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A Guest Post for The Fig Farm | Easy-Bind Mug Rugs Tutorial

Theresa | The Fig Farm
The Lovely Theresa
(Picture courtesy of Theresa. Used with permission.)

A very good friend of mine, Theresa, recently started a kitchen and home blog. Theresa is an amazing photographer, gardener, and cook. I have been enjoying seeing her gorgeous pictures of produce, flowers, and food on Facebook and I am thrilled that she is sharing them with a larger audience. They are drool-worthy, I am telling you!

Easy Bind Mug Rugs | Stitch ALL The Things

I was so happy when she asked if I would do a guest post and share a simple tutorial. I needed to make some Mug Rugs for the Oregon House and realized that would be a quick and easy project to share. With October quickly approaching these are Halloween-themed. They are 4.5″ square (coaster-sized) but these are a cinch to resize. It’s also an easy-to-bind project, and who doesn’t love that?! No binding to cut and prepare, since it’s all part of the backing. I’d love it if you could check out the post and leave a comment to let me know what you think. Also, it would be great if you could at least check out Theresa’s first post introducing herself and you may even get sucked into reading a few easy recipes she has posted lately!

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