice, which means a trip to the coast. I can’t wait for them to get here!


  4. I love your first project! I haven’t cross stitched in years, but I just may have to pick it up again! Love that pattern! Such patience you have to pull it out…..Your Halloween house is so pretty! Looking forward to seeing your progress!


    1. Thank you!! I love stitching, it really relaxes me in the evenings. I was really irritated at having to rip it out, but I’d be more irritated if I left it the way it was and had to look at it like that for the rest of my days! Hahaha!


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