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To-Do Tuesday 9-20-16 | Working on the Flying Geese Diamond Quilt

Happy Tuesday! How are you all coming along with your to-do lists? I am so happy to say that I think my Sewjo is back in full force! We have had a very busy week over here (including an ecstatic newly licensed 16 year old driver in the house), and I still managed to get all of the blocks made for the Flying Geese Diamond Quilt I am sewing up with the Alpine fabric I’ve been itching to play with.

Flying Geese Diamond Quilt blocks

Well… All of the blocks are made, but as you can see I goofed. There were two white tone-on-tone prints in the line and I didn’t want to use those prints with the white background. So I did some Christine Quilty Math and came up with needing two extra red blocks to complete the quilt. Ah… Yeah. But, no. My Christine Quilty Math lived up to its reputation of always being wrong. I ordered extra yardage to make placemats with, and I believe I’ll have enough of the grey with red ornaments print to make two grey blocks. Thank goodness. I am going to take two of the extra red blocks, and the two 10″ white tone-on-tone prints and make a pillow cover with them. Also, I just threw these blocks up onto the “design wall” pretty quickly, and I can see there is some rearranging that needs to be done. But yay for getting all (mostly) of the blocks done!

Flying Geese Diamond Block Seam

I did want to make some comments about this block. I really love how it looks, but i would not recommend using 10″ precuts for it. They are not always cut square, or even at a full 10″. The pinking on the edges is about an 1/8″ deep, and that can really make it difficult to have full seam allowances when your block is already a tiny bit short, as you can see in the picture above. This block also has 6 layers of fabric at the center seam allowance. It makes it a bit thick, but I had no problem sewing it. I think it will be fine to quilt over as well, but I did press all of those seams open because of the bulk.

This week I will finish up the block layout, add two borders (I hate borders, but this quilt needs them), sew the backing yardage together and baste the quilt.

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Make two grey blocks
  • Decide on layout and assemble quilt top
  • Sew backing
  • Baste quilt
What’s on your To-Do List this week?

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11 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 9-20-16 | Working on the Flying Geese Diamond Quilt

    1. I just can’t ever seem to count what I need right. It’s such a weird mental block for me. Brad always says that it stumps him that someone so logical could have such a struggle with math. And that’s just one of the goofy things that makes me, me! Haha!


  1. I love the curvy look to these! I completely agree about not relying on precuts for something important. Too many times I had to adjust and readjust. I finally gave up on most precuts when I was looking for accuracy. You’ve done a beautiful job here. It’s a gorgeous quilt!


    1. I am loving the curves in these blocks too! I made the two replacement blocks today and the seam allowances turned out fine. I should have learned my lesson with precuts and accuracy by now, but apparently I am a slow learner.


  2. I do like your new curvy Christmas quilt! That is a neat method in constructing curves! Don’t fret over the math thing – published patterns even get it wrong too many times. Quick fix – always buy more than you think you will need. And the quilt shops will love you!


      1. Ha! I was so thrilled to be “done” with all of the blocks until I realized I wasn’t. I tucked those wrong blocks in the bottom corner so they wouldn’t look as noticeable, but of course that’s the only place my eye was drawn to. I really do love these prints. They are just too cute!


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