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To-Do Tuesday 12-1-15 | ‘Tis The Season

Happy Tuesday!! I must confess, I am quite a Grinch around Christmas time. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Christmas. I love what the whole season is all about. But I do not like crowds. Especially the shopping crowds. I do not like pulling out all the decorations and spending a day decorating and then have to take it all down four weeks later. Those two things alone can put me in a mood that sends everyone within a 100 foot radius running far, far away.

Our 2015 OWC Ornaments. The kids learned to Paddle board this year and the Mister and I always like to get a "Couples" ornament.
Our 2015 OWC Ornaments. The kids learned to Paddle board this year and the Mister and I always like to get a “Couples” ornament.

This year was different, however. I’m already listening to Holiday music. AND SINGING ALONG! The Mister and I spent TWO days decorating over the Thanksgiving weekend. Not one, two!! Admittedly only one day was dedicated to the Mister and I (mainly the Mister) hanging lights on the roof, but we didn’t kill each other by the end of it so I call that a good day! And I LOVED it. Half of my Christmas shopping was done before Thanksgiving and I finished the rest yesterday. What?! I should note that “shopping” consists of point-and-click-and-checkout on the internet. Because of that whole being around shopping crowds thing.

So how about you? Do you love Christmas or are you rather meh about the whole thing? Do you spend days and days decorating or are you kind of minimalist (that’s a good description of my decorating)? How is your holiday shopping and/or sewing going?

I don’t have a list for this week. I’m just going to take it easy over this holiday month and enjoy. If I get sewing done, then BONUS!

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Relax and enjoy the season!

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8 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 12-1-15 | ‘Tis The Season

  1. Relax and Enjoy! Perfect ‘list’ for this Joyous Season! I can totally relate to the decorating thing. Each year when we dig out the decorations, I whittle down the collection, so yep, becoming more minimalistic. My teen girls loved to decorate, and I appreciated the help! But I have no girls at home anymore. Well, my college age daughter will be home next weekend, and we get and put up our tree with her. A tradition you can read about on my post. We decorate the house then too. My hubs took over buying gifts years ago, I just stuff the stockings. 🙂 Merry Christmas!


    1. I can’t wait to read your post! I am glad I’m not the only minimalist decorator out there. I usually feel a twinge of guilt at my Grinchiness, but then I also get really happy when I yell out “finished decorating in XX hours!!” LOL!!


  2. Wait. Whaaaat? You’ve been bit by the Christmas spirit fairy! YAY! I love it! I do have to admit that I am super jealous you’re done with all your holiday shopping. You lucky devil! Super cute ornaments, by the way! Now excuse me as I go fall into a coma for 8 or 9 hours. I’m exhausted after a day of quilting like a mad woman!


    1. I KNOW!!! I am as shocked as you are! We did more running around today and I didn’t have the urge to smack people with my cart. It’s crazy! I’m off to read your post and catch up on emails. I hope you get some good rest, you certainly deserve it!!!


  3. We do the majority of Christmas decorating at our business. That alone is a weekend of work, so we tend to be low key at home. Although, I do have a growing collection of 70’s wood ornaments. I’ll have to share those at some time. I wanted them all out, but our low key tree is a table top version. So, I absconded the china cabinet and filled each shelf with them. I have to say they are much easier to look at then on a tree. We are only buying gifts for the little ones this year, and there are only 2 of them. I do have close friends that I’ll be treating them with a fun lunch date. We do have a huge family get-together at Christmas, and with all the cooking to do, it will be pretty busy.
    I believe our entire family has a dislike of shoppiing crowds. Lucky me! And lucky you for a man that does the online shopping! Have a wonderful relaxing week!


    1. Oh, yes… I can see how you’d definitely want to go more minimalist at home after decorating your business for a weekend! I love the idea of using a china cabinet to display your ornaments. What a great way to enjoy all of them. Enjoy this season and have fun with your lunches… what a treat for your friends!


  4. I appreciate others’ artistry (like yours!), but am a minimalist in my own … efforts? See, now that’s not the right word because that I implies I do anything more than look.

    We did all make a paper chain together year before last. That’s something, right? :p


    1. My favorite year of decorating for Christmas was when Megan was 11, Josh was 7, and Callie was 6. We made our own paper chain for the tree as well as a string of popcorn. So much fun was had by all! I think paper chains are the best!


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