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To-Do Tuesday 3-21-17 | Spring Break

Ya’ll. I almost forgot to write this post! My days are all mixed up and I have to repeatedly ask the Mister what day it is. Thankfully I realized it was Monday “blog writin’ day” and got this done before bedtime!

Stitch ALL The Things | Cracked Window

We are at the Oregon House this week. We had a safe drive up, with mostly no issues. There was one severe allergy attack (me) around Bishop, CA, and one rock thrown at the windshield around Winnemucca, NV that resulted in a crack. We expected the crack to creep all the way across the windshield, but it stopped at about 9″. Love technology though, while I took over driving the Mister grabbed his phone, went through the Geico app and arranged to have it fixed on Monday. Safelight came out and replaced the window in two and a half hours time. Sweet!

Stitch ALL The Things | Oregon

I was super happy to see the house. The Daffodils and Hyacinths are blooming, the tulips are growing, as are the day lilies (my very favorite!). The peach tree and blueberry bushes have buds on them. The Marion berry vines are held up by two posts with wires running across them. One of the posts broke in the last few months. There was a huge tangle of old vines, new vines, and wire on the ground. I cut everything but four primocanes back to the ground. We planned on fixing the post and wrapping more of the vines, but other work got in the way…

Stitch ALL The Things | Tools

The last time anyone was at the house was in October when Mister came to oversee the apple tree trimming. He ran the water through the house and had no issues then. When we arrived this week, 5 months later, we had some issues. Long story short, we have a bunch of rust in the lines that clogged up the faucets and bath spout and shower heads. We’ve spent the days here trying to figure out what’s going on (no, it’s not the hot water heater, it’s the 67 year old plumbing lines and lack of use), and fixing everything. It’s funny, on the drive up the Mister turned to me at one point and said, “I don’t want to spend this entire week working. I want to relax and enjoy the house.” I replied, “You know, every time you say something like that, we end up working our behinds off.” In the middle of the plumbing debacle you know I had to bring THAT conversation back up, right? Yeah, you know it had to be done!

Anyway, no projects to show this week. I was stitching on Sleepy Hollow on the drive up, when the roads weren’t too awfully bumpy, and I had a bit of time today while the Safelight guy was fixing the windshield. That will be the only crafty related thing I work on this week. I hope ya’ll are having a great week. I hope to be more prompt with my blog visits and replies to comments. This past week has been pretty crazy, so please forgive my tardiness.

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Help the Mister with the plumbing issues

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9 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 3-21-17 | Spring Break

  1. I hope you and Hubs are enjoying your Spring Break even if it means more house hold repairs in your home-away-from-home. I do like that the windshield repair guys make house calls. We have had to use them twice. Happy fix’n and stitch’n!


  2. What a great description of the Oregon house!! I’d love to see photos of the fruit bushes and trees. One of these days I’ll figure out how to do that linky linkup thingy!! I’m on vacation next week. Maybe another chat is in order!!


    1. Thanks! We haven’t had much time to take photos, and nothing is really blooming yet except for the Daffodils, Jonquils, and the little Hyacinths. I can see the tulip heads coming up, but they haven’t bloomed yet. Bummer! Also, it’s pouring rain right now so I’m not going out there. Maybe this afternoon I can get some shots! And definitely we need another conversation!


  3. Bummer about the plumbing. That’s no fun at all! Love this pic of the house! It looks fantastic. Glad you guys were able to get that windshield taken care of so quickly. Don’t you love that there’s an app for that? 🙂


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