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To Do Tuesday 5-3-16 | Shifting Into Overdrive

After feeling like I was getting so far behind on my projects, I seemed to have kicked into high gear this past week. By Friday afternoon I still had not received my replacement grommet die, so I ran to Harbor Freight and bought some cheap grommet setting pliers. It worked fine setting grommets into the bag I was testing, so I was able to finish that up on Sunday and send my tester notes in to the pattern designer. I was feeling more and more anxious about getting that done with each day that passed, so I feel amazingly relieved that I was able to complete it before the deadline this Thursday.

Basted Quilts

In the three days I spent waiting for the grommet die to arrive I assembled both Stepping Stones quilt tops. After taking grommet matters into my own hands, and finishing the bag, I got back to work on the quilts. I pieced the backings and basted both quilts. I will be quilting today!!

I plan to have both quilts completely quilted, squared up and bound by this weekend. I’m on a certain deadline that I’ll talk a little bit about next week, so I am very motivated to get these quilts done!

What are your plans this week?

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Quilt both quilts
  • Square and bind both quilts

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10 thoughts on “To Do Tuesday 5-3-16 | Shifting Into Overdrive

  1. “Shifting into overdrive” – yep that’s how I feel too! I know what you mean about being relieved to get things done! Good luck getting those quilts finished. I am in touch with that feeling also- as you well know! 😎


    1. We are both on the same wavelength. Why does that not surprise me?! So glad we are both getting our stuff done. I’m excited to get to quilting, but my fingers are crossed I don’t run into any issues. Because that’s always the way when you want to get a quilt finished in a hurry. As I know you know!!


    1. Thanks! I am excited to get them done and sent off to their new homes. I won’t be able to show pictures until next Friday (I think). But I’m anxious to share them, I really like the way they have turned out!


  2. I bet you do feel ahead of the game to have your tester notes in before the deadline. Way to go!

    I’m looking forward to seeing the quilting on your Stepping Stones. Are you going to do each in a different design?

    This week I need to switch from Bargello to two t-shirt projects.


    1. It really was such a relief to get those notes done! I am just going to quilt swirls all over both of the Stepping Stone quilts. I don’t have time to practice learning a different motif, and I do okay enough with the swirls to feel good about giving them as gifts to friends. I’m excited to see your progress on the Bargello! Headed over to your blog now…


  3. I am still trying to decide how to quilt the Stepping Stones quilt. I think I need to get over it and just dive in. I do know I want it to be something curvy – probably big spirals and loops. That is about as adventurous as I can get with a bigger FMQ project. Still impressed that you are doubling up and making two!!


    1. I kept thinking something curvy too. I chose spirals because that’s something I can do sort of easily. I still mess up a lot, but my mess ups are not nearly as bad as they used to be! I finished quilting the pink one yesterday and got the binding sewn to the front. I started hand-stitching it to the back last night, but only got one long side done. I’ll finish getting that stitched down this afternoon and evening and, in the meantime, start quilting on the batik quilt today. It was rather ambitious to tackle two quilts at once, but I needed to get them done as gifts and they need to both be done by this weekend. Otherwise I would have probably procrastinated the heck out of them! LOL!!!


  4. I don’t know how you do it. It’ll be interesting to see the tester bag you made. I’ve been following your quilting on the stepping stones quilts, looks awesome. Of course, it’ll be nice to see them when you are finished!


    1. Thanks, Pam! It’s been a crazy-busy few weeks over here! I am not sure when I can share the tester bag, but I hope it will be soon! Now we have to focus on getting ready for summer, so we will be heading to the PNW very soon. I am super excited for that!


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