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To-Do Tuesday 12-20-16 | 2017 Plans

Stitch ALL The Things | Motorcycle Quilt Top

This week I seemed to have a bit of sewing A.D.D. going on. I finished Mister’s quilt top, got the backing cut to size, and cut and ironed the batting. I was all set to baste everything together, but then another project started screaming my name. Normally I can focus on getting one project finished and then working on the next one… but not this time.

Stitch ALL The Things | Beauties and Brains Project Bag

About a month ago I found the Projects Bag pattern on the ByAnnie website. I loved the vinyl front on this bag and knew it would be a fantastic way to organize my cross stitching WIPs. I spied the pattern sitting on my to-do project pile several days ago and had to make one up right away. I used my Alexander Henry Beauties and Brains yardage to make this one, along with Kona Cotton in Aloe and Art Gallery Fabrics Oval Elements in Licorice. I made the extra large bag, so this baby is 16.5″ x 16.5″. Which is perfect for one of my big cross stitching projects in 2017. And that is the perfect segue into my plans for 2017!

Stitch ALL The Things | 2017 Cross Stitch Plans

In 2017 I would really like to make progress with my quilting, bag making, and cross stitch plans. To do this, I came up with a schedule that I think might work. I plan on doing all of my sewing during the day before dinner, and cross stitching in the evenings after dinner. I normally focus on one cross stitch WIP at a time, but I’d like to try doing the rotation thing that I have seen a lot of stitchers do. This year I want to complete my Burlesque Zombie Portrait, so I will keep that in rotation for the first two weeks of the month, Tuesday through Friday. I am super, duper, DUPERTY-DUPER hopeful that Santa is going to put a Sleepy Hollow by Glendon Place chart and supplies under the tree for Mrs. Santa for Christmas and, if so, that will be on the rotation for the third week of the month, Tuesday through Friday. If that’s not under the tree (whimper, whine, whine), then I will work on my Care Taker chart (the zombie nurse) for that week. The fourth week of the month, and any extra days left in the month after that, I will be working on two stitch alongs. The first is Ship’s Manor’s Mystery Town 2017, and the second is from the January 2017 issue of Cross Stitch Collection, Stitch The Seasons. It’s the houses picture in the collage above. The whole chart is in that issue, but I will be stitching only one house per month. I signed up for the Full Coverage on The Fifth event on Stitch Maynia, which means the piece I will work on for that day, is Care Taker (zombie nurse) and I intend to use the whole day/evening to stitch, if it’s possible. No stitching on Mondays, since that is blog writing night. On the weekend evenings, Saturday and Sunday, I will be working on various smaller stitching projects and will post pictures of them as I go along.

Stitch All The Things | 2017 New Quilt Plans

As far as quilting and bag making go, I am dedicating two or three weeks per month to quilting, depending on whether I am going to quilt one of my four already sewn quilt tops, or if I am starting a brand new quilt. I have four new quilts I want to make in 2017. The Bargello quilt for Josh (not pictured), Triple Barnstar by Stitchery Dickory Dock, Pow-Wow Quilt by Cluck Cluck Sew, and Shimmer Quilt Pattern by Cluck Cluck Sew. I may try to fit one or two more quilts in for the year, but I am not counting on any quilting during the months of May through July.

For the remaining one to two weeks of the month I will work on a sewing related project. I have 8 bags that I’d like to make this year. Swoon’s Sadie (currently only available through the Bag Of The Month Club, but will be released on Swoon’s website in January), Charlotte City Tote, and Nora Doctor Bag. Sew Sweetness’ Appaloosa bag and Coalition bag (again, part of the Bag of The Month club, release will be in January). Blue Calla’s Boronia Bowler Bag, Emmaline Bags Necessary Clutch Wallet, and another Hippo Hobo Bag.

The last sewing related thing I’d like to accomplish in 2017 is to start sewing apparel again. I want to start small, so my plan is to make the v-neck t-shirt from Craftsy’s Sewing With Knits Class. I’d also like to get a firm grasp of my serger, so I recently bought the Beginner Serger sewing class on Craftsy when it was on sale for $10. I always seem to have trouble getting my serged edges to look right, and I’m hopeful this will help me understand how the serger works and to adjust the tension properly.

Well! That was a rather long post, but it adequately sums up my stitchy plans for 2017. I feel like I have a good combination of bag making/sewing, quilting, and cross stitching planned. I didn’t mention it earlier, but during the summer I will most likely focus on cross stitching. I’ll still bring my sewing machine with me when we go to Oregon, just in case! Do you have specific goals or plans for the new year? If you write it as a separate post, feel free to link that post up as well!

This coming week I intend to make three more project bags and baste the Mister’s quilt. I am not sure that I will get to quilting it over Christmas, but we’ll see.

I wish you Happy Holidays and/or Merry Christmas!

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Complete three Project Bags
  • Baste Quilt

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12 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 12-20-16 | 2017 Plans

  1. You’re going to be crazy busy! Also, I’m dying over the Zombie Nurse, the Shimmer quilt, and the Charlotte bag! But Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. What about that Literary Library quilt?


  2. I LOVE the Mister’s quilt! It turned out great! I think you have a nice plan for the year, and it doesn’t seem like you’ve over scheduled yourself, either, which is fabulous. Since you are taking the foray into apparel sewing, maybe I’ll try out bag sewing this year. I’ve made one, but it was a pretty basic pattern.

    Have a very very Merry Christmas!


    1. Thank you! My plans for this year were a good lesson for 2017. I wanted to get so much done, and felt really disappointed when my plans were derailed over the summer months. I feel like this is a realistic plan, so my fingers are crossed it works out!! There are some great bag patterns out there, and I think Sew Sweetness’ Tudor Bag pattern as a fantastic introduction into bag making. I may be partial to that one as it was my first bag that wasn’t just a tote bag.


      1. It’s really hard to give yourself a break when not everything you want to get done does. The nice thing about your plans being derailed is the nice, new house you were working on that took time away from sewing/creating/crafting. I’m sure each summer you’ll have more and more time to create as you and Mister get the house the way you want it.

        I’ll definitely look into the Tudor Bag. It looks like the perfect size I would want to carry!


  3. I’m impressed with all you have planned! And oh what a variety of projects! Won’t it be fun to share your progress through out the year! Sleepy Hollow reminds me of something from my childhood, my mom decided to read The Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow to my brother at bedtime, and it didn’t go too well inducing a goodnight’s sleep. I hope he laughs about it now! Looks like we like some of the same patterns & designers. Here’s hoping to a productive new year!


    1. Thank you, Sharon! I hope this year will be as productive as I intend. We’ll see though! I have to admit to laughing a bit at your Headless Horseman story. Oh my. That would be quite scary to a child! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!


  4. I got perfectly giddy reading your plans! I’m also very goal oriented, and love lists that have details. It helps me in both focus and productivity, but I’m not afraid of changing it as needed. Two things I love that you mentioned: #1. You scheduled down time. It’s important! #2. You are switching gears from one kind of stitch to another. I sew big stuff in the studio, but keep hand quilting, wool projects, etc. at the house for evening, and think it’s even good to think of not stressing our hands, backs, etc. by repetitive stitching.

    I don’t make the variety of projects you do, and love watching your stream of bags and cross stitch. I may even venture to try a bag this year because of your enthusiasm. Go, Christine!


    1. I spent about a month thinking about what didn’t go quite right with my plans for 2016, and where they ended up being derailed. Summer seemed to really throw me off, and after having stopped cross stitching for two years due to poor planning, I realized I needed to come up with a realistic plan that incorporated all of the things I love to do. It was a lot of fun coming up with a plan, and choosing the patterns and projects I want to do this year…and all without overwhelming myself! I think I did okay, but I will adjust as necessary and not feel bad about making changes. I am realizing that creativity requires a lot of accommodation depending on our moods, or what strikes us as a “have to do” at that moment to keep our creative mojo going. I think we all inspire each other and it’s wonderful to have room to create something that wasn’t planned simply because one has read a blog post or seen a new technique and must try it out right away! Love that about our community!


  5. Christine, I’m in absolute love with the bags that you made for Danielle. Love the Tula Pink! Would you consider making some bags for me? I’m happy to pay whatever you ask. I hope that you had a nice Christmas.


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