To-Do Tuesday

To-Do Tuesday 5-31-16 | Safe Travels & Memorial Day

After a few more situations where I exhibited my Christine Skills on spectacular levels (a flat tire on our tow vehicle the day before leaving that was not my fault, but occurred under my watch; and throw in a broken ink bottle splattering all over the place) we got on the road and had safe and uneventful travels as we made our way to Oregon this past week.

East Sierras

We took the scenic Eastern Sierra route up US 395 to get up to Oregon. I spent my pre-teen and teenage years growing up in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas on the western side, in a little town called Oakhurst (about 40 miles north of Fresno and 20 miles south of Yosemite’s southern gate). I do not ever recall seeing the Sierras from the eastern side though, so I had to take a picture!


Our dogs travel well with us, and enjoy the comfort of the motor home. Mugsy likes to spend most of his time in his bed on the floor between the Mister’s chair and mine. I was able to get him to spend a bit of time in my lap though. This is his “can I please get down now, Mom?!” face.


Ginger, on the other hand, is a lap dog and zonked out about 25 seconds after I put her in my lap. She and I both settled into our comfy places; me with my cozy quilt and kindle, and her with my comfy lap and arm. She can’t sleep unless she’s resting her head on something and in this chair she prefers that ‘something’ be my arm. It’s a bit uncomfortable, but once she starts snoring I can slowly move my arm out and replace it with the chair arm. She’s such an adorable snuggle-bug!

Upper Klamath Lake

I love driving into southern Oregon. Klamath Lake is beautiful, and I couldn’t resist snapping this picture. I was blown away to see snow on the mountain peak too. Such a different climate than Lake Havasu.

Three Sisters

We drove through Sisters, and I took a picture of the Three Sisters in the background. Still with the snow! Gorgeous view, and a gorgeous day for traveling.

Stitchin Post

Since we were traveling on Memorial Day weekend, Sisters was bustling with visitors. I grabbed a quick picture of The Stitchin’ Post as we drove by and was surprised to notice there were no people walking by as I took the image. The people were there, and a lot of them, I promise!

We arrived at the Salem Elks by Sunday afternoon. They had a sign posted that the RV park was full, but the Mister found out that they had not changed it from the previous day. We had a prime spot available to park in and we will be here for the next week while we wait to take possession of our house on Sunday evening. I am counting the days! We have driven by our little house at least 5 or 6 times, and walked by it twice. I’m sure we have long passed stalker status, but at least I have restrained myself from asking the sellers if I can help them pack.

Memorial Day

On Sunday we went to visit the graveside of the Mister’s mother, who just passed away in March, and his father who was a WWII veteran. I am thankful to him, and to all of the other service men and women, who have served our Country to secure, and keep, our freedoms.

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Take possession of the Oregon house!

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6 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 5-31-16 | Safe Travels & Memorial Day

  1. Your pics of the Sierras are absolutely gorgeous! So glad you made it to Oregon safely. And good luck making it through the week without helping the sellers pack. I know that will be hard for you! 😎


    1. Thanks! The view all along our travel route was gorgeous. This is going to be a tough week in the patience category. I told Brad we need to go to the thrift shops in the meantime. We found a great little antique looking furniture thrift store. Maybe that will take my mind off the wait!


  2. What a beautiful journey! I really love the Klamath Basin and all the mountains!

    I got absolutely NOTHING done this week because my middle daughter’s high school softball team has been deep in the throws of the State Tournament, and it feels like we have done nothing but softball all week. They did, however, win their semifinal game today, so we will be down near your neck of the woods Friday for the championship game at OSU.

    I’m pretty sure I won’t get much done until at least after that game, either. 😀

    I can’t wait to see the new house come together after you take possession of it!


    1. Hi Amy! It is so beautiful here. I always seem to take a deep breath and just relax when we reach Klamath Lake. The view is just so spectacular, and the blue and the greens tell me, “You’re almost home!” I love it and how opposite it is from the browns and tans of Arizona.

      Sounds like you had an exciting and busy week and another one ahead of you! Congrats on your daughter making it to the Championship game! That’s awesome!!


  3. What a lovely trip you had! Glad you got to Oregon safely and will soon have possession of your new house. Won’t that be grand setting up house keeping! We learned this past weekend that son #2 has accepted a job offer 2 hours away. He and his fam (our only grand child) will be moving this month. Job starts July 1st. Quilting time will be turning into helping them move time.


    1. Thanks, Sharon! Always grateful for uneventful travels! Congrats to your son on the job, but I’m sorry that they (and that adorable grandbaby of yours!) will be a couple hours away. Hopefully you all will have time to still visit often enough!


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