To-Do Tuesday 5-24-16 | Last Week of School

I have no pictures to share this week. It was a really crazy week, with an unexpected family emergency in the middle of it. I still managed to give the house a deep cleaning and, on Saturday night, after cleaning the kitchen and baking and cleaning up again (repeat two more times in that same day) I used my Christine skills and broke the kitchen disposal. And I broke it GOOD. The Mister and I tried to repair it, but a small, forgotten zesting tool became so wedged in the disposal when I flipped the switched to turn it on that it sheared off the bolt holding the plate down. This all occurred at about 9:00 PM, right in the middle of my making cinnamon roll dough for Sunday morning breakfast. The mess in my kitchen (after repeatedly cleaning it up that day) was indescribably disappointing. But, the Mister came to my rescue and he had a brand new disposal installed the next morning, just in time to have a fresh-from-the-oven cinnamon roll and a cup of coffee. And I got back on track with my cleaning and packing!

This week we are focused on getting the last of our packing into the motorhome and the kids are focused on passing their Finals and packing for their summer. Their last day of school is Thursday and we’re all anxious to get on with our summer plans!

How did your week go?
What projects are you working on this week?

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Finish loading up and travel safely!

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11 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 5-24-16 | Last Week of School

  1. It sounds like you’re going to have a well planned summer ahead, and I envy you. We don’t get away during warm weather, but there’s comfort in that, too. I’ll be checking in to visit, and looking forward to your guest bloggers. I think that can be a lot of fun.


    1. We are definitely anxious to get on with our travels. I do end up missing home while we’re gone and look forward to coming back to the warmth of Arizona. I think the guest bloggers will be fun, and certainly will help fill in the non-sewing weeks for me!


    1. I can’t believe it either! I think both of us are always surprised how fast this time of year goes. By the way, I broke the lever that lifts the flap inside the toilet tank today. So, Christine Skills are still hard at work. Go me!


  2. Isn’t that always how it goes? Murphy’s Law always at the most inopportune times! I hope this week goes by smoothly for all of you! Safe travels!


    1. Murphy’s Law is dogging me hard this week. At one point today the hubby told me, “If you want to go to Home Depot, all you have to do is say so! You don’t have to break stuff…” LOL!


  3. “Your Christine Skills”… that is so funny. Seems to me, I have a very similar set of skills. 🙂
    Hope you get on the road safely — you will so enjoy getting back to the sewing room after being away from it for a bit, I know I always do. Happy Travels!


    1. My skills are still in effect today. I managed to break the lever that lifts the flap inside the toilet tank. I just shook my head at myself and went to tell the hubby I broke something else. At least he’s a good Mr. Fix-It that loves me despite my ability to break things. Ha!

      I miss my sewing room already, so I’ll be anxious to get my sewing machine set up and running once we get to Oregon! Two to three weeks without sewing is going to feel way too long!


  4. Oh man, that is a bummer. Good thing Brad has skills to counter those Christine Skills! tee hee. My hub is good at getting us out of binds too. And hope you find a good replacement for the zester. 😉 Happy summer travels and setting up the new house!


    1. My skills are off-the-hook this week! I moved Brad’s truck and discovered a flat tire. I told him that was NOT me, but it did happen on my watch. Ugh! I also managed to drop a box of calligraphy ink pots in the hobby room today and one of them busted open. I wanted to cry, but pulled up my big girl panties and cleaned up the mess. I walked into the house and told Brad I’m not touching a single thing for the rest of this week! LOL!!! Thanks for the safe-travel wishes. We firmly believe the flat-tire was a blessing from God. He gave us time to get that issue fixed now, while we could, rather than the fiasco of a flat-tire on a towed vehicle while traveling! Thanking Him for that gift!


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