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To-Do Tuesday 1-10-17 | Project Bags On The Brain

Happy Tuesday! How is everyone settling into the new year? Have you chosen any projects you want to get done this year? I love watching what you all make throughout the year, and I’m glad you share it here with us!

Stitch ALL The Things | Acacia Project Bag Set

This past week my sole focus was, once again, the Project Bags. I finished up my two orders and sent them off. The feedback I received was awesome! I worked with two fantastic customers to come up with these bags and I love them! If you know Tula, you know the Acacia Raccoon print is rare and hard to find. I had enough in my stash to make this one bag, but that is no longer available. Because, yes, I’m hoarding my last half yard!

Stitch ALL The Things | Elizabeth Project Bag Set

Tula Pink’s Elizabeth line is fantastic for these bags. The 16th Century Selfie print is AWESOME and works perfectly to show through the vinyl front. And that Chain Mail print? Bomb. That’s all I have to say about that!

Stitch ALL The Things | Fox Nap Project Bag Set

The Fox Nap print from Tula Pink’s Chipper line was a big hit, and I’ve made three bags from that fabric. It’s just too cute!

Stitch ALL The Things | Project Bags

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the finished bags for the second order, so I don’t have the “pretty” pictures I like to take once an item is finished. However, I did grab a status update picture for my customer of her three bags where two were finished and one was a WIP. So at least there is some record of the bags made!

Stitch ALL The Things | Slytherin Project Bag

I started Danielle/Stitcherista’s Slytherin bag today. I was so close to being done, but dinner time was headed my way and I had to stop to feed the hungry people in the house. That will be finished first thing in the morning and then I start work on a new customer’s bag. Yes! I have another customer! Yay! I am so excited!! Selling the bags in the shop isn’t going to work out quite like the shop or I had hoped for. I don’t see that as a negative thing, and I need to share that the shop owner is an amazing woman and I am so appreciative for her help and encouragement. I believe I am headed in the right direction though, and I am hopeful I can get an Etsy shop up and running within two weeks. I will have some time this week and next to get some bags sewn for it. I’ll share the link here when it’s done!

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Finish Project Bag commission
  • Set up Etsy shop
  • Sew bags for Etsy shop

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6 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 1-10-17 | Project Bags On The Brain

  1. All the bags are wonderful, but that Slytherin bag is AMAZING! My middle daughter (the 18-year-old, Harley), is a true Potterhead, and she would love a bag like that!


    1. Thanks! I was lucky to find that fabric on Etsy as a pre-order in late December. It was more expensive per yard than usual, but they’ve sold out already! Glad I found it when I did!


  2. You’re killing me with these bags. Tula’s prints are absolutely perfect for these bags! I WANT THEM ALL. I cannot wait for your Etsy shop to open. HURRY UP!


    1. This pattern, plus Tula, and glitter vinyl?! How could that combo not be any more perfect? I can’t WAIT to show the bags I am making today and tomorrow. I have been using my planner like crazy to organize my time, and I’m hopeful that I can get at least one bag made and a shop set up this weekend. Fingers crossed!!


    1. It’s been really busy, for sure! I’m not certain that I will get that Bargello done by the time Josh’s birthday comes around, but I’m sure things will even out soon. It’s probably my payback for all my selfish sewing last year. Hahahahaha!


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