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To-Do Tuesday 11-8-16 | Stitchy Goodness

This week was an odd one. My bad headache turned out to be some strange illness that’s going around. I ended up having dull headaches all week and would get worn out and clammy with the slightest activity. I sort of felt like I was on the tail end of having the flu. So weird. I got tired of sitting around waiting to “feel better” so on Sunday I did a bit of minor sewing. I made two grime guards for my Q Snap frames. I also gridded up some black aida in preparation of stitching Let’s Sew designed by Ursula Michael for Imaginating. I got a small start on it Sunday evening.

Stitch ALL The Things | QSnaps Grime Guards Charts

I recently ran across a Flosstube video on youtube on gridding your cross stitch fabric that I loved. She uses Sulky Sliver (shown on white Aida in picture above) instead of thread and it really makes a huge difference when pulling out the gridding threads. The Sliver is a flat metallic type tape that you can’t sew through. When I used thread on Whacky Witches I kept stitching through my gridding threads and that was a nightmare to remove. Her technique of gridding also gets it done so much quicker. I am using this method from now on! I am gridding some white aida to have ready for my I Cross Stitch Quote chart.

Stitch ALL The Things |  Burlesque Zombie Portrait

The Burlesque Zombie Portrait is my current cross stitching UFO. I didn’t get very much stitching time in on it this week. There is A LOT of confetti in the frame part of the chart, and it makes for slow stitching. I can tell this is going to be a longer term WIP than I anticipated. It’s on a scroll floor frame, so it’s not portable. We have two long travel days coming up, so the Let’s Sew and I Cross Stitch projects will be great to work on in the car. Having three WIPs will also give me a nice rotation and enough of a break from the Burlesque Zombie that I won’t get too tired of it.

In other sewing news, on Monday I was able to finish the bag I was working on. I am saving pictures for a Finished Friday post. This week I need to work on another bag, and I’d like to make a pillow out of my Halloween Town cross stitch finish from a couple months ago.

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Start new bag
  • Work on Burlesque Zombie Portrait cross stitch WIP
  • Make Pillow

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7 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 11-8-16 | Stitchy Goodness

  1. That Burlesque Zombie is going to be so worth the time and effort! I can’t wait to see your progress on this one.Great tip about the Sulky for gridding. I.m going to have to buy some and try that! Have fun stitching in the car and be safe! Er, in traffic and with your needles. No sticking of the needles into your fingers instead of your aida!


    1. I think she is going to be amazing when she’s done! I am already looking for oval frames at thrift shops. Those suckers are hard to find! I’ll be extra careful stitching in the car. With my knack for klutziness, I definitely need to be careful with those needles and traffic!!


  2. I am so sorry you felt under the weather for so long. What a bummer! The Let’s Sew project looks amazing, and I bet it is beautiful when you’re done! I hope you’re feeling better!


    1. Feeling so much better now! I am glad, I hate that feeling when you’re too sick to do stuff, but not quite sick enough to be in bed. Drives me batty! Yesterday I felt so well I’ve got another bag completely cut out and ready to interface and sew! Yippee!!


  3. Man. So sorry to hear that illness lingered on for a while. Looks like you got a few interesting projects planned, even if you didn’t feel like sewing or stitching much. Enjoy the progress as you use that new technique. Stay healthy and safe during your travels!


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