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Finished Friday | Window Shopper Tote #2

This week’s finish is my second Window Shopper Tote. This bag is my very first commission work!

Window Shopper Tote 2

The fabric was provided for me to use, and I just love it. Riley Blake Geekly Chic Glasses and Voltage Dot in black from Denyse Schmidt’s Chicopee line. I also used black vinyl/faux leather for the gusset, adjustable strap, zipper bridge, and upper part of the lining.

Window Shopper Tote 2 Back

The foam interfacing in the previous tote I made was a double sided fusible. The bad part of that was ripping off the muslin I used to protect my ironing board (I only needed to fuse one side), and as a result I created permanent creases in the bag. Turning the exterior right-side out also deepened the creases. So for this bag I used a sew-in foam interfacing, as the pattern instructs. But I’m not as happy with how the exterior looks. I really like the exterior fabric fused down, but dislike the permanent creases. Ugh! I need to experiment with this more, and may need to make another bag for the commission work. My husband thinks I’m far too critical of my work, but it’s not hard to see the fabric isn’t as crisp as it could be in these pictures.

Window Shopper Tote Inside

The one thing I absolutely adore about this bag is the interior! I am so thrilled with how the Denyse Schmidt fabric looks inside, and the little pop of Geekly Chic fabric in there too! I could stare inside this bag all day. That’s weird isn’t it? Probably. It may be a bag lover thing. I dunno.

Window Shopper Tote 2 Zipper Bridge

I also like how the vinyl zipper bridge looks. The scariest part when making this bag is working with the vinyl (also… inserting those handles!!). You get no mulligans here if you mess up stitching… and my sewing foot was definitely slipping on the top stitching. I had to wrestle with my machine to switch feet (with the needle down in the vinyl) when I realized my stitches were super tiny and my foot wasn’t feeding properly. After trying a different foot, the stitching was much better, but I couldn’t fix the smaller stitches without ripping apart the bag and making half of it all over again. I’m not sure what the problem was this time, because I used the same foot on the last bag with no issues. I’m confident my sewing machine just likes to throw out a daily challenge to mess with me. I’d appreciate it if I could make some sort of deal with it to only do that on my personal projects in the future.

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A Quilted Passion

15 thoughts on “Finished Friday | Window Shopper Tote #2

  1. Wow, Christine, maybe the reason you don’t get a mulligan is that you don’t need one. Seriously, the bag is fabulous! I’m guessing that you were a little nervous since it’s your first commissioned work, but you obviously have made enough bags and other items that you’re well-versed in how to make them look professional. I’m really impressed, but I still wouldn’t stare inside an empty bag for very long–that is a little odd. I’m kidding with you, of course, I was laughing through your post. I can almost hear you gushing over how great your first commissioned work went. You deserve lots of kudos for this beauty!


    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging comment! I did get fairly worked up over this because it was my first commission work, and for a good friend too! Thankfully, the bag was more than well-received and I am very relieved! Also, a lesson has been learned in being overly critical! Thank you so much for stopping by and taking time to write such a helpful comment! Have a wonderful week!


  2. Congratulations on a great finish for your first commission Christine! I bet you will get loads more when the owner starts to show it around!! All those pockets and zips are brilliant too.


    1. Aw!! Thanks!! I really need to get more bags done, for sure. I just signed up to test a bag for Sew Sweetness, so all the bags I have to make before summer is for other people. After summer I should be able to get to work on building up some inventory! I hope! LOL!!


  3. It looks great! If you didn’t, I suggest you use a light fusible interfacing on the exterior before adding the Sew in foam interfacing, I find it takes the stretch out of the quilting cotton, and gives it that crisper finish.


    1. Thanks, Lisa! I didn’t use interfacing on the exterior, but I realized after making it that I probably should have. And now you’ve confirmed my thought was right! I will be doing that from now on. Thanks!!


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