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To-Do Tuesday 7-5-16 | July

Happy July! Time is going by so quickly here, I pretty much dread every Saturday that rolls around, knowing that’s the end of another week in Oregon. We don’t have much time left before we head south again, but we are making progress every week. We are a lot further than either of us actually expected to get with the house, but I am always hoping to squeeze one more task in the time we have left.


This past week was a difficult one for us. We lost our Ginger to breast cancer. She was diagnosed several months ago, but the Vet said that the cancer would eventually spread to either her lungs or her stomach and gave us the symptoms to look for. She seemed fine until this past Wednesday when she took us both by surprise by becoming very ill very quickly. There is a wonderful Vet in Aumsville that helped her pass quickly and with no stress or pain to her. I was able to spend Thursday morning holding her in my arms and loving on her as much as possible. She was only with us for about a year and a half, but we fell in love with her hard. She made us smile and laugh a lot, and we are focusing on remembering all of her goofy, sweet, and funny moments.

I was working on the upstairs bedroom before Ginger passed, and I continued on with the work to redirect my energy from the events of the week. I had just painted the ceiling when I took the before pictures. This room would be a fun kids room, but since my kids are almost all grown it doesn’t really fit for us. At all. The blue wall faces north, the green wall faces west, the closets face south (and the entrance to the room is on that wall), and the grey wall with the nook faces east.

The Mister and I chose HGTV Sherwin Williams paint in Tradewind Blue. It’s a very subtle blue-green, and depending on the light you’ll either see only a light blue or a hint of blue-green. I really love how much bigger and lighter the room looks. We’ll be moving a few basic pieces of furniture into the room this week. We took out the formica counter they used as a desk in the nook, and I’ll be putting a dresser in that spot. We’ll be putting a daybed and a secretary desk in the room and I’ll add other decor touches as I run across them.

We have this huge sunflower [stalk? plant?] in the front corner of our yard. The Mister is 6’1″ tall, and this thing towers over him! It’s got a bunch of sunflower blooms on it, but the very top one started to open today. The Mister knows that the sunflower is my least favorite flower in the whole world (Calla Lilies are a very close second), but I have to admit, that yellow bloom made me smile big today. I admit I am amazed by this. And, I am actually looking forward to seeing it open wide and the rest of the blooms to open up too. It may end up changing how I feel about these flowers.

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Set up upstairs guest bedroom
  • Clear out downstairs guest bedroom & prep for painting

Don’t forget that next week, July 12th, will be hosted by Bernie of Needle and Foot.

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What’s on your To-Do List this week?

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13 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 7-5-16 | July

  1. I’m so sorry about Ginger. I know it’s no big consolation, but at least you have the house to help keep you busy. That Tradewinds Blue! It looks fantastic – that room looks so much more open and huge! Also, I can’t believe it. We disagree on sunflowers, and to a lesser extent, Calla Lilies. Both were in my wedding bouquet! Although neither is my favorite…those would be tulips, peonies and lilies. How much longer will you guys be in OR? I can’t believe how much time has already passed.


    1. Thank you, my friend. You are right, the house has kept me and my mind busy. When I stop working is when I get teary.

      I about died laughing reading that the Sunflowers and Calla Lilies are some of your favorites. I am surprised! Stargazer Lilies are my absolute favorite, with the other day lilies being my other favorite. We will be leaving around the 24th of July. Just over 2.5 weeks left. I am so happy that the bedrooms will be mostly done by the time we leave. They won’t have all the little decorations that usually go in a room, but the main things will be there and ready for the kids when we bring them in October. Time. It flies!


  2. Sorry about your puppy. We lost one 2 years ago. It went slowly for several months, then, one day it went downhill, and that was the end. They touch our hearts, and lives. That room would be great for a sewing room, that could also be used for an emergency guest room (throw in a daybed with a trundle). All those odd angles to put mini quilts on. Fill those closets with fabric, put in some vintage machines, and a folding cutting table in the middle of the room.


    1. Thank you, Cheryl. Our pets aren’t just pets, they are family members! She will forever be in our hearts.

      I am excited about this room. This will be our primary guest room as it’s upstairs and has a bathroom right next to it. The upstairs has a gorgeous loft opposite this room and that’s where I’ll be setting up the sewing room. That won’t happen until next summer, but between now and then I’ll be making lots of quilts (mini, throws, and bed sizes) and pillows to decorate the rooms with. Way too much fun!!


  3. Oh no, I am so sorry about Ginger! Losing a pet is the worst, I still miss my Lucy-Girl nearly two years later. I can’t believe how big and open that room looks after painting – it gives off a very serene/calm feeling! I love it! I am not a fan of sunflowers in the house, bouquets, etc., but we have some huge ones like that, too, and they’re so happy I can’t help but like them!


    1. Thank you, Amy. That room is completely different now and I can’t wait to get the bed and desk set up in there. I’m glad I’m not the only one who isn’t overly fond of sunflowers, but I have to agree that the stalk out there looks so bright and happy… I can’t help but love it!


      1. Having been through the remodel process, I know how exciting it is to see rooms finish – each one is a milestone! I can’t wait to see the finished project!


  4. I know your feelings, just lost one of our Mini Schnauzer in March, and she has a litter mate (female,also) and she is going “Bananas” trying to fiqure out where sister is at, she eats spareingly, very moppey and she has heart problems, fainting occassionally. So a matter of time. Again, so sorry for your loss.


    1. I am sorry for your loss and that her litter mate is having trouble with her absence. Our other dog, Mugsy, has been out of sorts here as well and has been sleeping in Ginger’s bed. He definitely misses her too. Thank you for your kind words.


  5. I’m oh so sorry to hear about Ginger. Pets do hold a sweet spot in our hearts, don’t they? Your new paint is brightening up the room, look’n good! And that Sunflower, glad it could put a smile on your face, even with them not being a fav of yours. I’m linking up late, hope that is ok.


    1. Thanks, Sharon! We are missing her so much, but trying to focus on all the happy memories with her. I just painted the downstairs bedroom this week in the same color and I am really loving it. The sunflower has even more blooms on it, and it is looking so bright and happy out there!

      It’s never to late to link-up, I keep it open until the next Monday night! I know everyone is busy and schedules change and I post on a weird day anyway… I figure people can post when it suits them best this way! Sorry I am late to respond. I will be reading your blog shortly!


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