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To-Do Tuesday 7-14-15 | Paradiso Quilt Top

Good afternoon! I’m a little late posting today. The Mister and I had a busy day in Portland, Oregon yesterday, so I didn’t get the post written last night like I should have.

The sign may seem unassuming, but this place is off the charts amazing.
The sign may seem unassuming, but this place is off the charts amazing.

Yesterday I reconnected with a cousin I haven’t talked to in about
18 to 20 years. It was Mister’s first time meeting someone on my side of the family too. We had a great time, and are looking forward to visiting my cousin again next year when we come back to Oregon. I also visited Fabric Depot for the first time. Whoa! That place!!! It’s huge. No lie. I even met an Instagram friend there and if you follow me on Instagram you can see my post over there. The Mister whisked me out of there before I even scratched the surface of the place. He knew I also wanted to visit IKEA, and we didn’t have a lot of time. I really should have saved IKEA for another day as we ran through that place with my mouth hanging wide open in shock and wonder.

So-bad-but-so-good donuts
So-bad-but-so-good donuts

After our 20 minute dash through IKEA, we headed straight for VooDoo Donuts. This place has been on my bucket list of places to go to for a couple years. We bought sinfully delicious donuts here that I can’t even write about without gaining 5 pounds. Mister and I probably gained 15 pounds each just standing in line. The donuts are delicious and after we get back home we are both going on serious diets.

Paradiso Top.  Still need to add the borders
Paradiso Top. Still need to add the borders

Even with last week being very busy I did get my Paradiso flimsy top put together. I still have borders to add to this quilt. I also have borders to add to my Sugar Block Club quilt top. The Mister and I are planning on heading home in less than a week, so I’m not sure that I can get both quilt tops finished. If I do, then I will have completed four quilt tops this summer! That’s quite an accomplishment for me! I’ll be busy quilting them all after we return to Havasu.

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Make Borders and Finish Paradiso top
  • Make Borders and Finish Sugar Block Club top

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7 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 7-14-15 | Paradiso Quilt Top

  1. That Paradiso top is perfect! How will you quilt it up? Sure sounds like your trekking vacation continues to be a good one! I have not touched any quilting this week, so sadly no quilting pictures to share.


    1. Thanks, Sharon! I did finish the borders and I think it makes it look even better. I haven’t quite figured out how I’m going to quilt this one yet. I may use this to practice my freehand swirls, clam shells and feathers. I’ll just start quilting and see where it goes. It may be a giant quilt doodle by the time I’m done with it! Hahaha!!!


  2. My friend and I are planning a roadtrip to Portland (sometime this year) to see my sister (or is it to really visit fabric depot & Powell’s books?)
    I don’t know how you managed to finish so many quilt tops in summer!
    The paradiso quilt looks like a great way to use scraps. Or charms & jelly rolls. I’m always glad to see more of your quilts.


    1. I wish I had more time in Portland! Brad is not a huge fan of big cities, and especially those with drivers who don’t seem to pay attention. They were out in force the day we were there!! I tried to pack doing way too much into a single day. Next time I think just a visit to Fabric Depot so I can really spend some time in there! You and your friend are going to have so much fun!!!

      I did manage to get three tops finished, but didn’t get the border finished for the Sugar Block Club quilt. I’ll do that as soon as I get home.


  3. Love, love LOVE your Paradiso top! Voodoo Doughnuts – I’ve heard of their yumminess before and I’m a bit jealous. I love a good doughnut! IKEA- next year you have to go again and spend a bit more time!!!


    1. Thanks! I added borders to the Paradiso top and I like the addition. I’ll get a better picture when we get home. VooDoo Donuts was amazing! My stomach didn’t quite agree, but it’s the tastebuds that matter anyway, right?! Hahaha!!


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