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To-Do Tuesday 9-15-15 | Plugging along

I missed last week’s To-Do Tuesday post, and I’m a day and a half late with this week’s post. Better late than never?

The Mister and I are still trying to find a solid routine around here. I’m back to part time work, but still no time for sewing. We’re trying to catch up on household errands and shopping. Throw in several kid well-check doctor appointments, plus one kid being sick (good timing with the doctor appointment, actually), and we’re pretty much running around here like crazy people.

Pretty bows. (Photo has been edited to remove the text on the bows)
Pretty bows. (Photo has been edited to remove the text on the bows)

As far as sewing goes, I did manage two hours in the sewing room last week. It was to do a favor for an extraordinary friend. She asked me to sew up pre-printed ribbons into bows for a very special ceremony she is planning. I guess I did get to do some sewing this past week; I was very honored to be asked to help my friend.

Getting my steps in!  I take weekends off.  Apparently I'm very lazy on the weekends too.
Getting my steps in! I take weekends off. Apparently I’m very lazy on the weekends too.

The healthy lifestyle changes are still progressing well. I am still using my Fitbit to keep track of my steps and calories. It really does help motivate me to get my steps in every day and decide what foods are worth eating. This is so much hard work, but I seemed to have flipped the switch in my head where my motivation is stored. I get up in the morning and just get things done. I am still feeling very physically tired during the day, but I am hoping that will eventually go away. I just started the free Couch 2 5k app, c25k, by Zen Labs. It is designed to train you to run a 5k in 8 weeks. I am not a runner by any means, so this is a program I’m going to have to really make myself complete. So far I’ve done 2 of the 3 workouts for week one and I’ve been able to complete them. It would be nice to be able to get my 3 miles done in less than an hour’s time!

Two out of three days this week so far.  I'm happy about that!
Two out of three days this week so far. I’m happy about that!

Also… I bought new running shoes today. Woo hoo! My feet will be thanking me tomorrow morning!

New shoes!  I should take some color inspiration from these...
New shoes! I should take some color inspiration from these…

I am really hoping that this weekend I will not be too tired to get some sewing done. I still have the Grungy Windows quilt to finish. I want to get started on sewing my bags as well. I am torn between getting backings sewn for the 5 quilt tops I have finished, baste them and get them quilted before tackling the bags. I really should get the WIPs finished so I can move forward without guilt.

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Finish Grungy Windows quilt top
  • Continue with the c25k program.Do the best you can and be satisfied with that!!!

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2 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 9-15-15 | Plugging along

  1. Looks like you are packing a lot into your days with a sick kiddo, making some sweet bows for your friend, and getting those steps in! Re-establishing routine after a vacation, sigh, its got to be done. Onward!


    1. I’m trying hard to find some balance right now. We’ll get there soon!! So glad you stopped by and linked up, despite my being so late. Thank you for all of your encouragement… it really helps. I just love our sewing/quilting community!


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