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To-Do Tuesday | Working on Stepping Stones

Fabrics prepped and cut for Stepping Stones quilt
Fabrics prepped and cut for Stepping Stones pink quilt

It was nice switching things up this past week and working on quilting rather than bag making. I caught up on the Stepping Stones Quilt along by getting all of the fabrics starched, pressed, and cut.

Timeless Treasures Tonga Treats Romance Batiks
Fabrics cut and prepped for Batik quilt

I completed last week’s assignment to make all of the HST’s for the quilts. I really dislike the trimming that comes with HSTs. I tried the trim-before-you-press method, but I still ended up with HSTs a little too big and had to trim anyway. After that happened four times I went back to my usual press then trim. I am glad that step is over!

Pink HSTs

I was hoping to get a little ahead of the quilt along (since I won the pattern!), but time just got away from me this week. At least I am caught up with the QAL and posted the photos of my completed work in the facebook group.

Pretty HSTs!
Pretty HSTs!

An interesting thing happened to me on Monday. I was searching the house high and low for something when I opened up a closet I rarely use. There is some bedding in there and what I thought was a store-bought bedspread. This has been in that closet since the Mister bought the house fully furnished back in 2007 (I think) and before he and I were married (and before I was a quilter). When I moved the “bedding” today I immediately noticed the hand quilting. It’s beautiful!

Donna Sharp quilt
Donna Sharp quilt

I put the quilt on my bed and started taking pictures. I just love the quilted heart border!

Quilted heart border

I was looking at the backing for a quilt label. I was starting to get sad at the thought of someone not labeling their quilt when I noticed some small embroidery. It took me a while to make out that it was a name, possibly a Deanna or Donna. The last name looked like Starr or Stump to me. I read a small “TM” and realized that it had the year 2004 under that. After some Googling I discovered it was a Donna Sharp quilt. I couldn’t find info on the website about this particular quilt, and thought it odd that this was hand quilted if it was made by a commercial business. I posted in the Just Us Quilters group on Facebook and asked if anyone knew anything about these quilts. It seems that they do make hand quilted quilts, and the work is most likely done overseas. Some is done here in the US too, so I gathered from a few commenters.

Donna Sharp Embroidered on back of quilt
Donna Sharp Embroidered on back of quilt

I found the matching pillow shams in a linen closet today too. This is a gorgeous quilt and I am thrilled to have found it hidden away. Especially AFTER becoming a quilter so that I could appreciate the work that went into this beautiful quilt!

What do you have planned for this week?

Do you have any crafty goals you would like to complete for April?

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Complete Wednesday’s Stepping Stones QAL assignment
  • Make Tudor Bag

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11 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday | Working on Stepping Stones

  1. That Donna Stamp quilt is gorgeous! What a find! Also, I don’t think I noticed before how much Tula you have in your pink Stepping Stones fabric. Yum! Can;t wait to see more of these quilts as you make ’em!


    1. I decided that the Donna Stamp quilt is going to the Oregon house! It’s gorgeous and I love that I’ll already have a quilt for the house. I’ll still have to make my own quilts for the house, of course…

      As far as the Tula, I started out with a lot more solids, but when I started prepping them I decided I wanted more prints. And my Tula shelf was right in front of where I was pressing fabrics. And she has so many great pinks in her collections…. So now I have a ton of Tula in this quilt! I think it will turn out great!


    2. I messed up the name of the company who made the quilt… It’s a Donna Sharp quilt. Not Donna Stamp. Derp. That’s what I get for typing this up after 11:00pm and with a rum & coke nearby… Oops!


    1. Thanks, Sharon! I had a moment of “Oh my goodness, what if I had found this before I was a quilter and decided to donate it???!!!” I’m definitely glad I didn’t really pay much attention to it before now!


  2. Good job on those HSTs. They already look like neat little jewels. You just FOUND something in your closet??? Now, that is a fantastic story.
    I should look in my closets, but I know I will find only skeletons 😦
    Thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet comment on “Skipped a Stone”


    1. Thanks! I know it sounds odd to find something in ones own house, but I just rarely opened that closet up. It was storage for sleeping bags, blankets and old towels. I told my husband I should go looking for things more often!


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