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To-Do Tuesday 8-18-15 | ISO: My SewJo

I missed last Tuesday’s post.  I completely forgot about it until I saw Sarah of Georgia Girl Quilts post her To-Do post.  I sort of feel like I’m just wandering through the days trying to get back into a routine. And I have seriously been dragging in the sewing area of my life since returning from vacation. And by dragging I mean not doing any sewing whatsoever.

It's a little warm outside...
It’s a little warm outside…

It’s been busy around here trying to readjust to going back to work, the kids going back to school, and the heat.  Holy crap, the heat.  It’s hot. Hotter than last year, but not as hot as the year before (thankfully).  But still.  I know everywhere else is hot and dry too and I think lots of people are feeling it. I’m not sure if I have no sewjo because I just feel wiped out all the time, or if I just need to make time to get in there and start sewing again.

The Mister and I are also changing our lifestyle to be healthier, which means exercising in the morning, obsessively checking our Fitbit stats all day, and eating better (and less!).  That may be part of my constant feeling of “meh” as of late. I just want to take a nap, you know?

Having said whined all that, hopefully it’s out of my system now. This next week I’d just like to find my Sewjo.  That’s my goal.  Usually all it takes is me getting out in the hobby room and start sewing something, anything.  Maybe I will try and make a couple of blocks.

What do you do when you’re trying to get your Sewjo back?  Does the “just do it” thing work for you?  Do you read blogs to find motivation and inspiration?  Do you ever lose your Sewjo to begin with?

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Get my Sewjo back!!!

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8 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 8-18-15 | ISO: My SewJo

  1. I hate it when I lose my sewjo. The only thing that works for me is selfish sewing. Good luck getting yours back- hopefully you can jump start it with a couple of blocks!


    1. I made myself go into the sewing room today and clean and oil my machines. That seemed to help a bit! I broke open a charm pack of fabric and sorted them to make some disappearing 9-patches. Now it’s back to work. I hope to pick it up over the weekend!


  2. I agree with what Sarah said – sew for yourself. Sometimes I just don’t sew at all and get some good books from the library. It’s okay to not sew! Don’t be too hard on yourself!


    1. Thanks! I made myself go do some maintenance on my machines today and just cleaning them up and oiling them had a positive effect! It was nice to hear them purring! LOL


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