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To-Do Tuesday 9-27-16 | Stitching ALL The Things

Happy Tuesday, my friends! It’s time to do our weekly check up on our to-do lists. This past week I rocked my list! I made the two replacement blocks needed for the Flying Geese Diamonds quilt, sewed the quilt top together, made the quilt backing, and basted it all together. BOOM! So happy to have accomplished all of that! Now I’m all set to get to quilting. Although I noticed when taking this picture that my quilting gloves are filthy. Time to put those babies on, squirt some Dawn dish washing liquid on them, and wash my “hands”. That’s the best way I know to get these gloves nice and clean!

Flying Geese Diamonds in Alpine fabric by Wilmington Prints

Part of the “ALL” in ‘Stitching ALL The Things’ happen to be cross stitching projects. I was really into cross stitching about two years ago. I was working on a couple of Halloween Stitch-Alongs, and ended up putting both aside at the same time. The first was Halloween Town by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. It started as a mystery Stitch-Along and I loved it until they released the third clue… Which happened to be a bakery. And almost the whole cross-stitchy community on Instagram went, “What the…??!!” I modified the third clue and created a cemetary instead. Then they released the fourth clue, the banner, and I was so underwhelmed by that time that I just stopped stitching. ALL of my cross stitching. Over the weekend I decided to find this WIP and get it finished. It’ll be done in time for Halloween… and only two years late! The other stitching project was Wacky Witches in Stitches by Clouds Factory. I absolutely loved that stitch-along, and I stopped because I messed up on the border. Not a bad mess-up, but enough to set it aside and “fix it later”. Later is now. As soon as I get Halloween Town finished, I will be getting back to work on Wacky Witches.

Halloween Town Cross Stitching WIP

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Quilt Flying Geese Diamonds Quilt
  • Bind Quilt
  • Finish Halloween Town cross stitching WIP
  • Get back to work on Wacky Witches cross stitching
What’s on your To-Do List this week?

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10 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 9-27-16 | Stitching ALL The Things

  1. I forgot how adorable that cross stitch was! Can’t wait for you to finish it. How are you going to quilt the Alpine quilt? Can’t wait to see that completed too! Also, my gloves make your gloves look like freshly fallen pristine snow. I am going to wash them today!!!


    1. It is definitely a cute pattern (sans Bakery), and I am going to make a throw pillow out of it as soon as I’m done. As far as the Alpine quilt, I’m thinking echo stitching inside the flying geese diamonds, and then an orange peel in the circular areas, which will create a quilted diamond, and then inside that diamond doing a figure 8 pattern. Does that make sense? That’s sort of what I’m thinking anyway, not sure if that’s what will happen. I also forgot to wash those gloves after I wrote this. I’ll do it after I’m done quilting for today.


  2. Sounds like a fun week for you! Flying Geese top fixed and finished, and now on to the quilting! Oh, and some cross stitching too. What cute UFOs you have to work on. Thanks for the tip on how to clean quilting gloves, very clever, I would not have thought of that. Looking forward to seeing how your machine quilting progresses this week. Have fun!


    1. Thanks, Sharon! It is definitely going to be a fun stitching week! I remember the first time I went to wash the gloves and wondering what would be the easiest way to accomplish that. I figured washing my hands with them on would be easiest! Hope the tip works out well for you!


  3. Wow, great progress this week, that is awesome! I love cross stitch, but I have never been able to force myself to get into making it. My mom does lovely work, I just don’t have the patience. I’m excited to see how these turn out!


    1. Thanks! Cross stitch really is an exercise in patience. I first started it because I was bored in the evenings and wanted to feel like I was doing something productive while watching TV. If I had to sit and do this in the middle of the day… it would be a totally different story! I would be thinking of all of the other things I needed to get done! Haha!


  4. Any kind of hand work is fun in my book. I think your Halloween project looks like fun! My last cross stitching project went along to the hospital when I had my first son over 25 years ago. It’s still in the cookie tin, though, and someday…This week I need to blow through a stack of projects, but also to take a few minutes to start to enjoy fall. I have some pumpkins ready to put by the door, and think a Halloween project is truly needed.


    1. I agree… I love handwork! I love all aspects of making quilts, but when the time comes to hand stitch the binding to the back I feel so happy to sit and get to stitching. This weekend is fall decorating over here too, and I am excited to get to work on it!


  5. I wish I had the patience to cross stitch. I do know how. Crochet and simple hand stitched projects seem to be all I can manage. Your quilts are beautiful!! Also, I wish I had that talent!! I also wish we lived closer.


    1. I like that it gives me some “busy work” to do in the evenings so that I don’t waste all my time playing Bejeweled Stars… hahaha!! I wish we lived closer too… We could do another crazy fun trip to Santa Barbara! Also, I’d probably come and try to steal your salsa, so it’s probably a good thing we aren’t too close. Ha!


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