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To-Do Tuesday 4-26-16 | Falling Behind

Did two weeks’ time just pass in a couple of days? No? It’s been just one week since last Tuesday? Are you sure?? It certainly feels like it’s been at least two weeks.

"In The Kitchen" by Jennifer Pugh and "Metro Cafe" by Laurie Wisbrun
“In The Kitchen” by Jennifer Pugh and “Metro Cafe” by Laurie Wisbrun

I don’t have update pictures this week so I am including pictures of some fabrics I picked up this week. A friend of mine told me about a local quilt shop that is only open on Thursdays and Saturdays, and it’s way out in the boonies. So far out in the boonies that they have a post card written up that includes the sentence, “Follow the Quilt Shop signs past the orchard, the chickens, and the garden.” FOR REAL. They have tons of batiks there, a great assortment of blenders, novelty fabrics (love the Metro Cafe and In The Kitchen text fabric that I found), a small selection of modern fabrics, and some 108″ wide backing. They have lots of patterns, notions, batting, and long arm services available too. After horrible experiences with another local quilt shop (that no longer has a brick-and-mortar shop) I was blown away at how friendly and enthusiastic the employees of this shop were. When I walked in they asked if I’d been there before. When I said no they gave me a tour of the whole shop! Super sweet ladies, and I will definitely be going there again! Also, I’m not a selvedge saver, but this selvedge?! I squealed out loud when I saw it. Coffee beans!!!

This Coffee Bean selvedge is amazing!!!!!
This Coffee Bean selvedge is amazing!!!!!

I did get my pattern hack post written, complete with step out photos, but that took up two full days of time. I have a brand new respect and appreciation for the people who write up patterns for us to use.

I also finished my Stepping Stones quilt blocks, but will not be able to complete last week’s assignment of assembling them into quilt tops. I started testing the new bag pattern, and got hung up in the middle of construction. My new grommet die for my press had some damage from machining, and so it would not set my grommets properly. I contacted the store where I ordered them from, and they are sending a replacement die. I’m a little stressed, because I have to have this bag done, comments written, and photos submitted by May 5th. I don’t like sending them at the last minute, so I’m hopeful I’ll get the die set quickly. I am still continuing on with rest of the bag construction, but I will not be able to fully assemble it until I get the new parts.

Since I’ve been focused on completing my bag projects by their deadlines, I have set aside the quilts until I get this current bag done. Then I will concentrate on finishing up the quilts.

How about you? How was your week? What’s on your list for this week?

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Hope the new grommet die arrives quickly and finish the test bag
  • Continue on with Stepping Stones QAL

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4 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 4-26-16 | Falling Behind

  1. I love the coffee fabric! Isn’t it great to have a quilt shop that is a fun, enjoyable experience to visit? We have a brand new one that just opened last weekend, and they are so helpful and accommodating!


    1. Visiting this new shop was wonderful. It was the complete opposite of all the times I went to the other shop here in town. I have been buying fabric online, but I am so happy to be able to support a local quilt shop again! I am glad to hear that your new shop is very helpful too!


  2. A friendly quilt shop is a great find! Hopefully the drive is also pleasant – sometimes for me a needed distraction! Hope the dies arrives and you can finish up that bag without any further stress. Oh and selvages! I have saved a few just because they are so terrific. Not that I have any plans for them, I just get tickled when I see the motifs repeated in the selvage instead of the color dots. When you think about it, it is a good marketing tool on the manufacturers part!


    1. Driving around this town is usually always…interesting. Our winter visitors (who are just now heading back home) usually drive badly and now we’re getting ready for summer visitors (who mainly come from CA) who usually drive crazy. “Defensive Driving” is a term we take seriously around here! LOL!!! After you get through town the drive down the highway to the shop is pretty peaceful, thankfully. I’m thrilled to have found the shop! I also think the motif selvages are a brilliant idea! I never wanted to keep one until I saw those coffee beans. Too funny!


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